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71: Being Present In The Moment

What Is This Episode About…

I hate when someone tells me to “slow down.” But instead of thinking of it as “slowing down,” think of it as being “present in the moment.” Enjoy that moment without distractions

In today’s episode, we talk about being present in the moment. Some day, that moment will be the last you’ll have with somebody and you’ll only be left with the memories. This is an area that Cristy and Cari have been doing a lot of personal growth in and talking a lot about.

In today’s world, it is very easy to get distracted with all the devices we have and social media. Moments we should be enjoying can pass us by. Social media encourages us to look forward to the next thing without being fully present in the current moment.

For instance, when sharing a meal or talking with a person, it is rude to be on the phone as well. You are not paying attention to the conversation. Going slow on your meal, enjoying every bite, every taste is a wonderful way to be present and enjoy your food.

Be present in the moment you are right now because that moment will not happen again. Spend time with your loved ones and be present. Time flies by and you are only left holding on to the memories of the moments you had. 

Key Takeaways

  • Don't think of it as slowing down, think of it as just being present in the moment (01:21)
  • I don't want to wish my life away (03:49)
  • Being present with the people around your life and enjoying every moment (07:01)
  • Social media makes us always look for the next thing without enjoying the present (09:45)
  • Turning off your devices to be present when having a conversation with someone (14:08)
  • How isolation and lockdown forced many people to be present in the moment (21:43)
  • How Mindful Meditation is helping Cristy with being more present (22:46)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released July 29, 2020

Episode Transcript…

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Cari  0:00  

Someday it's going to be the last. So we have to be present in this moment. And the way that Chris and I have been thinking about it is with our eating is I wrote in my journal today Christie when I was eating, I said, I don't think I've ever eaten and enjoyed it this much in such a long time every bite, why not be present?


Intro  0:27  

I'm Cristy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food pulls the power to heal or poisoned, and we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight-up truth because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.


Cristy  0:54  

A very special welcome to you. Welcome to rebel weight loss and lifestyle. I am Cristy Code Red your host entrepreneur, retired professional boxer. And of course, I'm joined by Cari. I'm joined by Cari, I'm joined with Cari from Cari gets by,


Cari  1:08  

I think by, you had it right the first time.


Unknown Speaker  1:11  

Thank you for joining me.


Cari  1:13  

Thank you for having me. And I'm, I say it every week. But I'm excited about this topic, because I've been doing a lot of personal growth in this area.


Cristy  1:21  

Yeah, we both have. And this was something that we've been talking about a lot lately. And I said, hey, let's go ahead and talk with everybody else. Because I, when I post about this on social media, I get a lot of people who respond saying, Yeah, I'm working on this too. And Cari, and I want to talk to you about being present in the moment. Now, maybe you might have seen this post I wrote here, of course, at the time of this recording, it was just a couple of days ago, but I don't like when people tell me that I need to slow down. And I just it triggers me like well, you need to slow down or you need to back off. Karen. You need to worry about your own problems. Oh yeah, I don't like that. I like that. Like don't Tommy, I got big dreams and big goals. I'm off to save the planet here, you know, like, I'm not. I don't like it when someone tells me to slow down. But when I was working with Kris Gethin, he said, Don't think of it as slowing down. Think of it as just being present in the moment.


Cari  2:14  

Right? It just reminds me of a funny thing I said, or I saw on it, of course, a meme. Those are hilarious. I don't know who the genius is behind these things. But somebody is funny. And they said, you know, nobody ever slow down or calm down because you told them to.


Unknown Speaker  2:29  



Cari  2:30  

you like nobody because you got to calm down. Who's ever gone? Oh my gosh, thank you so much for telling me to slow down or calm down. I am totally calming down now is just a trigger to make people more mad or my favorite one which was next time your wife gets mad at you put a cape on her and tell her now you're Superman. See how long you live. So it is true being told to calm down or slow down or Hey, nobody likes that.


Cristy  3:00  

Yeah. And so we're talking about, I think what Chris was trying to get me to see is not you need to stop doing the activities that you know, the traveling that this that that that keeps you going all the podcasting, all the podcast guests, all the meetings, all the conferences, all the workouts, all the things that I do that are part of my life. That's not what he's saying. He's not saying this stop doing that he's saying in the moments where you are out running the trails at Tamarack, or you are visiting with your neighbor or you're in Turks and Caicos with your sister, then just enjoy that moment. Try not to get distracted. Like if you get your feet in the creek. Try not to always just grab your phone and get an Instagram of it. You know, like just really feel the cold water and really feel the rocks underneath your feet.


Cari  3:49  

I love how our mom said to us this morning. She said, I'm so excited about an upcoming she has a couple of trips coming up. And then she said, I wish and then she said herself and she said, I don't want to wish my life away.


Unknown Speaker  4:03  



Cari  4:04  

So don't how that applies to you is don't spend those moments, wishing for the next moment. Be in the moment that you're in right now because that moments never going to happen again. Man That is so true.


Cristy  4:17  

And we find ourselves and Kerri and I come from it's we've been pretty transparent about the fact that our family members, our extended family members have a pretty bad weight problem. People in my dad's side of the family with the exception of one person, very overweight, and we have struggled with weight carry has struggled with weight. Even my mom sisters have struggled with weight. And so weight problems run in our family and we've identified because Cari and I have the same trait. pattern, that pattern. Thank you. Yeah, that was a good one. Yeah, the same pattern that causes us to slip into the same problem that they are in. And we recognize it though. They don't recognize it. And we do and we're like, oh, wait, let's Stop. So what we've been doing, we've been talking about this a lot. And one of the big problems is just eating so fast. Now Cari can't because of her stomach operations, she can't eat fast, she has to eat slow, but man, stand back because I eat fast. And so we're talking about Cari and I've really been concentrating on going slow, but enjoying every bite, every taste, chewing our food, breathing,


Cari  5:23  

and just being present, instead of worrying about what's wrong in your life, in that moment, what's right, and we've been reading an author, and one thing that she tells a hilarious story is she went to see a meditation guru. I am not a meditation guru. I wish I were better about that, but I'm not. But at that moment, the meditation guru stood up and said, who in this audience has a toothache and they all looked around and no one raised their hand and he said, who is celebrating the fact that they don't have a toothache? Well, if you Don't have a toothache. You're not celebrating that fact because you forget about it until you do have a toothache and then that's all you can think about. Same exact thing with mindfulness and being present. What is going right in this moment? What is good about this moment? I feel like like Chrissy said toes and the toes in the water, toes in the sand or


Unknown Speaker  6:21  

the water toes. I know


Cari  6:22  

it's like be in that moment right then not wishing for the next one.


Cristy  6:29  

A lot of you guys know I have a dog Annabel and you know dogs don't live forever. Although I'd like to believe that mine is going to live for forever. I know I know. Don't do about it. Don't talk about it. I know. And Annabel is our life. We absolutely adore her and I I think to myself, Oh, I want to enjoy these snuggles and the hug times the snuggles the walk she's such a good walking buddy. She's a good anything, buddy. And she's always by my side every day all day. And I know some days she won't be and I don't want to I want to really enjoy the moments, I do want to get pictures with her. And I do want to, you know, we get videos and it's those are some in my husband. I mean, on that note, I know I just compared my husband that a dog my husband's 17 years older than me. And unless something tragic happens, and I know I'm going to live to be a million years old, he's going to die before me. And I don't want to be one of those people that say, geez, I wish I would have had more moments with him. And maybe I still will say that, but I really have been trying lately, just to sit down with him and just visit and this is just not something we do very often because we're both pretty independent. We don't like we just say what like what are you doing? What are you doing? Okay, I'll see you at the end of the day. You know, what do you need from me and I kind of thing by really trying to be more present in the moment with him because I know someday the days slip into years he won't be here and I don't want to miss these.


Cari  7:47  

Yeah, and I it's the same with kids. Christie, you didn't have kids like human kids, but of course you're a great Auntie to four kids. A 1234. Yes, right. You had to count mine. And then whoever our sister had so 1234 so Christie, I heard someone say it. Someday it'll be the last time and you won't know. So someday it'll be the last time they sit on your lap. Someday it'll be the last time they call you, Mama instead a mother. Now my 21 year old son still calls me Mama, hey, Mama, you know this and that. But my 22 year old daughter says Mother, mother of this. But there was a time when she called me mommy. And then one time, that was the last time and I didn't even know it was the last time and she still would probably call me Mommy, if I asked her to. It's not tragic, guys, I don't want you to think that. But there someday it's going to be the last time that they suck on their Binky, or that they sleep with their bottle or that they snuggle up next to you on the couch. It's Sunday. It's going to be the last. So we have to be present in this moment. And the way that Cristy and i had been thinking about it is with our eating is I wrote in my journal today. When I was eating, I said, I don't think I've ever eaten and enjoyed it this much in such a long time, every bite, why not be present? Instead of being on 18 devices and having things going and I'm shoving food, it can be as small as eating and it can be as big as your kids growing up or your dog going to over the rainbow bridge. You know what I mean? Mm hmm.


Cristy  9:26  

I was sitting here thinking, what I wanted to say after you got done and then my mind just went completely blank. I can't believe


Cari  9:34  

that happened to me always hold a thought while you're talking. And I'll hold it, hold it, hold it and then I'll be so fascinated with what you say that I'm like,


Cristy  9:41  

What happened? That's what happened to me. I know thank you. I do remember you know, I went to a few months ago before COVID. I went to a really great resort to take a little bit of a break. And Cari knew I was going and nobody else knew and I really wanted to be just kind of be for me. So the first time I went to Completely checked out. I didn't, I was on devices at all for four days. The second time I went, I was on my devices the whole time. Well, when I was on my devices the whole time, all of a sudden, I blinked and it was time to leave the very high end luxury resort that you want to enjoy all of it, right? And I remember saying you cari I was like, Oh my gosh, where did the time go? But I was on my devices and I was on social media the whole time. I decided now you know, I'll just kind of do it like I normally do it. And Cari, you said to me, You go, social media makes us always look for the next thing. You don't enjoy what's right here in front of you. You're constantly looking ahead.


Cari  10:41  

And we talk a lot about phones and devices. And the sad thing is, my 21 year old son always likes to point out how he didn't have a phone like well chase phones were you know, of course phones are expensive now but phones were astronomically expensive and you had to pay by the minute. I mean, this has been a long time ago. Son you You know what I mean? And why does the youngest one who's 10 have a phone? Oh, that. The truth is our society has changed. I mean, we times have changed, things are different, you know, they really are. So we can't change that. But Cristy, I always appreciate it, that when you and mom are having breakfast, how you don't answer my text messages?


Cristy  11:20  

We don't I know.


Cari  11:22  

Because y'all are talking and not looking at your phones. I love that about you. Because when I'm with you, you are totally present to me. And you know what it is? It's respect. It's honor, it's your way of saying, we're sharing this meal and I am showing you love Cari in this moment, by face down, you know, he's down and turned off and turned off


Cristy  11:46  

and I learned that for sure. I learned that when I my life started really becoming about social media because I do run this company off of social media and and I'm super thankful to be able to do that. It's super thankful. But um I am on my devices, probably more than anybody I know. I mean, it's constantly it's I was gonna say 24 seven, it's not 24 seven, I do turn my stuff off at night. But it's 16 hours a day for sure. It's sunup to sundown, for sure. But I was very aware of how horribly rude It is to be on your phone in front of somebody when somebody is trying to talk to you when it's just you is you in them. And they're looking at you. And it's an actual conversation and you pick up your phone and you start looking because I don't care who it is. They're not paying attention to you. They're now looking and they're like, Oh, I can do both. Our dad tries to act like he can do both. And they're like, Oh my gosh, if you can't, you can't pay attention to what and that person in front of you is the most important thing in that moment to you that talk about being present in the moment right there.


Cari  12:46  

So when I worked at Pullman Memorial Hospital in Pullman, Washington, I work with a nurse named Leslie, I don't think she'll ever listen to this podcast, but maybe she will successfully I'm talking about you. She was quite a bit younger than me, still is quite a bit young. To me, and she since has gone on to have a family and all that. But Chrissy, she did the most interesting thing, when you would talk to her if you interrupted, she would stop and she would go and totally listen to what you were saying. And let me just tell you a little


Unknown Speaker  13:15  



Cari  13:16  

You realize how much you interrupt when you know what I mean? And she was completely present to what you were saying in that moment. So I would go home and she would go and look at you. It wasn't rude. It wasn't rude. It wasn't judgmental, but it made you go. And I've never met anyone else like that since it was fascinating.


Cristy  13:39  

It does make you aware of how much you interrupt somebody when they stop. Very true. Like


Unknown Speaker  13:53  

couldn't see my face. I was pausing like we were on a long distance. Cristy was deployed to Afghanistan, waiting for the echo. Go away.


Cristy  14:02  

Oh my gosh. Yeah, so well now I can't start that. I did not know she did that. That's funny.


Unknown Speaker  14:08  



Cristy  14:08  

But guys, we really want to encourage you to my gosh, really just, you don't have to slow down. You don't have to quit buying iPhones. We're not saying you have to throw your TV into the river. You know, we're not saying we have a that's an old church story where this guy said that God told him to throw his TV in the river and we were really before we're poor. We were like, well, she's wrong the Why didn't he just give us that TV anyway, so that's not referring to we're not saying you have to throw your devices in the river or you have to get rid of your iPad or something like just be appropriate. Make sure you turn them off when somebody is around make sure that you are present in the moment if there's something going on, that you pay attention that you enjoy it that you're not always looking for that next thing that next moment and I get caught up doing this when when's the next thing you know, when's the next thing to look for the goal after the goal or the the next day that's okay to look forward to things but Boy like that I'm 44 right now and man life is rushing by me.


Cari  15:05  

Well, like mom said, you don't want to wish it away. Yeah, I want to wish it away, you know. Um, so since Cristy and I've been doing this journey with our food and being aware of what we're eating and how it affects us do we like the way it tastes? Do we not? I want to ask rebels that are listening right now a question. How many times have you eaten a meal? Maybe it was pre portioned pre plan, you're good to go. You're doing the right thing. You're following your macros, and you stood up and you said, I didn't even taste that. Huh? How many times so since I've been doing this eating and Cristy and i, I've been doing it part of the rules because you know, we got to have fun. Cristy an I we're having fun is you cannot look on a device while you're eating. You can talk but you can't have an upsetting conversation. You just need to have a very nice pleasant conversation. You can't read books,


Cristy  15:52  

and the big one for Cari Thompson. You can't watch television. So I feel this poll


Cari  16:02  

while I'm eating too want to grab my phone want to grab my phone and I have to say, Cari stop. So this last week my in laws when on vacation and I took care of my step grandpa in law, that sounds really weird. He has dementia. And as he would I would sit down to eat, I would make his meal and then make my meal and sit down. And of course he doesn't talk very much. And he's not on a phone. not watching TV. But he just stops he would take a bite Cristy. And they fold his hands and look around the room. He's probably trying to figure out where it was. But anyway looking around the house, and he said to me something very interesting, he said probably doesn't remember who I am. He said I really like watching those birds out the window. Oh, but that bird feeder is empty. And I thought how many times crissy Have I got out there and mindlessly filled that bird feeder. Those people greedy little buggers, man they drink it, they they eat. It doesn't matter if I 20 bird feeds, it's gonna be in Kentucky, they're gonna be gone in about 27 seconds they eat that food fast. But how many times have I filled that bird feeder? How many times have I sat at that table and I've eaten? How many times have I rushed? How many meals and calories have I just shoved in my piehole. And I never once have sat there and look at the beautiful Cardinals and finches and doves that are 10 feet away from me. So I spent the rest of my meal watching the birds and actually being present in that moment and watching my grandpa eat and just how mindful he was. Or not mindful, but I'm gonna take it as mindful even though he has the memory issues.


Cristy  17:47  

Yeah, you're so right. And the other day you know, here I am trying to do this with you. And I sit at my phone. I take a picture of me with my eyes close. Looking like I'm being mindful


Unknown Speaker  18:01  



Cari  18:06  

Chrissy is like when they make fun of girls that are Christians on Instagrams. Yes and had a Bible right here I would show you and they'll have like, the cup of coffee and the Bible open to God's word. And they'll have a picture of their like, Right says meditating on God's word. I was like, No, you're kind of taking a picture for Instagram. I don't know how you're met, and I'm not making


Unknown Speaker  18:26  

fun. Y'all


Unknown Speaker  18:28  

don't write nasty comments on me. I did the same thing. It was hilarious. I was like,


Unknown Speaker  18:32  

Yeah, I think kenzi Yeah, you're


Cari  18:39  

taking pictures for Instagram, you know? And not really and again, it's it. I'm terrible of it, too. I'm like, Oh my gosh, that's so cute brands rubbing the pug I gotta get a picture of it. Or oh my gosh, that's so funny. They're all sleeping together on dog but I gotta get this for Instagram. And if I don't Instagram people are upset with me. What's wrong? Are you sick this morning. So I get it. But there's something about just sitting there looking at those birds Cristy and I went oh my gosh, no wonder our bird viewer is always empty these dang birds are here eating all the time. But I had never set my table and watch them while I ate.


Cristy  19:13  

Yeah. Oh and I busted my own self taking a picture of myself running through the trails. And I was like, stopping to smell the dirt. No, you're setting up your camera so that you can get a great angle and that your stomach looks flat and then your legs at the right angle the dog is all nice and everybody's running in sync and it looks like something on the cover of a magazine photo. You're not being present the moment you're worried about what you getting a good picture and then posting us or everybody else think you're cool Christie, like that's what you're really let's be honest with ourselves. And then it was like wow, in like my husband miles. If nobody ever sees him do anything. He is so happy and content with just fiddling with this guns and just reading the news and baking his Little dishes that he bit like nobody ever knows. And he's totally okay with that. And I'm like, why do you got to get that on Instagram? Come on, babe. Good material. It's true.


Cari  20:09  

That's good. It's sort of like, I'm always I used to be like, and you guys can see me I'm making a face and my kids used to give me. So I used to be like that when people would go. Well, I haven't checked my phone in a few hours. Does anybody know where my phone is? I'd be like, What is wrong with you? I mean, I don't know about you. But this is permanently glued to my hand. I


Cristy  20:30  

yeah, I have seizures. I have seizures. If I get too far from my phone.


Cari  20:34  

I know. So but Cristy, I'm starting to become like, wow. Now, of course, with Code Red. We don't have the luxury of although we do take time away from our phones. But I always warn Christie ahead of time and she has to warn me that's how bad it is. Yeah, I'm putting my phone down. Or Christie. My phone's almost dead, even though I have 14 chargers in my office. But it's the we don't have that luxury of being disconnected from social media because it is what we do for a living. But I'm always envious of people that go, Ah, I don't know, I haven't checked my phone and you're like, like my mother in law said to me, I don't have Facebook app on my phone. I check it on when I get to my computer at night and I was like, Oh, well, tell me about your archaic ways. Oh,


Unknown Speaker  21:17  

great one.


Unknown Speaker  21:21  



Unknown Speaker  21:23  

It's the first thing that pops up when I do this.


Unknown Speaker  21:25  

Oh, look, look, there it is.


Unknown Speaker  21:29  

Well, oh, tell me


Cristy  21:30  

about the golden days when you call me on your PC. You start singing that Wynonna Judd, Grandpa, tell me about the good old days.


Unknown Speaker  21:42  

When Facebook was an


Cari  21:43  

app, yeah, when it's like what, what? So it's interesting and just let the power go out and see how people become present to the moment because they're forced to. So life is gonna force you to become present to the moment. It will happen. I mean, it's, it's something always rings your bell and makes you go, Ah, you know, maybe I need to take a little, you know, isolation was a great example Christie, being in isolation forced a lot of us to get present in the moment when isolation was first ending. I was walking with Brandon the dogs and I said to him, oh, aren't you so excited? Like, we get to go get our hair cut and stuff? And he said, No, he goes, I have you. I have the dogs were at the house together. Like I,


Cristy  22:30  

I feel fine. And I was like, Who? We've watched everything on Netflix.


Unknown Speaker  22:33  

You know,


Unknown Speaker  22:34  

I just couldn't wait to leave the


Unknown Speaker  22:36  

house. But he was present in that moment. No.


Cristy  22:40  

miles said the same thing is like my wife isn't any different. He's the same way. She said, we definitely want to encourage you guys to try to do this more, to try to give yourselves little breaks during the day without your devices to try to you know, I've been trying to go and I've been trying to clear my mind and do some mindful What? What is Chris call it mindful meditation or, or something meditation, I just clear your mind and manifest what you want for the day. I'm not good at it. I don't do it very much. I usually just kind of, like, I'll sit down cross legged on the grass, and then I'll start picking my toenail. You know, like, I mean, it's just, I don't even really even know. Or I wonder if I look angelic like this, maybe I should get a picture. You know, it's like,


Unknown Speaker  23:23  

it's just,


Cristy  23:24  

I, but we do encourage you guys, definitely. I am not good at cari and i are learning. But the point is, we're learning. We're really trying, we're trying to move in a direction of being this way. We want to definitely encourage them. Hopefully, US sharing our experiences with you will help you try to be more present in the moment.


Cari  23:42  

Do you remember Christie when we were kids? And you know, now that we're older, we're kind of mid ish life, I guess you could say, I don't want to admit that. But all we really have are the memories so I can close my eyes. And I can vividly recall being in Grange Mont. That's where we grew up. And I can imagine the feeling of that the hay in the field growing up around us, and us walking and singing, more talking. And just walking down to that Creek. Remember, we had the creek that ran through the property, and us just going down there and screwing around digging holes playing in the mud, whatever we did, and I have those very vivid memories. So now at 46 I look back, and I think, oh, childhood, this and that. And I think I walked through a big field with my sister and we talked about nothing. We talked about something. We rode our horses and I know what that the smell, the feel the sounds, it all comes back. So clearly. That's all we have folks. All we have are the moments, the moments that Brandon I am pointing over here, said I here next to the chicken coop and we just sit there with our hands on our elbows on our knees and the chickens roam around us and we don't talk and I just think this is a moment that something I'm going to look back on and I'm going to think about, so really all you have your life is a sum of those moments in those memories. So we want to encourage you to take time to make those little ones really, really count. I really think it's important.


Cristy  25:15  

miles and I have a little thing we do every single morning no matter where we are ever no matter what we always give each other a hug when when we see each other in the mornings. And it's so strange because it could be on we could be on a yacht No, we've done this we've rented these yachts through the Mediterranean, it could be when we wake up and we do it then or here at the house or at mom's house or at a hotel it doesn't matter where we are kind of our little rule is that we always give each other a morning hug and a long one you know try to make a lot of course I hold on to him a lot longer and he holds on to me but and then I've been doing this thing for the last couple years where we have these big giant windows in our house and their windows all the way around. You can see everything out there. Well when I see him coming up the road. I go down there and I meet him when he pulls in the driveway and pulls into the ground. I always anabella right there, we're always happy to see him. We're like Daddy's


Unknown Speaker  26:03  

home, Daddy's home, you know,


Cristy  26:07  

you guys and we always give him a welcoming hug. So I'm really trying to make those moments with us count. Like just make them very strong moments where he can always look back and and me too and be thankful for those and just take that time to hold on to them tight.


Cari  26:24  

As long as we live. Chrissy tell Jesus comes for us. I'll never forget, sitting on the beach with you in Turks and Caicos with our little legs out in


Unknown Speaker  26:33  

the sun because we only had our legs


Cari  26:34  

out in the sun, just for a few minutes. And what it sounded like to hear the waves and see the people walk by. And that is a memory that I will hold my heart for my whole life. And that was just a moment. We weren't on our phones. We weren't talking about code red. We weren't, you know, we weren't worrying about the work. We had to get back to the hotel and work on. We were just had our breakfast and we were just being present to each other And that moment in someday,


Unknown Speaker  27:03  

when I'm old, I'll be like our remember when my sister Cristy and I am going to tell that story. And that


Cari  27:09  

is a moment I will hold forever those hugs. Those are your moments. They really are.


Cristy  27:14  

Yeah, man. Oh, we could just sit here and walk down the lane. But guys, we really hope that you got some encouragement and some ideas out of this podcast and perhaps you'll maybe be more inclined to stop and reset and rethink a few things in your life that you are doing. Yep, put that phone face


Unknown Speaker  27:32  

down, down or it doesn't count because you're not you know what this is like, every time I have an email come in,


Unknown Speaker  27:37  

I go.


Cari  27:38  

Yep. And you all know I'm looking at my emails even though I don't mean to it's just they pop up on the dang screen.


Cristy  27:43  

Yep, I know. He's got a couple of screens. We hope you enjoyed this episode of Rebel weight loss and lifestyle. Don't forget 10 pound is the best place to get started. join one of our monthly challenges. We would love to welcome you into our community for $47. You can test it out and see it It is the right course we think the proper human diet is right for everybody. But you have to be convinced of this too. And you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. And that's what you Cari. Thank you so much. You guys have a good one. We'll see you next time.


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