Down 51 pounds and keeping it off!

Whitedove told me she wasn’t looking to be “skinny.”

“I just wanted to find me again…you know, the woman I recognized in the mirror,” she said. “I knew she was in there, but I had all but given up.”

Whitedove spent 20 years “heavy,” gaining weight from:

❌ A bad diet
❌ Sleepless nights
❌ Having 5 kids

And she just wasn’t sure it was possible to get her weight off.

But after meeting me at a workshop in 2019, she joined a 10 Pound Takedown.

“My journey was slow, but consistent. It became my lifestyle,” Whitedove said. “Fifty-one pounds gone for good and maintaining for a year now. I still love my Code Red Lifestyle™. More importantly, I found that woman inside. She’s a badass.”

If you’re thinking of trying Code Red, but you still haven’t, Whitedove’s suggestion for you is simply this:

“Don’t even think twice. Do it now.”

To start where Whitedove started, head to and sign up for the 10 Pound Takedown. It starts the day you sign up!

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