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What’s in Cristy’s Code Red fridge?

It cracks me up, but people are always curious what's in my fridge. Well, if you really wanna know what’s in my fridge, today's your lucky day, because in my video below, I'm gonna show you!

Even if you aren’t the curious type, seeing what I do for food will give you ideas for stocking your own fridge, especially if you're new to Code Red. I know that when you’re first starting to eat healthy foods made with real ingredients, figuring out what to buy can feel overwhelming.

In this peek inside my fridge, you'll get to see the following:

– My favorite veggies to buy
– My favorite fats and proteins
– Whether I keep any fruit around
– Where I buy most of my meat

A few more tips I'll share:

– Which salad dressings to avoid
– Why lunch meat, though not the best choice of meats, also isn't the worst choice (and how to get the better quality lunch meat)
– Meal prep tips
– What you can put in your coffee

If you have any questions whatsoever about Code Red approved-foods – or you're just curious to see what I keep in my fridge and kitchen – watch my video below!


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2) If you want the network on a mobile device, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Code Red Lifestyle.

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