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Do I “make” you buy a custom program if you want enough information to lose weight?

So one of the biggest complaints I get from people who fail at Code Red and wanna blame someone else is that I “make” you buy a custom program if you wanna get enough information to lose weight.

Clearly anyone who says that is either lying through their teeth, or is completely unfamiliar with everything Code Red offers (and is too lazy to learn the reality).

If you've heard someone say I “make” you buy a custom program, here's me setting the record straight.

Do I offer custom programs? Yep.

And do you pay money for everything you get with a custom program? Yes, you do.

Another thing my critics won't tell you: The vast majority people who buy a custom program and actually use it will tell you it's worth every penny and then some.

(I say the vast majority because it's not possible to please everyone.)

Does that mean custom programs are the only way you can be successful on the Code Red Lifestyle™?

Absolutely not. Take a look at all the ways you can get help on Code Red:

  1. Hundreds of YouTube videos
  2. Hundreds of Facebook videos
  3. 3+ years' worth of blog posts
  4. The 10 Pound Takedown Challenge
  5. The Code Red Revolution book
  6. The Code Red Cookbook
  7. The Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle podcast
  8. Accountability Coaching
  9. Custom Program Coaching
  10. Maintenance Coaching
  11. My “stay in touch with Cristy” emails
  12. Emotional eating (and other) training programs
  13. The Code Red Companion Workbook
  14. The My Success Journal

See what I mean? You have access to a WEALTH of information. Some of it's free, and yeah, some if it costs money, because bringing Code Red's message of hope and healing to the world takes money. It's up to you whether you wanna help me further that – and especially, bring hope and healing to YOUR life, and the lives of your friends and family – by using the options that cost money.

Either way, you pick and choose which resources you wanna use to reach your goals. I don't “MAKE” you do anything, because no one “MAKES” you (or me) do anything.

There are people who adamantly want custom programs so they can “skip to the front of the line,” and people who don't care about that, and are okay with figuring everything out themselves. It takes longer, but it's 100% doable, because I've had tens of thousands of people go both routes, lose ALL their weight, and take their lives back.

Your options for taking your life back with Code Red are listed above.

Whichever route you choose, it's YOUR choice, meaning you're the only one who can “make” yourself do it (or anything else).

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