Down 58 pounds eating stuff he would NOT be embarrassed to take in his lunch!

A lot of women join the Code Red Lifestyle™ and do freaking fantastic!
But did you know men also do REALLY well on the Code Red Lifestyle™?
Case in point: James lost 58 pounds eating the same foods his wife, a Code Red Rebel, cooked.
In fact, I’ve lost count of how many husbands and boyfriends of my Rebels have dropped a TON of weight just eating what their partner starts cooking.
✅ One thing guys really like about the foods we eat on Code Red is that they don’t taste or look like wimpy, nasty, bland “diet foods”…you know, the stuff most men would be embarrassed to take in their lunch.
✅ So many men who eat the Code Red way tell me, “This doesn’t feel like a diet. I can’t believe I get to eat like this and lose weight.”
Man or woman, if you like the idea of losing weight while eating rich, delicious real food that actually tastes GOOD, instead of like nasty parchment paper you have to gag down, then get started with the 30-day 10 Pound Takedown at
See for yourself that yes, you can eat well AND lose all the weight you want (plus feel better than you have in years).
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