Temporary changes lead to temporary results

Imagine that one of your friends comes to you upset about getting bad news at the dentist's office.

After offering her support and sympathy, you chat with her about exactly what the dentist said, only to discover that she no longer brushes her teeth.

“I used to brush my teeth twice a day, but I stopped,” she confesses.

Then she whips out a million and one excuses about why she stopped brushing her teeth.

Her daughter hand a grandbaby.

She celebrated her anniversary.

Her other grandchildren all had birthdays this year.

Her job is stressful.

Excuse after excuse after excuse flies out of her mouth.

She's SO upset that her teeth are rotting, yet she stopped brushing them, and doesn't seem to understand that you can't temporarily brush your teeth and expect them to permanently stay clean.

Temporary changes lead to temporary results, whether we're talking brushing your teeth, getting yourself physically fit, or getting and keeping your weight off.

It sounds obvious, but I see people do this ALL the freaking time.

They temporarily make changes to get the weight off, and count down the days until they can go back to what they were doing that got them heavy and sick in the first place.

If you make changes to lose your weight, but you view them as temporary changes, any weight loss you experience will also be temporary.

You cannot temporarily shower and expect to stay clean for the rest of your life.

You cannot temporarily comb your hair and expect it to stay combed every day from here on out.

And you cannot temporarily change what you eat, how you eat, and your habits, and expect to keep off the weight you lose.

Temporary changes lead to temporary results.

If you want the weight gone permanently, make permanent changes.

Refuse to allow the crap food back in your house.

Refuse to snack between meals.

Refuse to reintroduce the diet soda you were addicted to (just like you would if it was cigarettes or alcohol you were addicted to).

Does every SINGLE change you make on Code Red need to be permanent?

It depends on you. The sleep, water, real food, and getting on the scale do need to be permanent.

As for the rest, maybe you're someone who can have an occasional piece of wedding cake or piece of pizza and not go completely off the rails, or maybe you're not.

The bottom line is, if you want to keep your results, you can't do it with temporary changes. Permanent change is required for permanent results.

If you're new to Code Red, you can try it out first and see what you think.

But once you decide you like it enough to do it for life, then do it for life, or you won't keep any results you get.

The choice is yours. Choose YOU, instead of your old ways that got you heavy and sick.

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