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Should you track your food?

Tracking your food is not something we do on the 10 Pound Takedown Challenge or 7-Day Total Body Reset. Why?

Because those programs are meant to be as simple as possible. You have enough to think about when you're adjusting to a new lifestyle, and food tracking adds an additional layer of complication.

Now, does that mean you “shouldn't” track your food?

If you've read my book, The Code Red Revolution, you know the answer: I do recommend tracking your food in weight loss mode. It's pretty eye-opening to see how much you're actually eating! Plus, you can track what and how much you eat, and see how it correlates with your weight loss each day.

Tracking your food is a powerful weight loss (and even weight maintenance) tool. Scroll down and watch my video to hear more about why

Some people can't stand tracking their food, and others love it. 

Some people start out not liking it, but stick with it once they realize how powerful it is.

If you've never tracked your food before, DEFINITELY watch my video below, especially if you're having trouble staying on track. Food tracking could be the answer to getting back in the game!

Here's the video:


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