Down 70 pounds and realizes SHE IS WORTH IT!

After Renee read my book, The Code Red Revolution, she recorded a video before diving into the Code Red Lifestyle™ and joining a 10 Pound Takedown.
In her video, she shared her hopes, dreams, and goals. She also shared that she wanted to lose 60 pounds.
So what happened after Renee recorded that video?
✅ She dropped 70 pounds
✅ She went from size 2XL shirts to size medium or small
✅ Instead of wearing size 20-22 pants, she dropped to size 12
✅ She was able to stop taking two medications (including one she was on for 20 years)
All that’s pretty great, for sure.
But my favorite thing that changed for Renee is when she finally realized SHE IS WORTH IT.
See, unworthiness is the root cause of why so many people struggle with their weight.
But that is bullcrap! You ARE worthy of feeling healthy and happy, and don’t let anyone (including yourself) convince you otherwise!
To start where Renee did, get your copy of my book, The Code Red Revolution, at
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