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How to guarantee Code Red will NOT work for you

Every so often I catch people doing what they describe as “their version” of the Code Red Lifestyle™.

What “their version” of Code Red is varies, but it always involves ignoring, or “taking breaks from,” the parts of the program they don't want to follow. (Like eating copious amounts of cheese, even though I take people off cheese in weight loss mode.)

I remember one person who combined Code Red with Weight Watchers so she'd have an excuse to eat more fruit than we eat in weight loss mode on Code Red.

Big surprise, she gained weight back.

As far as I'm concerned, people who do that kind of thing all have the same issue:

They simply aren't ready to lose all their weight and keep it off.

I'm a very black and white person, so I don't possess a lot of patience with people who devote all that time and energy to NOT following the Code Red program as I've outlined it. Do it or don't do it!

I have even less patience with people who do “their version” of Code Red, then complain Code Red doesn't work.

That one's especially baffling, because yeah, Code Red DOES work, and I've got the results to prove it a thousand times over.

The only “catch” is, you have to DO THE PROGRAM as I've outlined it.

All tweaking the program to suit your whims does is guarantee that IF you lose weight, it'll be less, and take longer, than if you'd just followed the program correctly from the get-go.

Most people who join the Code Red Lifestyle™ have spent years, and very often DECADES, “trying to lose weight.”

You'd think they were ready to be done!

And most who come to Code Red are.

But sadly, not everyone.

Bottom line: If you're entertaining the idea of doing “your version” of the Code Red Lifestyle™, do so with the full knowledge that you're willfully sabotaging everything you're capable of accomplishing with Code Red.

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