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Did you know this about body fat?

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“Why does my body hate me?”

I hear this all the time from my clients, so let's clear things up right now:

Your body does NOT hate you.

I get why it might seem that way. The aches, pains, disease, body fat…it feels like being under constant attack.

But if you're sick and overweight, it's because your body is fighting FOR you, not against you.

Take body fat.

Most people think their body fat is inactive. That it just hangs there, unsightly and inconvenient, but not really doing anything.

The truth is, body fat is its own organism.

That's right – it's alive and active, just like your heart and lungs.

It's storing toxins that your body can't process, and it's holding on to water because you aren't ingesting enough for your body to function properly.

And because you're feeding your body empty calories with zero nutrition, your body thinks it's starving, and it's storing fat to protect you from that.

Your body doesn't know that we live in an abundant society, where food is EVERYWHERE.

It's up to YOU to show your body that everything's okay…because until you do, it's gonna keep storing fat and attacking itself trying to protect you.

So HOW do you show your body that everything's okay?

Easy. You give it what IT needs to keep you slender and healthy.

That includes:

• Real, non-inflammatory foods packed with vitamins and nutrients
• Lots of water so it has all the hydration it needs to function the way it's meant to
• Plenty of sleep so it can heal you and recover

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

That's because it is.

You also need to STOP exposing it to foods that beat the living crap out of it, like sugar and grains.

My book, The Code Red Revolution, has all the tools you need to reassure your body that it doesn't need to cling to the fat, or get confused and attack itself.

Click here to pick up your copy today. If you enjoy it, please leave an honest review on Amazon.

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