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My advice for maintaining your weight loss

There's a million ways to lose weight. Of course I think Code Red is the best, simplest, and most sustainable way, to lose weight, but it's hardly the only way.

KEEPING the weight off, on the other hand, is not something most programs talk about.

Frankly, it's not rocket science. If you go back to doing what got you fat and sick, you'll return to being fat and sick.

That's why one of the keys to KEEPING the weight off is to lose it in a way that you can see yourself doing for life.

To hear the other keys, click below to watch my video about maintaining your weight.


Have you downloaded the Code Red Lifestyle app yet? If not, here's how to get it!

To download the app and create your free account:

1) On your computer, create your account at

2) If you want the app on a mobile device, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Code Red Lifestyle.

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