She lost 80 pounds!

Jennifer came to see me at a public event a few years ago, and she brought her son with her. I love that!
I’ve spoken to a lot of kids about nutrition since creating the Code Red Lifestyle™, and you know what I’ve learned?
Kids are MUCH smarter than we give them credit for, and most of them want to make healthier choices.
But just like a lot of adults, they aren’t always sure what “healthier” is—and they don’t always understand how harmful the bullcrap food can be. Like you and I once were, they’re just going along with what society teaches.
So if you’re a parent who wants your kids to care more about their health, what can you do?
Simple. You start with yourself. You be the example, and show your kids the power of…
✔️ Real food
✔️ Water
✔️ Sleep
Remember, “Do as I say, not as I do” is bullcrap. No one wants to listen to someone who isn’t walking their talk.
Start with yourself, and let the people around you, including your kids, see you lose the weight and get healthy. It’s more powerful than anything you can say.
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