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70: Don’t Borrow Trouble!


What Is This Episode About…

So many times, people who come to us and have 60 lbs to lose worry about the end result. They worry about loose skin, when they'll start exercising or that their goal weight is too low. Why worry about those things when you haven't even started! DON'T BORROW TROUBLE!

In this episode, we discuss some of the common stuff that people worry about that they shouldn’t even be having in the first place. Some people are very worried about some little details that shouldn’t matter at that time. For instance, someone who is starting a weight loss journey and have some much weight to lose can’t be worried about loose skin. You’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Another thing we hear all the time is the goal weight we choose for our clients in our programs. Some rebels are not happy with the goal weight we set for them. They think they’ll become too skinny. The problem here is that they become obsessed with this number yet they have a lot of work ahead of them.

Once you start your weight loss journey, you’ll get a lot of questions and skepticism from naysayers. Remember you don’t have to justify your health decisions to anybody. Don’t worry about what other people think. This is about your health.

The problem with worrying about these things is that it consumes so much of your time and your brain. Focus on the weight loss, once you have reached your goal weight, we will be there to help you with the other stuff. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why worry about becoming too skinny yet you haven’t started losing weight (03:10)
  • Do not use your worries as an excuse not to start losing weight and get going (04:51)
  • Frying the big fish first: focus on losing weight first and leave that other stuff (06:57)
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about loose skin at the start of your weight loss journey (09:43)
  • You don’t have to justify your heath decisions to anybody (14:13)
  • The code red weight maintenance program (17:46)
  • You’ve got to do this systematically (20:00)
  • Worrying doesn’t help you with anything, it just slows your progress (22:37)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released July 22, 2020

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Cristy  0:00  

So here we've got somebody who is 275 goal weigt of 135. And it's just happened the other day Cari, and she's worried about well, you put my goal weight down awfully low. I'm just worried about being too skinny. And it's all it's inevitable. Like literally you have a lot of weight to lose. Let's not borrow trouble.


Intro  0:26  

I'm Cristy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle, where we believe food pulls the power to heal or poison, and we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight up truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.


Cristy  0:53  

Welcome back to rebel weight loss and lifestyle. I am your host Cristy Code Red author, entrepreneur, retired professional boxer and I am so happy that I could steal Cari away for a half an hour to record this with me. Thank you, Sis,


Cari  1:06  

thank you very much. I do have lots of pressing emails, but I will just mute them. I'll mute them. No, just teasing. This is


Cristy  1:14  

the most important thing part of my day. And by the way, the most fun. It is fun, and it is something we look forward to. And it's it's something that we it's like a it's almost like a reward for all of our hard work. Yes, yes. So, it was so funny when I talked about this subject I had sent Cari a message and we said, hey, what should we podcast about? We've set aside a couple hours to podcast and I said, and I told her the subject Well, you should have seen the look on her face. She goes, and she rolled her eyes. And that's because it's so frustrating for us because we deal with this crap all the time. And today we're talking about you saw that you saw the title of the podcast, you know, it's not a it's not a mystery to you don't borrow trouble and it's something that we deal with in our day to day life. With our rebels constantly,


Cari  2:03  

it really is Cristy. It consumes a big part of what we talk about when I will go and do a live q&a on whatever page like we do them on our paid coaching pages. We do them I mean we get Q and A's all the time. We also do them every month and we have a challenge. Cristy does several I do at least one


Unknown Speaker  2:23  



Unknown Speaker  2:24  

evitable II Cristy every q&a I get this question and I know you do too.


Cristy  2:32  

And it's when we say don't borrow trouble. We're talking about people who are asking about crap that it doesn't even remotely matter right now it doesn't have anything to do with right now. It's not something they're going to need to worry about for a very long time and yet it consumes them and they have to click the click click couldn't believe the right into the hub to help desk or they send us an email or they'll write on the QA and they're always so very worried about this. And you guys that are listening that you are current rebels, you know, and you're laughing to yourself because you always hear me say, Karen, don't borrow trouble. And you hear me say this to people all the time. You're just worried about stuff. So some of the common things that our rebels worry about is goal weight. It's always a big one


Cari  3:18  

with it. I just talked about this with three different people today. Oh my gosh.


Cristy  3:24  

Well, wait, when you get a custom program, I choose the goal weight for you. I write all the programs and I choose the goal weight that you see, you'll choose a goal weight, nine times out of 10 that you actually think you can achieve. But I choose a goal weight for you. Where did you actually need to be at? And so here we've got somebody who is 275 goal weight of 135 and it's just happened the other day Cari, and so we she, she's worried about well, you put my goal weight down awfully low. I'm just worried about being too skinny. It's all it's inevitable. Like literally you have a lot of weight to lose. Let's not borrow trouble.


Cari  4:06  

I are looking at it a little bit differently with say, let's fry the big fish first. That's my favorite term. Let's fry the big fish. Let's get 100 pounds off and see how you feel like let's just and Cristy this thing with goal weight comes up all the time I kid you not I had a zoom meeting with a gal. And she was like, well, it's just that I said, but we're a long way from your goal weight like not a long way to be discouraging. But again, this is not what you need to be worried about right now. And Cristy This is what I wonder, do you think people do this with and we're going to talk about a plethora of subjects not just goal weight, because this happens over and over with Code Red. Do you think they do that because they use it as an excuse to not start and get going?


Cristy  4:57  

Yes, I do. I think that it is they're letting it hold them down. Well, there's no way I can get to 135. So I'm not even going to try. I do I think they let that be the thing that holds them back from even starting even nibbling away at this.


Cari  5:11  

Or even sometimes I think it just gives their brain something to kind of focus on. For instance, let me give you a good example. Working in the ICU for many years, you guys before I came to code, read 20 years open heart trauma, regular ICU, surgical and medical ICU is all over the place. You'd have someone who maybe was septic. So this is like a, you know, a 75 70 year old grandma, she got sick, she didn't get it taken care of. And now she's septic, meaning the bloodstream is overwhelmed with infection. And what happens is, your organs will start to shut down. Very common. So when they are septic, meaning this is an overwhelming infection in their body. And this happens, you know, like I was saying grandma got sick and all that. So anyway, she's septic. So my organs are starting to shut down. And so they're on a ventilator. You know, we have respiratory failure. We have heart failure. We have kidney failure, all this kind of stuff. And I would be in the room like I got medications for this Cristy, I got medications for this and I am trying to keep grandma from meeting Jesus and I am working hard, and it's busy, and the family will come up to me and be like, we just feel like she needs some lipstick on or can you fix her hair? Now, they're worried about Grandma, and they think that grandma's gonna die. And they know that grandma would not want to look bad in the ICU. But but me as the ICU nursing this whole picture, I am going, I'm trying for grandma to get a blood pressure over at systolic, like I am not worried about grandma's lips right now. But I understand why they do it. They're nervous. That's the only thing they can control. And I think that that's what happens with weight loss patients or rebels. Is that the only thing they can worry about? Is their goal weight so consciously or subconsciously, they obsess about the fact that Chrissy gave them a goal weight of 140 when they wanted to be 160 I've never been 140 people of our genetic heritage, don't weigh this little, I'm going to be too skinny. My husband's not going to like me who one of my clothes don't fit and it becomes this thing, Cristy


Unknown Speaker  7:20  

and it keeps them from moving forward. And


Cari  7:23  

I want to say fry the big fish in Code Red olive oil code right along with calm,


Cristy  7:29  

but I'm just saying like, fry the big fish.


Unknown Speaker  7:32  

let's worry about your weight, you know?


Cristy  7:35  

Yeah. And I spoke to a lady yesterday really nice lady. I actually called her on the phone. I was writing her custom program and she was adamant about her goal weight being 175. But she did not have the height to justify that goal weight. And so I put her goal weight at 160 and I knew and she was absolutely hell bent. She said, I'm a muscular girl. I will absolutely be too thin if I go below 175 Well, I I'm telling you, we have a, we have two of our coaches are six feet or over six feet tall. And neither of them are nearly that way. You know, they're and so we know from having done this thousands and thousands of times, so I actually called her on the phone because it was I knew it was gonna be a shock when she got her numbers, and from me and she was gonna be so I wanted to ease the blow a little bit and I said, Cari, she was so nice. And I was hiking on the trail and I had my earplugs in and I said, hey, it's Cristy Code Red. She said, Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. You're calling me Why are you calling me? I said, you're gonna freak out. That you know, and I said, I know that you claimed that you're a muscular girl and I'm a muscular girl. I get that. And I said, But okay, I'll make a deal with you. I put your goal weight at 160 I'll make a deal with you. You know, Karen, everybody's Karen that's always kind of a joke. You know, Karen, her name was not Karen. I said if you get to 175 and you got six pack abs. And you can see beautiful separation is striations throughout your body and your body fats low and you say A picture and you say, this is what I look like, then we'll reset your goal weight, and I'm gonna have you come work for me and train me because obviously you're leaner than me, you know? And so she said, Oh, she goes, Yeah, I go, I'm telling you right now you are not, you're gonna still have quite a bit of fat on you at 175. Let's get you down to 160 where I think you should be for that height and your age and all the different aspects we take into consideration when we're choosing someone's goal weight. And I said I am always right about this 99% of the right I'm always right. And so she was so she was wasting a lot of brain space on that until I eased her mind and said hold on. I think you got this one wrong.


Cari  9:38  

Fry the big fish. Let's just get close to it. Fry the


Cristy  9:41  

big fish Cristy. What's the number two thing we always hear about? People borrow trouble about loose skin? And can


Cari  9:52  

I get an amen? I can't tell you the number of times I've stood up on a live video feed is show people my stomach Why I do these things is beyond me, but to show them my stomach so they can see that everything came back on my body except for my very lower tummy. people worry about loose skin when they still have 50 60 70 80 pounds to lose, they start talking about it. I don't want to have loose skin. Well, do you want to have diabetes,


Cristy  10:23  

Karen? Because that's what you have now. I'd rather have some loose skin,


Unknown Speaker  10:27  

then diabetes.


Cristy  10:30  

Well, unless all make sure that the audience knows that Curie you lost 110 pounds and I've kept it off. So you have quite you are quite the authority in this issue. And in the words of Madonna, I'd rather be lean and get a facelift than being fat and have no wrinkles. So guys, loose skin. We get this everyday people that worry about loose skin when they still have at 6040 pounds to lose. And so the first question when someone says clickety click click, you know they type into the box during a live video. They say what can can I do about my loose skin? I always The next question is how much more weight have you got to lose? Oh, I still have 62 more pounds to lose top goal. And I'm just like, dear Lord, I mean, of course, like Cari said earlier when I saying this to discourage you, it's not like oh, discourage you. I'm saying that, dear Lord, you're going to be losing weight for a bit longer and less not worried. I didn't want you to keep your kids alive and can walk your dog and feed you know, and keep your house picked up. But there's so many more pressing issues than loose skin to worry about right now. It's grandma's lipstick. Yeah, it's grandma's lipstick.


Cari  11:32  

Yeah. And how about the guy is dying. It's like, how about how


Cristy  11:35  

about the guy in the ICU that is in for lung cancer? And he's saying I only want bottled water and you're like, you smoke two packs a day. Like what do you think you only want bottled water like guys seriously? What are you wasting your energy on here?


Cari  11:49  

Yeah. And the loose skin issue again, like Chrissy said, comes up almost on a daily basis. What do you think? What do you think? Ah, I don't want to have loose skin. I hear that and I just go what's the alternative? I mean, I abused my body. I did, I abused food, I abused my body, I had three pregnancies, there's gonna be loose skin, or they're loose skin is a problem. I don't want to make it sound like it isn't a problem. But you can't predict what it's going to be like, not like goal weight, we pretty much know where you should be. But loose skin is so dependent for those of you that are worrying about it. It depends on your age, it depends on your lasticity of your particular skin. Whether you scar or not, what you're eating, how much water you're drinking, what parts where you lose weight, because by the way, you can lose weight like women, they always lose it their boobs and they don't want to for some of them, you know, my thighs are the last to go Of course. And so for me, so it it has so many factors. I can't predict where you're going to be when you're done losing weight. So again, we're not frying the big fish we're worried about we're borrowing trouble, Crisy. He always says it your Borrowing trouble, your borrowing trouble, you will focus on pre planning and pre logging and measuring your food. You focus on drinking your water every day, you will focus on getting some decent sleep. And again, keeping your kids alive for me it's chickens. That you know. I mean, it's just that kind of stuff.


Cristy  13:16  

And it's funny because speaking of loose skin coach Kristin small one of our code red certified coaches lost 135 pounds in eight months and does not have loose skin. Really? No, it's she's, it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. And that's 135 pounds in eight months. And so we have tips and tricks, we have things for you, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. But the fact that you're bringing it up now, when when you're not even nailing your logs every day, you're not even you're not even getting your water you're getting six and a half hours of sleep every night and you got bigger problems here. Like what are you even worried about that crap for you not even getting your sleep. Last thing I can promise you that that loose skin ain't gonna bounce back. You're not getting your sleep. Okay, last thing you need to worry about. So really you need to stop focusing on that crap. Here's another one I noticed Cristy Are you ready?


Unknown Speaker  14:09  

I know you're trying to think of another one.


Cari  14:13  

My best friends is that I am not healthy. I shouldn't be eating this little or my mom's upset because I'm not eating dinner with at her house or my husband's really mad because I'm not eating at eight o'clock at night with him or worrying about what other people say or think about your health journey is borrowing.


Unknown Speaker  14:35  

Trouble guys


Cari  14:36  

is another big example that Cristy and I see all the time. You are borrowing trouble when you care and or worry about what other people people didn't say a word when you were drinking a gallon of diet coke every day. But now that you're drinking a gallon of water, they freak out and we see this all the time. Always say when people say you shouldn't be doing you're going to Kill your kidneys. What do I say when? Well, you don't have to say anything.


Cristy  15:06  

You don't have to justify your decisions to anybody and it's taking up brain space, and you're borrowing trouble, you're borrowing trouble. And we worry so much about what other people think. And that's ridiculous to me. I just can't wrap my head around that. I hear you are here you are taking your life back and getting healthy. And now people are gonna start lecturing you and then you are gonna feel the need to explain yourself to them. That is beyond me. And another thing that actually made me think about to CES was calories. Now, any way you slice it, I don't care what your bullcrap I it's so funny to me. People argue with me about this than there are people that don't work with people. Anytime you lose body fat, anytime you lose weight, you've got to keep your calories at a certain level, and you've got to drop them lower than what you have been eating. And it's not and we don't believe in calories in calories out. That's not what we're saying. We're saying you've got That's just the bottom line. I mean, you ask anybody, you ask a bodybuilder you ask anybody, but it's only for temporary. We just drop you down low, we lose the weight, and we bring you back up. But as soon as someone gets their custom program, and they see the calorie level that I have put them on a high fat diet, which is perfectly healthy and just fine. They say, Oh my gosh, am I gonna eat this way forever? How am I going to you know, it's just gonna be like, Oh, my gosh, we have 116 pounds to lose, and you're already worried about this kind of crap.


Cari  16:29  

Yeah, we do see that one a lot too. Well, but my husband eats. Oh, my gosh, I'll never forget time I went to an army wife event and one of the army wives wanted to share with me how many calories she was eating. And I was like, and that's why you're not losing weight. But


Unknown Speaker  16:45  

I didn't say that.


Unknown Speaker  16:46  

I just was like, Oh, yeah.


Unknown Speaker  16:48  

I'll never forget that.


Cari  16:50  

It was so funny. But people do they get wrapped up around the number. They get really wrapped up and they waste a lot of energy about the number. Well, why don't you try it Karen Let's try it and see how it goes. They really they really get worried about that you're absolutely right.


Cristy  17:05  

And just take it one day at a time when there's no there's no need to look at. I mean, we also talked about looking at the bigger picture, but my gosh, let's just, let's just do one day at a time. And let's just get to the 30 Day Challenge. First a 10 pound takedown, we have them every month, you start the challenge you complete 30 days. And then let's see where you can go from here. Let's take it one fight. There's five pounds at a time or 10 pounds at a time or Lord, even one pound at a time, but you backing it up and getting so consumed with the stuff that just doesn't matter. When you're five pounds from goal, then we'll start talking about loose skin. We'll start talking about exercise, things like that. There's just no need to talk about that right now.


Cari  17:46  

One of the aspects that we do in Code Red is that we teach you how to maintain your weight loss. And this is what I believe, personally from somebody who's done a lot of eating plans is missing from our programs. Like, you know, I can't say the name of it. But you know, there are many, many plans out there guys, I talked to a gal who that is the physician program where you know, you eat a lot of protein. And I was like, Well, what do you do when you're done eating their prepackaged foods? So this is something that we talk about, we teach you to eat real food. But we also walk you through, what is it going to be like for you for the rest of your life? And let me tell you a lot of questions I get and this one cracks me up, Cristy, because it's always on a 10 pound takedown, where they have just started so they've lost five pounds. And they have a ways to go and that's fine. Hey, I was there. Cristy was there. We've all been there. And they say this to me. Well, what's maintenance look like?


Unknown Speaker  18:41  

Oh, oh my gosh. Yes. Well,


Unknown Speaker  18:45  



Cari  18:47  

you just started the challenge two days ago. Don't worry about it. Like you're really worrying about something that is probably Oh, well how do I maintain this weight loss? And let me tell you, we get it Christina. Get it because you're so scared to go back where you were. Because once it's like the matrix, once we've shown you the truth about and the lies about our society and how we've been brainwashed about food, you can't unsee it. So I get why cracy why people do it. But it's amazing to me day three, or how do you maintain this weight loss? Whoa,


Cristy  19:20  

watch for 30 days. Every time they do that, I'll go you have another 42 pounds to lose. Yeah, why are you even worried about it? So I always have to say, and I get that too. I get that on zoom q&a. Yes, I get that on corporate q&a is every time they say, Well, what about maintenance? I'm just like you're pricking your finger six times a day. You're spending more time with your diabetic doctor than your own spouse. You are on 1200 dollars a month of medication. Really? You're going to talk to me about deadlifts right now. Like what are we going to talk about exercise where I talk about, like what really I we this is the system one step at a time. You guys you can't get the cart before the horse. You've got to do this systematically, and you got to trust us to know that we know what we're doing. We are not going to throw you to the wolves. We're not going to make sure you're right. I talked about maintenance in my cupboard revolution book, you can always go read it in there. I talked about goal weights. We talked about loose skin. We talked about all that stuff in the book. So you can go see what I believe about that. We talked about that on our help desk. We have an FAQ section, you can always look that up. And we have our program. We also have a program that helps with that too. Totally. Yeah, totally. And we offer a loving new program that helps you get through what happens after weight loss. We offer maintenance programs we offer I offer an exercise program, we do not throw you to the wolves afterwards. And we know there are a lot of companies out there that want to just have you keep taking their products, and so that you keep meeting their product, keep buying their product. We don't want repeat offenders because we don't have a weight loss problem in this country. We have a weight regain problem. So it's our heart's desires to make sure you don't regain your weight. But Katie bar the door like cheese, don't worry about things that you can't control right now. Just try to get through this day this week this month,


Cari  21:07  

a man and it's so funny because when you said they want to keep eating the products, the gal I was talking to yesterday, I was like, so what was the endgame? I mean, do you really want to drink? You know, Blanc? ology shakes for the rest of your life?


Unknown Speaker  21:24  

No, you know, I mean,


Cari  21:26  

for the rest of your life, you want to have two shakes in one sensible meal a day. Remember? That was some fast Chrissy said yes.


Unknown Speaker  21:34  

One sensible meal a day? Well, my sensible meal after two shakes would be a


Cari  21:39  

Domino's Pizza. So I can have two shakes and a Domino's Pizza every day. All right, that sounds like a plan for me. But um, yeah. So it's if you it's not sustainable. So people worry about the sustainability and I get it Chrissy because they've been fed so many lies.


Cristy  21:55  

They're misled. They are. They're skittish, and oh, We understand that but code reds playing the long game that's what's so funny about it is we are not going anywhere. We're not in a fad diet through lockdown through Coronavirus through all the crap through a Munich we are messaged never changed. All these companies came out of the woodwork to try to sell you stuff. And we never change anything. We continue to sell probiotics, and vitamin D and magnesium to strengthen your immune system. No matter what time of the year, we continue to preach real food, water and sleep. We're not going anywhere. We're not changing our message because it's a proper human diet. So we're not we're not going anywhere. And we're going to be here for you through the whole process.


Cari  22:37  

Yeah, and I find it interesting that it's such, it's sort of like worrying in general Crissy because truthfully, worrying, it doesn't add a minute to your life. It really doesn't. So when I lay in bed and I think about code, red things and oh what about this and maybe I should go get up and you know, it's almost like cari if you can't get up and do something about it. Now then. stop and go to sleep because you're not adding a minute to your life you're not adding. It'd be like bringing a baby a newborn baby home from the hospital and being like, do you think we should have a big high school graduation party or a little high


Cristy  23:14  

school graduation the best that is the best example says,


Cari  23:18  

you just brought home a newborn. So let's make sure that you can feed it, keep it happy and, and just keep it a little butt clean. And you know, teach it How to say all the words and then teach you how to eat the right foods.


Cristy  23:30  

And then when you get to high school, we can start talking about the graduation program.


Cari  23:35  

But you're 17 18 years away from that they get really worried about high school graduation when they're just in the newborn phase.


Cristy  23:45  

Right? That's the perfect way to say it. You know that that was perfect. Guys don't borrow trouble for crying out loud. Like Cari said warning in general is just baloney. Anyway, you shouldn't be doing that. I mean, there's no there's just nothing that that you asked me old person I know I've seen those things where they ask people, you know, what the one thing you would say to advice to a younger person and more, almost all of them say stop worrying so much it doesn't change anything. No, you are doing what you can do by being on the 10 pound takedown and having a custom program, you're doing the max that you can do, right? No, there's no you can't make this go any faster. That is a fastest it'll go, we can get 10% of your body weight off every month. Without shakes pills, diet foods or exercise. What more could you want? You tell me a program that can get weight off you better than that I want to meet the creator and have lunch with them. So we can do it better than anybody can. So if you're on a 10 pound takedown or you're on a custom program, you are doing everything right, just keep going. We will tackle those other things later on. But don't borrow trouble. Any final word siz,


Cari  24:48  

Yeah, I promise I will put lipstick on grandma. Yes. It's gonna have to let me get her blood pressure up and then we'll do it. So we're going to help you with loose skin. We're going to help you with maintenance. We're going to help you With your goal weight, we're going to help you with all those things. We just want you to do the work now. And we promise as it gets closer, we're going to help you don't borrow trouble. It just slows your progress. It really does.


Unknown Speaker  25:11  



Cristy  25:12  

Well, thank you for joining me on this episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle. I appreciate your help Sis, you guys, I will see you


Outro  25:19  

next week. Bye. Bye, ready? Thanks so much for listening to this episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle. Do you have a question that you'd like me to answer raw and uncut on the podcast? Then all you have to do is head over to Apple podcasts on your phone or computer and do three simple things. leave a rating and review telling me what you think of the podcast. And in that review, ask anything you want related to help weight loss or mindset. And if you want a shout out, leave your Instagram handle or name that's all been listening to hear your question answered. Live Raw and uncut on the next q&a episode, so, I'll see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle.


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