Weight loss…from invisible to visible

A very common experience of people who lose a noticeable amount of weight is to go from being unseen to seen.

Here's what that means.

Even though your body physically takes up less space as you lose weight, everyone from your friends, family, and co-workers to total strangers may start noticing you and talking to you, when it seems like many of them ignored you before.

I saw a comment from someone (who doesn't want to be named) who shared this about her weight loss:

“I lost a lot of weight over the past year. Now considered ‘normal' weight. It amazes me on a daily basis how many people actually speak to me now when out and about. Totally bizarre.”

If you've experienced this as a heavier person, it's hard to say exactly why fewer people acknowledge you when you're heavy.

It could be they know they're judging you, and look away so you won't see it on their face or in their eyes.

Whatever the reason, it can be a real adjustment, especially for women who've been assaulted, and gained weight as a form of protection.

In that situation, going from feeling invisible to being seen and acknowledged can feel extremely scary.

Men hitting on you, or even just talking to you more than you're used to, may lead you to give up on your weight loss plan and regain your weight in order to feel “safe” again.

One of the problems with going that route is that being obese and sick isn't “safe.”

You may think it protects you from assault, but it doesn't protect you from brutal and/or fatal diseases.

If you've been assaulted, getting emotional treatment from a qualified professional can help you deal with it, so that you don't literally make yourself sick in an understandable but misguided attempt to feel safe.

Getting self-defense experience in a safe environment–like a self-dense class–can help you feel safer without requiring you to trash your health and feel like garbage all the time.

You deserve better, and you CAN have better.

You just won't get there by living in fear.

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