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Are “keto” processed junk foods better than mainstream versions?

I call them workarounds.

It's where, instead of simply following the Code Red foods list, you try to work around it, often in ways that set your progress back.

On the one hand, I get why some people leap to do this. Changing what you eat can be challenging.

On the other hand, I'm a very black and white person, so for me, if you're gonna do something, you do it. You go all-in, or you don't.

But the point of this post isn't to deep dive into my “do it or don't do it” mindset.

It's to help you understand whether workaround “keto” versions of mainstream processed foods are “better.”

Before I answer, let me be clear: I am NOT endorsing going out and rounding up hordes of keto snacks and saying you're eating Code Red, especially in weight loss mode. You're not. Rebels eat real food as much as we possibly can.

Besides, if doing that worked, there wouldn't be people who are still obese living on keto snacks.
Now, about keto processed foods: In 2019, I attended the annual KetoCon event in Austin, TX. A ton of food and shake companies were there, and most of them offered “keto” processed foods. There was very little real food present.
I tried a bite of most of the keto processed food. There were desserts like cookies and ice cream, “chips,” “crackers” – all kinds of stuff.
A lot of it tasted good. But you know something crazy?
Even though this stuff was keto, had fewer and cleaner ingredients (for the most part), and usually didn't spike blood sugar, my body still felt “yuck.” It could tell I'd eaten processed food, and it wasn't happy.
Plus, some of these keto “snacks” triggered me. They were close enough to the mainstream version that I wanted to binge on them. Not good!
All that being said, a lot of the stuff I saw would be a step in the direction of better choices for most people.
And it'd certainly be better for your kids and grandkids than the mainstream versions.
But does that make it “better” than the mainstream versions?
Yes, in some ways.
But to be clear: That does not make it GOOD.
Another way to think of it: If you have two pieces of rotten fruit, and one is less rotten than the other, the less rotten one could be considered better, but still not “good.”
Same with processed food. Whether or not a food company slaps a keto or low-carb or gluten-free or sugar-free label on it, processed food is processed food.
Stick with real food as much as you can with where you are, and keep processed food to a minimum, “keto” or not.
In combination with water, sleep, and not snacking between meals, you'll lose weight even faster, feel even better, and reduce (if not completely eliminate) cravings.

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