Why are my hands and feet shrinking as I lose weight?

Not everyone who loses weight sees their hands and feet shrink, but some people do.

Whether or not you do depends on where you gain your weight.

For most people, their extremities (hands, feet, arms, legs) are the first place weight comes off. It drops from the outside in.

But there are exceptions. Some people lose weight on their upper body before they lose it on the lower body, or vise versa.

Some people haven't gained enough weight for their hands and feet to get fatter, while others have.

Very often, the weight you gain on your hands and feet isn't actual fat (to a point, at least; and again, it depends on the person). Instead, it's water retention.

As you get healthier and lose weight, your hands stop swelling, and get more slender.

When it comes to feet, some people's literally shrink! They'll actually go down a shoe size!

It sounds surprising, but when you stop and think, it really isn't.

If you're carrying more extra body fat than your body is designed to carry, it puts a LOT of pressure on your body, especially your legs and feet.

Over time, your feet will actually expand trying to support all that weight. Plus they're swollen and retaining water.

When you lose the weight and stop eating inflammatory foods that retain water, swelling around your feet goes down (just like it does your hands), so your feet don't take up as much space, and seem to shrink.

Some pretty cool things happen when you lose weight safely, and less pain and swelling (maybe NO pain and swelling!) in your hands and feet is one of them!

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