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61: There’s No Such Thing As “Healthy Weight” – Only Healthy PEOPLE!

There's no such thing as "healthy weight" - only healthy PEOPLE!

What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, Cari and I talk about some uncomfortable truths as we explore some staggering statistics. 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy. We reveal 5 things that determine whether you are healthy or unhealthy.  You'll be shocked to hear what they are!

We start off this episode by crunching off the latest numbers regarding the health of Americans. 44% of Americans are obese. 70% of Americans are overweight and 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy. 1 in 4 young people or 25% of young people is metabolically unhealthy. These are grim statistics. 

We go through five markers that show if you are metabolically healthy or not. These are from the World Health Organization. It doesn’t matter if you are small or have a great swimsuit body. 

The five markers of metabolic health are blood pressure, blood sugar measured through the A1C test, fasting blood glucose, waist circumference, and triglycerides. Listen in to learn about the parameters of each of these five markers and find out if you are metabolically healthy or not. If you are above the limits for three of these, then you are metabolically unhealthy even if you are small in size. 

Key Takeaways

  • The latest statistics on the health of Americans (04:17)
  • Why weight on the scale is not the only marker of health (06:19)
  • Blood pressure readings taken over time are one of the markers of metabolic health (07:36)
  • Blood sugar levels measured over three months through the A1C test  need to be below 5.7 (10:22)
  • Fasting blood glucose should be less than 100 (12:17)
  • Waist circumference for a man measured at the belly button should be less than 40 inches and less than 34 inches for a woman (13:09)
  • To be metabolically healthy, Triglycerides need to be less than 150 (16:11)
  • Improving your metabolic health by cutting out processed food and eating real food (25:24)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released May 20, 2020

Episode Transcript…


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Cristy  0:00  

It hurts me to even say it but this is the fact the latest obesity overweight numbers. Here they are 44% of Americans 44 are obese. And the definition of obese is that more than one-third of your body is fat 70% carry I was thinking it was 66 but it's now 70% of Americans are overweight. Oh my


Intro  0:30  

I'm Christy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food holds the power to heal or poison. And we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight-up truth because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.


Cristy  0:57  

Welcome back to rebel weight loss and lifestyle. I'm your host Christy Code Red nickel, author, entrepreneur, retired professional boxer. And I'm really glad that Carrie is joining me. I'm gonna need her help on this podcast. Carrie, thank you for being here.


Cari  1:11  

Thank you for having me. I'm super excited. I got some good info today, guys. It's gonna shake it up, isn't it? Yeah, I just I was just


Cristy  1:18  

gonna say that I think this info it you know what I think it's gonna do, I think it's really gonna make some people uncomfortable. I think it's gonna make people stop and think hopefully, we want you to stop and think but I definitely think we might get a few upset people because people just don't want to they don't want to face what's going on in their lives.


Cari  1:37  

Very true. Cristy and sometimes when the reality is in a list format, with specific numbers, it's very difficult for people to want to listen to that information.


Cristy  1:50  

Right? It's really hard to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear and act like it ain't happening. And one thing about Code Red rebels, we don't stick our head in the sand and act like it ain't happening at all. This is really good because this is quantifiable data that we're going to come at you with today. The title of this podcast is there's no such thing as a healthy weight, only a healthy person. Now you've heard us talk about a healthy weight, like oh, well, she's at a healthy weight. And so you're like, wait a minute, what do you mean by that? No, it's not just your weight. There could be people that are thin, but trophy, fat on the outside, thin on the inside and there and be metabolically unwell. And so before we get started, let me just say that a person that I follow religiously and I parrot a lot of things that he says and where I get a lot of my information is Paul Saladino. He is a medical doctor. He is an MD, and you guys can follow him on YouTube. You can follow him on social, you can follow him on podcast. He's fantastic. I really really, really like him. He takes on a lot of controversial subjects. And so he had a guest on and by the name of British cardiologist by the name of Aseem Malhotra and I'm sorry a seam if I have to Saying that wrong but I want to make sure I give you credit. And that's what really sparked me contacting Carrie and saying hey, our community needs this information.


Cari  3:09  

Right, and I didn't use impulse quality or the one we heard speak in person. Yes, he's amazing. He really is. In fact, sometimes he was talking I was like, okay, that is over my head.


Cristy  3:20  

over my head. It's all over my head. I actually had to listen to his podcast many times because I don't he did a podcast carry with the elite. The dear Alina, dear. He's the cardiologist that you and I saw


Unknown Speaker  3:34  

also Oh, Doctor dear. Yes,


Cristy  3:35  

yes, yes is a deer who's well known and I like Dr. Deer, but I had to listen to that podcast on cholesterol three times and pause it and take notes. So Wow, not about for me. It's not about just listening to a podcast about studying a podcast with experts. Oh, you know, a thyroid one. He had a guest on. I had to listen that twice and I still don't understand the thyroid.


Cari  3:57  

Yeah, these guys are just at different levels. So we're going to bring you the Christie and carry version of the material. So you can figure out how does it apply to me? Because you're gonna have numbers tell the good Lord comes back for us. But if you don't understand how this applies to you, then it doesn't matter what the numbers are.


Cristy  4:17  

Well we have some staggering numbers for you. We have some latest numbers. Are you guys ready? These are the latest. High it hurts me to even say it but this is the fact the latest obesity overweight numbers, here they are. 44% of Americans 44 are obese. And the definition of obese is that more than one-third of your body is fat. 70% carry I was thinking it was 66 but it's now 70% of Americans are overweight. Oh my 70% and the last one is a bow 88 and this is the one that the podcasts about 88% 100 Eight of Americans are considered metabolically on well, or metabolically unhealthy. Yeah, these are before you think Well, that's because the majority of Americans are old. And what about us young people? One in four young people are considered metabolically healthy.


Unknown Speaker  5:20  

So 88%


Cristy  5:22  

are, what was it again? 88% are metabolically unhealthy.


Cari  5:26  

So almost nine out of 10 people are metabolically healthy


Cristy  5:31  

way you can do that math is only one out of eight of us is metabolically healthy. That'd be Carrie and I, yeah, only one out of eight. If you do that math, would actually be considered metabolically. Well,


Cari  5:43  

like me, right? about one and a half because it's out of 10. Oh, maybe you did the math. You know, I'm not so good at math.


Cristy  5:50  

No, I was gonna say oh, you better leave the math to me. So, these are some we're just gonna let that sink in for second guys. 44% obese, 70%, overweight and 88% Said Americans considered metabolically on healthy. And the next thing on your mind, let's just dive right in what is considered? How do you measure that? How do you because you know, by the way, the World Health Organization declared obesity a pandemic back in 2004. And we ignored it.


Cari  6:19  

Wow. And it's interesting to me Christy is that it's not all about just being heavy. Right, right, because we talked to another podcast if you guys are fans, we talked about a friend of mine and Christy has the same not the same friend but the same situation where they look great in a swimsuit. But they are not healthy. They're not healthy just because their body sizes small does not mean that they're healthy.


Cristy  6:46  

And now that we're we're discovering more and more that the weight on the scale. In fact, the weight on the scale is not one of these five markers that we're going to bring up. The weight on the scale is not a way to measure whether you're metabolically healthy or unhealthy. So yes, are you doing guys ready? Let's dive right into these five things. Yeah, take a deep breath. That and I know our rebels are, you know, we believe in this message of hope and healing. So a lot of our rebels are already on the good track to healing. But let's talk about these five things. And if you are any three of these five, you are considered metabolically unhealthy. So and this is according to Dr. aseem. Correct. And but he, according to he gets it from the World Health Organization as well. And it's not just his own idea. Okay. Yes, this is it. This is well known. The first measure of if you are well or unwell is you have to have a blood pressure of less than 120 over 80.


Cari  7:45  

hypertension is the silent killer. And we've known that for years people don't know they have a problem with high blood pressure until it's out of control until they start getting headaches from it. And by that point, you already have a hypertrophied heart Muscle, you know, we want our other muscles to get bigger as we lift weights, we don't want our heart muscle to have to work too hard, because then that muscle gets bigger hypertrophy is which is fine for your biceps, not for your heart, okay? And then it becomes an ineffective pump instead of like.


Unknown Speaker  8:20  

It's like, whoosh,


Cari  8:21  

amoy she's just like some of the blood flows. It doesn't flow as strongly as it could at the valves don't shut the way they should. Everything's kind of floppy. You don't want a big floppy heart. And so that's what high blood pressure will lead to. And so I'm not surprised. This is one of them. This is excellent, Christy.


Cristy  8:41  

Yeah, so if you have a blood pressure over that's greater than 120 over 80 and you have a systolic diastolic systolic is the top number diastolic is the bottom number. Then now I also want to throw in here that if you happen to just finish two cups of coffee, and you're upset because your kid is giving you a hard time you just have Take away her iPad, and you grabbed your kid you went to Rite Aid, and you stormed in there with your kid crying, but you had to get some milk of magnesia. And you happen to walk past the blood pressure machine. And you said, I'm going to go ahead and take my blood pressure, chances are your blood pressure is going to be a little bit high at that moment. So don't take one blood pressure reading and think that's the end all be all number, your blood pressure changes, but the overall I don't care what's the best time to take a blood pressure


Cari  9:27  

on me in the morning, right? It just depends on the person, you really want to look at a trend, not just one number. I had someone write to me recently, it was like, since I've been on cold read my posts went from 65 to 57. Should I be worried I was like, changes every second. And I used to tell my nursing students look at the overall picture. Don't just look at one number. So really, you would want to get blood pressure, same time of day for you know, maybe a month, maybe two weeks and look at it and see what it is. You really want to look for a trend. So don't just take one Number, but if every time you're checking your blood pressure, it's highlight that it's something needs to be done about it again, you won't know that you have high blood pressure, right?


Cristy  10:09  

For the most part, you definitely want to track it, you just want to understand that it has changed constantly showing second to second, from second to second. If you have a blood pressure greater than 120, over 80, that's not good. All right, next one Is everybody ready? Your a one C, your hemoglobin a one C, which tests your blood sugar over the course of three months? needs to be less than 5.7. Okay, I would even I mean, I'd even take it a little further now the who says 5.7 Christy says 5.5 just but I'm always looking for I want really healthy rebels.


Cari  10:45  

But so I got closer to hemoglobin. I used to say when I was at the bedside, you can't hide from anyone see? And it's true. People are like my blood sugar's have been great. And then, you know, I saw the meme from Maury Povich you know, and it's says, like, my blood sugar has been great. And then Maury pulls open the envelope,


Unknown Speaker  11:03  



Cari  11:04  

know, and it says, You're a one c says that's not true. And it's true. If you're a one C is high, then your blood sugars have been running high, meaning your body is not dealing with the blood sugars, you're not able to release enough insulin to bring it down, something's going on metabolically. And so that is one indicator. So blood pressure and an elevated a one c above 5.7.


Cristy  11:28  

I want to add that another crude way to describe what an A one c does that does measure how much sugar is coding the red blood cell? So that's another if you want to get something in your mind as in Well, what is this even measuring? There's no need to get to. You don't have to fully understand this. It's very complex. But it is something that's measurable. It's quantifiable and is something that you can find out. So if your blood pressure


Cari  11:50  

how you've been doing, you're not just I prick my finger right now. Oh, hey, my blood pressures are my blood sugar's 75. I'm doing great. It is looking at it. Over time, so how have you been doing with each meal every day for the last couple months? Exactly. So


Cristy  12:07  

once again number one you got to have if you have a blood pressure greater than 120 over 80 That ain't good if you're a one C is over 5.7 That ain't good. All right, so number three marker in determining whether you're a metabolically well or unwell. Your fasting glucose needs to be less than 100 so when we say fasting I believe that definition is 12 hours like your last meal is at 8pm of course rebels don't eat


Cari  12:34  

after they say eight you want to fast for as long as you can right?


Cristy  12:38  

Yeah, let's really right. I do whenever I go in and get blood work I mean, I'm I'm like, I already know I like let's get


Cari  12:45  

this done. So I can have a cup of coffee guys only water before these. And if you have a home meter, check your blood sugar. You know, you didn't need wait that 12 hours and then check it in the morning and see what it looks like. That'd be a good indicator.


Cristy  12:58  

Right? So we Definitely want that plastic fasting glucose tests it right then the a one c tested over three months so they're both they go hand in hand. They're both very important. Number four, the waist for a man measured at his belly button not his pant size underneath his belly at his belly button the umbilicus less than 40 inches, it needs to be less than 40 inches or woman. For a woman it needs to be less than 34. So guys, I have a tape measure.


Cari  13:31  

Oh, I want to measure mine.


Cristy  13:33  

Yeah, you need to get a tape measure out I measure mine every Friday carry here's a tape measure for those of you watching online. And it's a nice soft You know, one that's used to make patterns and to show and stuff and you can pick this up anywhere. You need to measure it around right at your belly button. Guys. If you're over 40 inches where your belly button is. And ladies if you're over 34 That ain't good. Wow, you measure yours every Friday every Friday and I write it down the system. It What's it like? 22? No and I don't have a small waist. In fact, you have a smaller waist than me. I have a thicker waist than you.


Cari  14:06  

Yeah, I do. Well, we both have a small waist in general.


Cristy  14:09  

Sure. Well, I think mine is 31. Okay. Yeah, it's not gone are the days of course it's days or waste shapers. I saw one of our rebels carry post a waist shaper. It's that really tight course that you put around your waist on one of our groups. Man, I deleted that so fast. I couldn't believe you know,


Cari  14:30  

your waist doesn't actually get smaller. You just shove your organs to different parts of your body. Exactly. That's what


Unknown Speaker  14:35  

a waste shaper does a whole nother podcast.


Cari  14:38  

Yep. But it does not actually make your waist smaller. All you're doing is shoving all your organs to different spots.


Cristy  14:45  

A really easy thing to do is take a tape measure once again, you go around your belly button, not your pant size, or around your belly button because men I know a lot of what you men do. You measure you put your button in You're a 501 Levi's underneath that big old belly of yours. And you're like I'm a 32 No, you ain't carry I can think of a relative's name right now that doesn't see


Unknown Speaker  15:10  

there are rebels that get into sighs they're like I'm sex. I'm like you aren't even over your hips


Unknown Speaker  15:17  

can even move like,


Cari  15:20  

Wow, that is good. I buttoned I told Christie wants a wolf. She's a six and I'm a two. According to that, I mean, you gotta be able to get it all the way up and as to fit, you can't have half of yourself spilling out of it. But I do understand people are excited to go to a new size. But I do know what you're talking about guys. That's hilarious. They like to put them around our house.


Cristy  15:43  

Yeah, I found this is from my old training days when I used to take people's measurements and I found it and I've been taken my management. It's a really great way to measure good progress, but that is number four men. Your waist size around your belly button needs to be less than 40 inches and women yours needs to be less than that. 34 so let's make sure we get that that's number four we get that tape measure and we measure


Cari  16:06  

the last blood pressure a one c fasting glucose waist circumference,


Cristy  16:11  

right. Okay. And number five. triglycerides need to be less than 150 Oh,


Cari  16:18  

I think I made the five cut Krissy


Cristy  16:22  

you wouldn't be helped me run code read if you


Unknown Speaker  16:26  

I was a little worried. I was like she got to talk about vi sir conference. Because you know, some of us terahertz girls, we got a big booty. Yeah, I'm just saying


Cristy  16:35  

you do. You know, that's okay. triglycerides is one that you really want to pay attention to remember with there's no such thing as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Unless you eat a lot of sugar but if you did, you probably wouldn't be listening to us right now. And so triglycerides is really where it's at. You really want to it really will tell on you whether you're eating this the hours in the spaghettis in the Pop-Tarts and the karma macchiatos. That's what you're going to see the dirty blood


Cari  16:59  

that is really fascinating that they don't talk about LDL. They don't talk about HDL. They don't talk about ratios. They talk about triglycerides. I like that because it is the, it's the oils. I can't think of it all of a sudden it just left my head. Like the polysaccharides


Cristy  17:18  

wasn't your triglycerides like 46 last time you went in, they were so low


Unknown Speaker  17:22  

that the doctor goes, are you eating grass? Yeah. And I was like, no, no.


Cristy  17:27  

But that's funny carry because you eat a lot of meat and I eat a ribeye steak every day. So yeah, I know him but that's not what causes your it's the sugar that you eat and the processed carbs. That's the stuff that causes your triglycerides to go up, guys. Wow. And then you had yours tested right? Not for a while. I need to go ahead and make an appointment because I'm excited to know but mine was really low. I think mine were 49 or 52. something real low like that. So we're looking for I would even say I would like to see your triglycerides down under 100. But I mean Carrie and I are near 50 are not even at 50. Then my gosh. So these are the five measures of whether you're metabolically healthier. And remember, if you've got three of these, then you are considered metabolically unhealthy. And wow, only one. And so we have 88% of us have three or more of these measures. Carrie, this is staggering.


Cari  18:24  

That's amazing. That is amazing to me. I mean, I didn't hear you talk about this before. So I'm just like processing all this as you're telling me. So you could have a person that is eating drinking Mountain Dew? Yep, eating Cheetos all day. But still a size two but still metabolically unhealthy. And this goes back to the trophy. Yep, which is thin on the outside fat on the inside. It's not something derogatory we call people. It people carry around a lot of visceral organ fat and that is the most dangerous fat is the fat around your heart. fat around your liver, the fat, you know, coating your intestines out on the outside that thick layer. That's the dangerous fat. It's not the hip fat. Even though I joke about my booty being big, that's not the fat that's gonna kill you. It is Chris Did you know that when people come into the ER with heart attacks, that their cholesterol is usually normal, but they have what we like to call diabesity a better indicator of whether you're going to have cardiac problems is your hip to waist ratio in this study I read and what is your a one seeing your blood sugar doing that's a better indicator of whether or not you're going to have cardiac problems.


Cristy  19:36  

And there are so many studies to back this up this is not carrying I didn't just pull this out. Of course. I seem I did hear it on a seems on Paul's podcasts. But this is something that a lot of cardiologists are in that we can't ignore. And yet we're trying to ignore the obesity pandemic that is plaguing you can't tell me the 70% seven out of 10 people in this country are overweight and That's not a pandemic. I mean, that's worse. And that's what's making the people who are suffering from the Coronavirus and other viruses. It's making it worse because obesity is the one common denominator that these guys have. I mean, why are we talking about this?


Cari  20:16  

Yeah, I have a friend who is a critical care nurse practitioner. And I won't say where I don't want to give her up. But she told me in their ICU with this is specifically about Coronavirus about COVID. She says that people that there she said I can't, you know, we can't say this. But it is obesity, people that are obese that come in and have to get put on a ventilator that have COVID even if they're 20. It's not looking good for them. And I thought that was really interesting. It's not age, it's not. I mean, these things are important as well with any sickness, but for the first time ever, Krissy we're seeing the finger point at obesity. We really are and that's very fascinating to me.


Cristy  21:00  

It's gonna take a lot more work and a lot more people coming to the forefront a lot more experts like a seam. And Paul Saladino and Shaun Baker and Ken Berry and a lot of well respected medical doctors MDS coming to the forefront and saying, this is the problem, that diet can change this and that the cereal sales during the quarantine is up 23% and they say more than ever now more than ever that Americans are craving comfort food. Well, I always want to come for who doesn't want some macaroni and cheese. Of course I want some fried chicken I'm not going to eat it because that's going to make me a susceptible host. And that's the problem here. The problem is we don't want to make ourselves a susceptible host and by us eating crap, and not getting outside and just having the soda pop and the camo macchiatos and the things like that that is breaking down our body but nobody wants to talk about it because the industry doesn't want us to know the truth. Wow.


Cari  21:57  

I did not know that cereal sales went up that much.


Cristy  21:59  

23% during the quarantine? Yeah. Oh my god, they're calling it the quarantine 15. And everybody's laughing about it. And there was this medical doctor in the ER that was shoving a doughnut in her mouth. And she was saying, Thank you Krispy Kreme for donating, I think was like 44 dozen doughnuts to the ICU of that specific someplace in Chicago or something. And she's a well known ER doc. And she was jokingly Ha ha, I just don't I look at these numbers. I don't think it's funny. 44% obesity, nearly half of our nation. We don't have anybody to replace our first responders. We don't have anybody to replace our military. And we have the sickest, fattest nation in human history. And it's not funny, but everybody's ignoring the truth. Just like cigarettes. They used to get doctors to endorse cigarettes. That's how the cigarette company got away with it for so long because they got doctors to endorse it where they're getting doctors to endorse sugar, but there it's going to catch up. I mean, it's going to come out. Wow,


Cari  22:58  

guys, imagine I'm just amazed. I mean, I'm just thinking about everything you said, and I'm like, wow, you know, if you feel like you may meet some of those criteria, we want you to know that you absolutely can do something about it. Even just starting to drink your water instead of other things, even just getting your sleep, even just cutting out processed foods, just eating real food is going to make a difference on every single one of these. We have had so many people, countless people that are diabetic, coming on to code red, type one and type two. Now when I talk about this, I'm talking mostly about type two that have been able to cut their insulin back drastically. We see people's lives changed in ways that I am. I mean, one of our coaches couldn't even hold a hairbrush and walk up the stairs to hug and kiss her kids Good night to being able to walk and be pain free from psoriatic arthritis. So you can't tell me that what you eat and the way you feel is not Connected it's impossible I just absolutely don't believe that


Cristy  24:04  

right, and on pulse already knows podcasts seem said on average and I'm quoting him already knew this. I'm not acting like I'm smart in this team of course. Aseem Malhotra. I'm Malhotra boy, I hope I'm not butchering his name. And I'm so sorry, buddy. If you happen to ever hear this, I am so sorry because I got mad respect for you. You can come on the program international director,


Cari  24:26  

Doc aseem you're more than welcome to come in.


Cristy  24:29  

You're welcome. Absolutely. He said that people can reverse their type two status and 28 days of diet but the traditional medical doctors look at these and I'm pointing to the side of my screen here. Look at these five measures of being metabolically healthy or unhealthy. And they say oh blood pressure okay medication a once he glorifies or Metformin or fasting glucose Okay, well waste room we got to get you on phentermine pills for your get your waste drink triglycerides. We got to get you on. You got to cholesterol meds, meds, meds, meds, meds, meds. meds meds and we have seen on code red and a C Malhotra back me up. And Paul Saladino said 28 days of being on a good clean diet of real food, water and sleep. I didn't say that part. I said that part 28 days and you can reverse all this, you can get moving in the right direction, right?


Cari  25:18  

Ah, it's nice to feel like what we've been doing is validated, although we knew it was validated all along.


Cristy  25:24  

It is it's nice to get a nod of approval of once again, that the proper human diet of real food. You know, meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, eat fruits and fat. That is the diet that we were always made to eat for millennia. And we focus on water and sleep as well. And we are heading in the right direction. If this is you, there is hope without medication. You might need some medication maybe you're really really far, far, far, far I don't know. But job one is getting on Code Red job one and perhaps you can reduce your medications overtime or maybe This but the diet has to be the first step. The medications aren't going to take care of this for you if your diet is still junk


Cari  26:06  

and that's very true Christian you can give a pill for every ill. It's just like when I went to my natural Pathak doctor, he was able to say Well, I know you're eating right. So now let's fine-tune it. So guys, if you're eating right, we can dock you can work with your medical provider, your natural Pathak doctor your functional medicine doctor and fine-tune the other things, but they can't help you. Things aren't going to get that much better. If you're still eating through a drive-thru three times a day I saw Rosie O'Donnell not necessarily my favorite person in the world, but she was doing a thing about the pandemic. And she said my kids are in the room all day long. They crawl out once a day to say what are we going to order and we order it we go back to our rooms and I thought so every single day I get it. She has lots of money, but every single day, all you guys are eating is something from somewhere else. I mean, I just was I know a lot of people are in that situation as well, but they're just not eating real food. Food. So you have the opportunity to change these five things. If one of them is you get on top of it, you guys, my husband is at a good weight. And he is all the five are fine with him, with the exception of his blood pressure was high and it was what we like to call idiopathic hypertension. It was just a family. We didn't know what was causing it. It wasn't he wasn't overweight. So I was like, yeah, listen, a pearl it is we got a bottle of Senna, pro blood pressure's down, he's not putting too much strain on his heart. That's an easy fix for somebody who already had the diet in line and the exercise and you know, for him, you know, exercise for the army. So I think that you can make a difference in these five things. If you choose to


Cristy  27:41  

one of our code red rebels who's been in maintenance for a long time as by the way when we when you get to maintenance, when you get to go wait in code red, we transition you to an exercise program because that is what we want you doing for the rest of your life. So as her diet is tightened up, her exercise routine has tightened up she's having some hormonal dysfunction and when I contacted a local lady that I know and I said I'd like to send somebody to you. And first thing I said was her diet is fine. Her exercise is fine, right? No, that's the first thing that she's going to do is say, well, let's get them you know, switched over. Another thing that Paul Saladino said is when he was working in cardiology, he said it was so upsetting because while he was sitting there talking to his patient, about what's going to be their future, the hospital cafeteria lady brought in a burger and fries right there in front of them and he just sat there and I wouldn't have sat myself carry after dad had his heart attack. I was going to talk about I was standing in the room. Well, I was standing in the room when they brought in a burger and fries for my dad for our dad and I just sat there and said the hospitals don't get it and they think that unhealthy part about that burger and fries is the actual hamburger patty and it's not it's the bond is the fries. Ah,


Cari  28:48  

I thought you're gonna talk about the almond Roca in the


Cristy  28:50  

well, that's not our dad. Our dad just doesn't get it. He doesn't think his diet is the cause of his blockages. And it is and the two days after surgery. I walked out into the living room to catch him dipping Almond Roca from Costco I that big can into coffee and eating it for breakfast. I couldn't believe it at that point I just said, well, it's been a good life dad. Yeah,


Cari  29:12  

I mean, you know you dodged a bullet. But why don't you reload the gun and see how it goes


Cristy  29:16  

exactly. Carry Exactly. You. We hope you enjoyed this podcast talking about there's no such thing as a healthy weight, only a healthy person. We gave you some staggering numbers. And it is and one more time 44% of America is obese. 70% is overweight and 88% is considered metabolically unhealthy. And if you met three of these five criteria, three or more, you are metabolically unhealthy and you've got to make a change today right now. And the best way to make that change is the 10-pound takedown. That's where we can move you in the right direction of cleaning up your diet, concentrating on water and sleep, and making sure you never go around this mountain again because the best defense you have against any virus or anything like that. Getting your health in order. Amen. I second it, and


Cari  30:03  

I love learning Christy. I took notes.


Unknown Speaker  30:06  

No, I love it. I hadn't heard this before. I'm over there looking and taking notes sounds like to you. I emailed it to you.


Unknown Speaker  30:12  

I know. But it's exciting to hear you say it.


Cristy  30:14  

Well, it's just a lot of fun for me to talk about. It's it just gives so much hope to what people just feel is hopeless. And when you talk to a traditional medical doctor that doesn't believe what we believe, you might feel hopeless walking out of that room and I am here to tell you, there is hope for you. You do not have to go down that path. They don't know anything. They just don't preach nutritional therapy. A lot of medical doctors traditionally taught do not teach nutritional therapy. And so I beg you, I urge you to please give go read a shot before you go down that other path. You have other options. 10-pound takedowns calm for $47 is a great place to start. Give me 30 days to convince you 30 days Give me your best. Give us your best and I will I promise you if it does not work and you've done everything that I've said then you can go on pills and gastric bypass and other things like that. But please try us first. Yeah, I agree hundred percent I'm with you go to 10 pound takedown Calm to join guys. Thanks for joining us on rebel weight loss and lifestyle we love you we're here for you we're not going anywhere we've been preaching the same message ever since we started. Nothing has changed. We're here for you. And we'll see you on the next podcast.


Unknown Speaker  31:24  

Thank you.


Cristy  31:27  

Thanks so much for listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle. If you're a code red rebel and you haven't already downloaded your Free Code Red lifestyle on the go guide. Now is your time to get a copy. This guide will teach you how to stay code read approved, even with your crazy life schedule. To get a copy right now. All you need to do is open your podcast app, go to this episode show notes and click the link to get your code read approved on the go guide. So I will see you on the next Episode, a rebel weight loss in lifestyle



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