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Speeding up your metabolism – is it really possible?

It's a dream come true for most people, right?

I'm talking about the idea you can speed up your metabolism, eat like a horse, and stay slender.

The reality of metabolism is a lot more complicated than that (and doesn't take into account your unique body chemistry; OR the quality of your food, because you can be slender and still end up with serious health problems).

Even so, increasing your metabolism is possible, and in my vide below, I'll share how (and debunk some of the common metabolism myths I'm sure you've heard).

The latest studies tell us we don't know as much about metabolism as we thought; namely, that it's not static. It changes constantly, every minute of every day.

What you eat, how well you're sleeping, your hormones…all that and more affect your metabolism.

Scroll down to watch my new video about metabolism myths. I'll also cover what you can do to improve your metabolism.

NONE of what I suggest is a “quick fix.” 

But it's stuff anyone can do (and, depending on where you're at with the Code Red Lifestyle™, you may already be doing it!).

Here's the video: 


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