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This is unbelievable

This story is unbelievable.

My sister, Cari, worked as an ICU nurse before coming to work for me with Code Red.

As you can imagine, she has some pretty incredible stories about her experiences, including one about a smoker whose lungs had gotten so bad, she could only breathe with help from exogenous oxygen.

You'd think, with her lungs so decimated, she'd finally knock off the smoking, right?


She continued to smoke!

But that's not even the craziest part.

No, the craziest part of all is, even while choosing to further destroy her lungs by continuing to smoke cigarettes, and eliminate ALL possibility of her lungs recovering, she refused to drink tap water, like it was gonna make things worse.

Instead, she demanded to be served filtered water.

Lady, you got bigger problems than tap water!

This story always reminds me of people I talk to who are doing all kinds of crazy “hacks” and “tricks” trying to be healthier.

They're buying organic bananas.

They're eating wild rice instead of white.

They're taking a low-grade multi-vitamin from Costco or Wal-Mart.

Meanwhile, they're guzzling a case of Coke a day and living off Doritos, ice cream, and frozen pizza!

Doing all those “hacks” and “tricks” while eating sugar and junk is like burning your hand on a boiling hot stove, putting a little burn ointment on it, then putting it right back on the boiling hot stove. The ointment won't help while you're still hurting yourself!

I get why people believe they can have their cake and eat it, too.

We all love the idea of that one magic secret to fix everything.

But the real secret is, there are no secrets…not when it comes to losing your weight and keeping it off.

Weight loss isn't complicated.

I cannot stress that enough.

It takes nuts, eggs, vegetables, seeds, seafood, meat, and dietary fat; plus real food, water, sleep, and a few simple rules.

The sooner you put all that other bullcrap aside, and go all-in with the Code Red basics I just listed, the sooner you'll have the results you want.

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