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Code Red


When everyone else is eating whatever they want…except you

A Rebel who lost 100 pounds on Code Red told me this:

“Cristy, I'm struggling with choosing my hard when everyone around me eats whatever the hell they want.”

It's safe to say we can ALL relate to that, isn't it?

You look around, and everywhere you turn you see everyone else eating donuts, pizza, cookies, Hershey's kisses, chugging as much alcohol as they want…

They all seem like they're having “such a great time”…

And you might feel jealous and angry.

I get it.

But let me tell you something.

Their time is coming…because NOBODY can get away with abusing food and alcohol forever.

Eating all that sugar and processed crap, day in and day out, in the levels too many people still eat it, is TOXIC…

And it's slowly but surely tearing their bodies down.

The human body is NOT designed to ingest these sickeningly high levels of sugar and chemicals.

I hate to say it, but for anyone who eats like that, they're gonna have to pay the piper. (Many of them probably already are, even if they don't yet know it…)

I hope I'm wrong. It's not something I'd wish on ANYONE.

But sadly, I'm probably not.

Looking at the people around you who are eating what they want, when they want, and feeling jealous about it, is like feeling jealous they're drinking poison.

It might taste good, but it's still poison.

As for it being “fun,” you know what I think is fun?

Fitting into whatever cute clothes I want.

Traveling on an airplane without a seatbelt extender.

Enjoying my meals without having to stop and inject myself with insulin.

Waking up in the morning without joint pain.

Having the stamina and energy for all the things I wanna do, like hike the Boise foothills with Annabelle.

Remember: You're a Code Red REBEL, because you're REBELLING against society's food obsession…

By choosing foods that heal instead of foods that poison…

And by being the example that proves yeah, you can enjoy life without every second of every day revolving around how much toxic food you can eat and when you next eat it.

Who knows – come the start of the new year, when you're still confidently maintaining your weight (or you even LOST weight over the holidays, how freaking cool is that!), all the people eating whatever they wanted through the holidays may be coming to you, ashamed and disgusted with themselves, and asking you how you did it.

When that happens, you know what to do.

Until then, never forget: You're not alone.

I'm with you, and so are your fellow Rebels.

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