Down 90 pounds and doesn’t catch every cold and flu that comes around!


“I lost 90 pounds. But what I GAINED was so much more!” Cynthia told me. And she’s not talking about weight.
Here are just a few of the things Cynthia gained after joining a 10 Pound Takedown and continuing with the Code Red Lifestyle™:
✅ She doesn’t get sick, no matter how many nasty flu bugs or colds are going around in her office
✅ Her energy is high
✅ Her depression is gone
✅ She is genuinely happier and feels amazing
Considering what Cynthia struggled with before Code Red, including…
➡️ A lifelong battle with her weight
➡️ Hopelessness that she could ever lose her weight and keep it off
➡️ Trying to lose weight via long walks that hurt her ankles and knees
➡️ Gasping for air after one flight of stairs
…how far she’s come is pretty freaking amazing.
Cynthia joined Code Red just wanting to be thinner. She got that, AND so much more.
What life-transforming things will you gain on the Code Red Lifestyle™, even as you lose weight?
Find out by getting started on the 10 Pound Takedown, at
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