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Is there a difference between Code Red and keto?

A lot of people I talk to have tried the “keto diet.”

So when they hear Code Red is high-fat and low-carb, just like the ketogenic “diet,” they're curious what makes Code Red different.

The first reason Code Red is different from keto is, Code Red emphasizes sleep and water, in addition to high-fat and low-carb.

You can do everything else right, but if you aren't getting enough water and sleep, then sooner or later, you'll stop losing weight.

Second, there are a handful of high-fat foods keto “diets” allow, but Code Red doesn't.

It's because, over the the course of writing 1,200+ custom nutrition programs, I see these few foods stall weight loss in most people. So I cut them out for my Rebels until they're done losing weight.

Third, the word “keto” brings with it a toxic mindset I call the diet mentality. 

People with the diet mentality want a quick, temporary fix they can abandon once they're done losing weight.

For that reason, people with the diet mentality usually gain their weight back. You cannot return to the same eating habits that got you fat, and expect to keep your weight off.

But my biggest, most important reason for refusing to label Code Red as a “keto diet” boils down to two words:

Marketing gimmicks.

The word keto is slapped on all kinds of bullcrap products, like powders, pills, shake mixes, and “special keto foods,” and you're told you “have” to consume these things in order to teach your body to burn fat for fuel.

You don't need any of these bullcrap products. You can quickly and easily lose weight and keep it off eating real, normal, high-fat/low-carb food from your local grocery store. I'm talking veggies, meats, nuts, eggs, seeds, and healthy fats.

After seeing hundreds of thousands of people lose tons of weight (over 200 pounds in some cases) on the Code Red Lifestyle™, it's safe to say that if my Rebels needed “keto coffee” or other gimmicky bullcrap to lose weight, what I teach wouldn't work.

Real food, water, and sleep really are all it takes to lose as much as you want…WITHOUT shakes, diet pills, diet foods, exercise, or surgery.

If you know somebody who wants to understand the difference between Code Red and keto, send them the link to this post!

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