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Code Red


Don’t speak negatively to yourself, even as a joke. Here’s why.

Do you say terrible things about yourself that you wouldn't say to your worst enemy?

Do you insult yourself, but wrap the insults up in jokes and humor to take the sting out of it?

If so, I want you to take VERY seriously what I'm about to say:

Knock. It. Off.

Most people don't realize how much power their words really have, ESPECIALLY when it comes to themselves.

We give voice to all the things we're scared of, instead of the things we want.

We use our words to beat the crap out of ourselves, instead of to lift ourselves up.

“What's wrong with me?”

“What if I fail?”

“I'm such a fat, stupid loser.”

Look, you've gotta knock that crap off. It's self-abuse and it's only gonna stand between you and what you deserve.

Instead of asking “what's wrong with me,” ask “what's RIGHT with me?”

Instead of asking “what if I fail,” ask “what if I lose all my weight?” Or, if that feels too unbelievable right now, ask, “What if I lose another 10 pounds?”

Instead of calling yourself names, think of something you did today that you're proud of.

A coach of mine, Natasha, likes to say words are thoughts on steroids.

That means when your words are all about what's going wrong, what's wrong with you, what you hate, you're just giving power to all those things!

Stop using your words to give power to the stuff you DON'T WANT.

Use them to give power to what you DO want.

It makes a HUGE difference. I say that from both personal experience, and from seeing it in others.

You can be honest with and about yourself, without abusing yourself.

Think of the person (or pet!) you love and respect so much, you'd NEVER call them names or tear them down.

Treat yourself as well as you'd treat that person (or pet).

If you wouldn't say it to them, do NOT say it to yourself.

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