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Handling kids who are picky eaters

“Ugh, Mom's on another diet!”

If that's something your kids have said or thought about your decision to join the Code Red Lifestyle™, you're definitely NOT alone!

It's pretty typical for kids of all ages to resist when you join this lifestyle, especially at first.

And then when you learn how beneficial Code Red is – not only for you, but also for your kids – convincing them to eat “healthy” may be easier said than done.

Since most schools offer a lot of sugar, soda, and other unhealthy choices, it makes sense you'd want to pack your kids a Code Red-approved lunch to bring, but that can be a battle, too.

So what do you do?

Simple. You start by educating your kids, just like I educate you in my videos, and on the 10 Pound Takedown.

Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. They wanna do the right thing.

But like you, they're addicted to sugar and junk. They think it tastes great, because it does!

However, that in no way means teaching them a healthier way is out of reach.

In my video below, I'm gonna share some simple tips for moving your kids in a direction of better health (including how to start educating your kids so they'll WANT to make healthy choices).

If you've got picky eaters, or know someone who does, you'll get a LOT out of this video!

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