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Do you REALLY enjoy eating?

One thing that freaks most people out when they're considering joining a new lifestyle is the concept of managing their eating.

On Code Red, we believe food has the power to heal or to poison. We not only choose foods that heal, we avoid foods that poison.

And a lot of the foods that poison are foods the average American eats a lot of.

If you're someone who's just sure you “can't” avoid eating chips, soda, sugar, and other junk, read what a Code Red Rebel in a 10 Pound Takedown had to say about the experience of eating.

“As I sat here reflecting back over this short time in CR I realized something profound as I was eating meal #1.

“Prior to CR I went Through the Motions of eating, not enjoying what it was because of how my body felt.

“Having horrible digestive issues, migraines, joint pain, overall muscle pain and body aches, rashes, and hives.

“As I sat eating today I realized I actually enjoy the food that I'm eating. It tastes good, I'm satisfied, in no way feel deprived but above all else I don't have digestive issues, no migraines since starting CR, all joint pain is gone, no more muscle ache, my body doesn't ache or hurt to the touch, no rashes, and no hives.

“I praise God for showing me this option and that Cristy listened to His still small voice asking her to help others. I also appreciate all the Coaches and Leaders for choosing this path. Thanks just isn't enough!”

Sheesh, can you imagine living with all that stuff every single day? And with the mere act of eating being that miserable?

This Rebel's experience reveals the catch-22 of eating “what you want when you want,” if the foods you want are foods that poison.

See, food doesn't just affect your weight. It affects EVERYTHING. It's your body's fuel, after all.

When this Rebel switched from foods that poison to foods that heal, look at what changed for her…all during a 30-day 10 Pound Takedown Challenge.

(For legal reasons, I'm gonna add that everyone's experience is different, though most people feel better than they have in years once they switch to Code Red-approved foods.)

So like I say in the title of this post…do you REALLY enjoy eating?

If not, the red button below will take you to the same 10 Pound Takedown this Rebel joined to take her life back, while eating rich, delicious food that doesn't make her sick (the opposite!).

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