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Code Red


Rebel victories for the week of January 9, 2021

Lisa was pretty shocked.

It was Thanksgiving Day of 2018, and her parents showed up significantly smaller than she’d seen them in years.

Turns out they’d been following the Code Red Lifestyle™, and shared my book, The Code Red Revolution, with Lisa.A few months later, Lisa decided she was ready to change her life for good. She joined a 10 Pound Takedown and lost 50 pounds with what she learned in the challenge and book.

“I feel like a new person,” Lisa told me. “I have not been this weight since grade school.”

She also said, “I have energy to keep up with our eight kids and two grandkids.”

PLUS, Lisa no longer suffers with debilitating IBS or migraines.

Lisa says her whole family has benefited from living the Code Red Lifestyle™, too.

To lose weight and feel better than you have in years, and do it with NO diet pills, NO shakes, NO diet foods, and NO exercise, sign up for the next 10 Pound Takedown challenge here: (And keep scrolling to see Lisa's pictures!)


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