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Can you eat fruit and still lose weight?

One of the biggest sticking points I hear about from people thinking of losing weight on the Code Red Lifestyle™ is the idea they won't be able to gorge on fruit all the time.

A lot of weight loss programs yap about “FRUITS and veggies,” as do a lot of medical professionals.

So is fruit “healthy or not?”

Look, fruit's certainly not the “worst” thing you can eat (especially your kids).

But a lot of fruits are very carby, and full of sugar.

The fact it's “natural” sugar – fructose in this case – doesn't cancel out the fact it still interferes with weight loss.

“Well Cristy, fruit has fiber, and that makes it okay to eat.”

No, it doesn't, and here's why.

Fructose, the “natural” sugar found in fruit, can only be metabolized in the liver.

Sounds okay, right?

But here's the kicker.

Your liver can only metabolize a very small amount of fructose at a time.

The rest it stores as fat.

In other words, eat copious amounts of fruit, stay fat.

“Are there any Code Red-approved fruits, Cristy?”

Yes, I do allow a handful of certain kinds of berries, because they're pretty low sugar, especially if you just have a few at once.

“But I love my fruit! Will I ever get to safely eat it again on Code Red?”

Once you reach goal weight and enter maintenance mode, where you're not trying to lose weight anymore, yes, you can reintroduce fruit.

But stick with one serving a day.

You'll notice I said serving, not piece, because a lot of today's fruit is genetically modified to be bigger and sweeter than it would be otherwise.

Heck, Costco apples are the size of a baby's head!

And I see bananas the length of my forearm.

Stick with one serving of fruit a day, if that, in maintenance. See what your weight does the next day. If it goes up, wait until you get it back down before having more fruit.

For tips on the worst fruits for weight loss, which berries are okay to eat in weight loss mode, and more about reintroducing fruits at goal weight, check out my video below:

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