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Code Red


“But Cristy, if it’s so simple, why isn’t everybody doing it?”

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I still meet people who are skeptical that real food, water, and sleep are the keys to weight loss and amazing health.

It just seems too simple. Too obvious.

“No, Cristy, there must be some ‘Hollywood secret' or ‘top model trick' to this, or else I wouldn't still be fat!”

I get it. Real food, water, and sleep aren't very sexy.

Plus we're surrounded by SO many “diets,” shakes, pills, patches, and even medications; all claiming to be the magic answer we've been searching for. It's dizzying!

But the #1 reason not enough people understand how simple it is to get AND keep weight off in a safe, fast way that leads to amazing health is this:

There's no money in skinny, healthy people.

Sick, fat people, on the other hand?

Just look at the numbers. Americans spend BILLIONS of dollars every year on medical expenses. How much have you spent this year?

And even with our expensive insurance to “help us out,” most people can't afford to pay those medical expenses.

And then there's the “diets.”

“Buy our magic processed food! Lose the weight! But as soon as you stop, you'll gain your weight back…so better keep buying it! Can't have you eating real food from the grocery store, because we won't keep making money off you!”

Same story with the shakes. The pills. The patches.

As soon as you stop, the weight piles back on…assuming you lost any to begin with.

But losing weight and transforming your health by eating filling, real food that's high in healthy, nourishing fats; avoiding sugar; limiting carbohydrate intake; drinking plenty of water; and getting at least 7 hours of quality sleep?

THAT knowledge is powerful. Because once you understand it, you're set for life. You don't need all that crap they want you to buy.

Stop listening to the voices who want you to stay fat and sick…and start listening to the ones who want to show you how to take control of your weight and your health FOR LIFE.

Because once you learn that, you'll never again have to pay for weight loss.

AND you'll ditch most of the medical bills.

No one's going to do this for you, Rebel. Take the wheel of your own life and learn the truth. I promise, it's out there.

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Want my 7 simple rules for losing all the weight you want without shakes, diet pills, diet foods, or exercise?


Get your copy of my book, The Code Red Revolution, at!

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