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111: Are You Wandering In The Desert? – Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown To Get To The Promised Land

What Is This Episode About…

The Bible talks about the Israelites wandering the desert for 40 years for an 11-day journey. Their grumbling and complaining kept them from entering the promised land. So I ask you: what is keeping you from your promised land? What has caused you to wander the desert? Money? Partners? Your weight?

Fear of the unknown may be holding you back from the promised land. Just like the Israelites, they were comfortable going back to captivity because they knew what it was like. We meet so many people who want to take their life back, but fear of the unknown keeps holding them back.

Each one of us is battling something and is wandering around in the desert. It might be weight for some, debt for others, relationships, etc. We have to step out from underneath our own Pharaoh and go around the mountain to our promised land.

When we allow ourselves to wander too long in the desert, we forget the captivity we were in and may want to go back. You have to keep moving forward to free yourself.

Like the Israelites, you might not know how close you are to the promised land. You could be 10 pounds from getting rid of that medication. You could be just a few pounds from reducing your insulin intake. If you could quit wandering around the desert, you are just on the edge of your breakthrough.

Are you tired of wandering around in the desert? Listen in to learn how to get to the promised land.

Key Takeaways

  • Why is it that people have the Israelite experience (05:14)
  • How fear of the unknown may be holding you back (06:40)
  • It’s probably not yet your time (09:37)
  • You have to keep moving forward to free yourself (13:54)
  • Do you know how close you are to taking your life back? (19:23)
  • How badly do you want to see the promised land (29:51)

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This episode was released on May 05, 2021

Episode Transcript…

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Cari  0:00  

It's like being in a dark room Cristy. And doing this like you don't know how close you are to the walls. You guys, you could be right there, you could be right there next to a breakthrough.

Cristy 0:09

And we say on the custom program, we give people a couple of different options on a when they can expect to hit go wait. And it's always it's just it's baffling to me how someone wants to show that they want to be free from slavery so bad, we give them that freedom, and they still want to go back.

Intro  0:31  

I'm Cristy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food holds the power to heal or poison. And we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight of truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.

Cristy  0:58  

Welcome back to another episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle. I'm your host, Cristy Code Red author, entrepreneur, retired professional boxer and with Cari Thompson here, so happy to have you with me today.

Cari  1:11  

I'm excited. This is a good one. I say it every time. I know. But this really is a good one. Okay.

Cristy  1:17  

I say it too. I do the same thing. I'm always like, I'm really excited about today's episode. Are you ever not excited? I gotta tell you though, some, some things come out some podcast come out. I'm not as excited about them as others.

Cari  1:29  

I agree, Cristy, some topics. It's sort of like when I was in graduate school, writing some papers was painful. It was like stepping through mud. Like we know we have to talk about this. I just got to write about the nursing process, but I don't want to. And then there are things that you and I talked about that I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is amazing. So I agree.

Cristy  1:49  

Yeah, yeah, just some get me fired up. And some don't. But it's always amazing what resonates with people and what doesn't everybody gets, they all kind of take a different piece of things, and they use it. And that's what we're here for. We're here to just give you content. And hopefully it keeps you on the straight and narrow. And speaking of the straight and narrow. I guess that'd be a decent segue. We're, I don't know what I'm gonna name his podcast yet. I'll have a name for it. Obviously, by the time you guys see it, but we're talking about the Bible. In Deuteronomy, I believe. The Israelites that Moses was God, God was leading them to the promised land. Okay, now Cari, and I Can I just tell you that Cari, and I love Jesus. We were raised in church, and we have been loving Jesus for as long as we can remember. And we believe the Bible. And that's okay. If you don't believe the Bible, if don't turn this podcast off, just because you might not believe the Bible is still a really good message that we're gonna turn around. But I love I love the Bible. I love the Bible stories. I think they're really cool. So we're talking about the Israelites being led to the promised land, which was an 11 day journey that took them 40 years. Now you think about that? And those of us think looking back, and why did it take them 40 years because of their grumbling and complaining, because they had a bad attitude. And so God led them around that around because they couldn't quite get their attitude, right to take the promised land, 11 day journey, 40 years. And so when we all think about that, we're like, I can't believe this took 40 years. Why couldn't they get their attitude straight. But I want to ask you, what has happened in your life, that could have been an 11 day journey, but it's taking you 40 years.

Cari  3:33  

I agree with you, 100%. And I think back to that story, Cristy, and I think back to what really happened was that Moses was just a common person. And he was raised by Pharaoh, and then left, you know, when he realized that he was adopted, and he went back before Pharaoh to ask for his people, which he didn't previously been no, what were his people to be released? Can you please let people go? Can you please. So on behalf of the Israelites that were slaves, to Pharaoh, because Pharaoh was having them help build and do all that stuff, and they had to make bricks and all this terrible for many generations, he asked for them to be set free. So Moses went on behalf to ask for them to be set free. And then after they got out, all they did was complain and complain and complain. You would think they'd be so excited about being free. You think they would be so excited about having a journey? We see people like this everyday Cristy every day.

Cristy  4:37  

Yeah, I mean, they even asked the Bible talks about they even said, just let us go back to Pharaoh. Like, like, just we'll just go back into captivity, you know, and we do we see people like this all the time, that are begging to come on to the they want to take their life back. You know, they're begging, they just want to do anything. I mean, Cari and I both get Instagram messages every day and I definitely get a lot that people that I'll do anything, I'll do anything, but they won't even do the basics. So, or they really felt that way in the beginning. And then of course, now that they're into their weight loss journey, they forgot what it felt like to be that.

Cari  5:14  

And you know, I thought a lot about this since you and I said that we were going to talk about this. I've thought a lot about the subject. And I've thought about why is it that people have the Israelite experience? Why do they have the Israelite experience? And you know, Cristy, I think sometimes it's more comfortable to go back and be Pharaoh slaves, even though you're a slave, because you know that life, just like staying heavy. I know that life, I know, I'm going to wear black baggy clothes, I know I have to go to Lane Bryant, I know that I'm going to stay in the back of the photographs, I know that I am going to not do anything, I'm not going to be on the zip line, I'm going to have to ask you a seatbelt extender. Those things are known to us. Just like being feral slaves. They knew they knew that they had to produce a certain amount of bricks every day, or they would be in trouble. They had to haul so much they had to build so much they had they were in captivity. But it was known it wasn't an unknown. Well, when you come out of that, when you decide you're going to lose weight, when you say you're going to take your life back when you decide you're going to leave Pharaoh and go into the desert. It's unknown. And I think it's the fear of unknown Krissy people lose weight on our program. And they buy clothes. And it's a it's an upsetting experience for them. Because they aren't used to having clothes like fit their body. And that's just like, it's almost like they want to go back where they were because it's comfortable.

Cristy  6:40  

Yeah, we hear of and I hope this is not too vulgar when I say this, but we have we hear of certain people who lose weight, and their spouses now don't want to have intimacy with them. Because it's just too unknown. It's too weird. It's too, it's not the person that they've been that they've loved for the last 30 years. Yeah, it's it's a person that doesn't have type two diabetes anymore. It's a person that's going to live a long time. And this is this person is really happy, but the spouse is not comfortable with them. And it's always funny to me, when you know, you hit the nail on the head with the unknown. Because there are times when you are going through your weight loss journey, you might lose some friends. You know, Joyce Meyer, talks about being asked to leave her church, when God called her to be in the ministry. Women didn't do that back in the 70s. As she was asked to leave her church, she talks about how God told her to put her grocery cart away in the little grocery cart spot in the parking lot. For two years, she refused to put her grocery cart, she left it wherever wherever her parking spot was. And he said, I mean, she said I would not be standing in front of you today in front of 50,000 people, and having the largest worldwide ministry, if I had not mastered if I had not gotten that that down that part about putting my grocery cart away. So it's just amazing that there are a lot of uncomfortable things you're going to go through when you take your life back. And losing friends could be one of them. And that's a hard thing. Because if your friends are all doing Margarita Mondays and taco Tuesdays, and they're heavy drinkers, and maybe you used to be well drinking and weight loss don't mix. And so it might you might have to distance yourself from those people that value those things.

Cari  8:20  

And we talked about this, we talked about this very concept that things are going to change. And one thing I just heard somebody on the Code Red  life page, which is a page that we have for people that have finished a challenge or purchase a custom program. It's kind of just like, a melting pot of everybody in Code Red  once they're a part of the family. And someone was saying I went to the dressing room to try on clothes, but because my skin is saggier. Now that I've lost some weight. I'm a smaller size. I'm almost more discouraged. And Cristy that made me sad, but I did understand that I really did it made sense to me, you would be more discouraged. Because if you have a fluffy body, if you're Cariing around a 50 extra pounds, you know exactly what that looks like. You know what clothes to wear, you know how to hide, you understand how to camouflage? Well, now, if that size 20 doesn't fit you and you got to go by a size 16 that's a whole new world that's  not plus

Cari  9:17  

size. That's not black. That fits. It's a whole new world and they were so discouraged. Christina broke my heart. I felt so terrible for them. And everyone. I could see someone from the outside being like, but you're not a slave. Yeah, but that was comfortable.

Cristy  9:37  

Do you remember back when you I know you do. So I'm asking that the wrong way. But will you tell us the story about your turning point and how your turning point wasn't someone else's turning point the lady in church says that you was losing weight, and you can tell the story.

Cari  9:53  

So I was living in McCall Idaho at the time and there was a gal named Joyce who went to our church and she was very tall. I you know, Christina, you're five, seven, I remember thinking that she must have been like 507 I don't know, she was just very tall to me. And she had this beautiful gray hair. I'll never forget it. And I was young. And I had young kids like less than one and two. So you know, this has been a while ago, y'all. And she had lost weight doing, you know, WW. And she went to the meetings, I

Unknown Speaker  10:24  

tried it, whatever. I

Cari  10:25  

had a little booklet, you know, I filled it out every week.

Cari  10:28  

I was kind of angry with her. And I looked at her. It was she was very wonderful. But I had that moment of you guys know what I'm talking about those of you that have been heavy or are heavy. It's almost like you're aggravated, like, what are you doing? It's almost like you want to know, like, Well, did you have surgery? Are you taking fencing, you know, that's almost like you're suspicious of their success. And she said, You know, I did this program. And I was like, oh, and she looked at me and she put her hand on my shoulder. And she said, Cari, maybe it's just not your time. And I was so aggravated by that. I went to the meetings I this I that I wanted to prove her wrong so badly. But Cristy, it just wasn't my time. And I think that perfectly


Cristy  11:14  

relates to the Israelites. And a lot of you guys are listening us you have gone around the same mountain. That's what that whole thing. I can't believe I forgot to silence my phone. This like, it's like video recording one on one. And somebody? Oh, okay, good. Maybe your microphone didn't pick it up. As some of you guys have gone around the same mountain over and over and over and over. So Cari had gone around it, I think for maybe I think your kids were 10 when you finally decided to track to start losing weight. All right, you know, so it's been 10 years of being overweight. So but how many times have you guys gone around? Yes, that same mountain. And believe me, I mean, I'm still going around the same mountain of other things. And so just because I'm not battling with my weight, the way you guys are doesn't mean I'm not battling something. So now I'm not passing judgment on you.

Cari  12:05  

And what's interesting is, it could be that Cristy's going around the mountain about five pounds, just like I always have one time one of my kids said to me, after I'd lost the weight, Mom, I feel like you're always trying to lose five pounds. I was like, Yeah, I kind of kind of always trying to lose. I'm just never quite happy. You know, I'm, but it is true. It could be relationships. Maybe you've gone around the mountain, maybe your picker is broken, and you keep picking the wrong significant others. I won't say guys, today, we were at a store. And there were a bunch of rowdy boys there and amorgos boys and I thought Yeah, well, that hasn't changed. They were acting crazy and being silly. But it just I was like, but it's true. I mean, I you know, maybe your picker is broken, and you just keep going around the mountain of picking people who don't value you picking people who you think are gonna make you whole when you need to be whole yourself and be happy yourself. And I think that it's it could be money, maybe you pay off all your credit cards, and then you get yourself back in debt. And then you pay off all your credit cards. I mean, that was a mountain that I went around with Brandon, we first got married and we have not gone around again. We learned our lesson, man no 40 years in the desert for us. But we all struggle, yours could be 100 pounds. But it could be that I struggle with self confidence I you know it everyone's mountain is different.

Cristy  13:32  

And to the point that you made on Instagram here the other day, just because you have only five pounds that you struggle with doesn't make it insignificant. It's the same struggle. And a person with 100 pounds can't possibly wrap their head around this and that. But it's not fair to say, Oh, it's only five pounds. It doesn't matter what I've been out here for 40 years in the desert over this five pounds.

Cari  13:54  

Yes, what you're battling, right? Does it make you any less of a slave? Because here's the key concept, guys, when we allow ourselves to wander in the desert. And we think it's going to be better. We forget the slavery we were in. We forget the bondage that thing had on our life. We want to go back to that I'll never forget our Auntie that lost way in this program. And she was struggling and I said, Tell me what you're doing. And she said, Well, where do I go? Do I gained 80 pounds back? In fact, she said Do I just get fat again? And I went, well, what's my alternative? And I went Yeah, what's your alternative? So what's your alternative? You go back into debt. You go back under Pharaoh who's going to treat you worse. You go back to being heavy. You go back to that size 24 you have to keep moving forward to free yourself from the slavery. It's all slavery guys. It's all slavery. I mean, don't be fooled by our beautiful appearances. It's we have our own battles too. And we have to step out from underneath our own Pharaoh, whatever that looks like for us. And we have To go around the mountain.

Cristy  15:02  

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Moses didn't end up bringing him into the promised land didn't Aaron? Bring him into the promised

Cari  15:09  

land? Okay, oh, shoot somebody Google that. No,

Cristy  15:12  

I should have checked that. But I want to make a comparison with this because yeah.

Unknown Speaker  15:18  

You have a question.

Cristy  15:20  

Hey, Dad, can you open your Bible real quick

Unknown Speaker  15:22  

Podcasting? Can

Cristy  15:24  

you open up your Bible Deuteronomy? Turn with me in the Bibles of Deuteronomy. Go ahead. Sorry, I interrupted you. Sorry. Natasha said and I actually took notes we had a great phone call this morning. And she says, You Cristy I was struggling because my rebel for life VIPers weren't quite aren't quite on track, like I think they should be. And I really take this. Yeah, they're going around the mountain over and over and some of them on our on year two of their membership. So they should have lost their weight a year and a half ago, and she said, Cristy, you don't get to pick the winners and loser. She said the law of gestation, she says, you may be around to see the fruits of your labor. Or you may not you may be around to watch them come into the promised land, or you may not a lot of those Israelites didn't get the seat of Promised Land. They died. You know, the whole the whole, like the I think those serpents that came into the camp one time and like killed by 20,000 of them all our Bible people are like, No, no, no, no, no. But, you know, you I might not get you but I'm planting the seed. And I'm leading them. They're just like, Moses didn't get to see him corn to the promised land. But Aaron did, if I'm right, you know, do you see where I'm going with this?

Cari  16:35  

I absolutely do. And I think that I think back to the missionaries Krissy that have been all over the world. And the people that have you know, like, just if you think of Joyce Meyer, if you think of somebody that's done good in our world, I mean, let's take Martin Luther King Jr. I mean, let's think about the things that he put out into our society and the changes because of that, but that he never got to see come to fruition. Abraham Lincoln assassinated he never got to see his work with slavery you know and and all the hard work he never got to see that come around. So many people have been faithful to plant the seed have been faithful to take people out of the land have been faithful to lead people you know, it could have been Cristy that freaking Richard Simmons with deila meal plan the seed and 74 and you Cristy you get to reap the harvest right because he was faithful and what a great guy he's still around somewhere but um, you know, he planted the healthy eating ideas you know, the ideas about being balanced and what you're taking in not being crazy and do crazy diets I love He did you know for his time, he had some good ideas and the idea about moving your body having fun at it. And so maybe he planted that seed in somebody that you're reaping the harvest on right

Cristy  17:53  

now. You know, I cut on Weight Watchers a lot and I I've done a ton of videos on the problems that I have with Weight Watchers, but but Weight Watchers has some things figured out and Weight Watchers pioneered the meetings they are the ones that that started the whole accountability factor that is that key missing component in so many weight loss programs that that code red has figured out but I took that when I created Code Red and i and i i put in of course you have to have a plan you have to have an accountability component and you have to have a reward system. And of course community is the number one key component when it comes to losing your weight and keep it off studies have proven this and Weight Watchers was one of the first company to really pioneer this whole thing they meet every Friday I don't agree with meeting at the afternoons I don't agree with weighing yourself and then going out for Mexican food afterwards. I don't agree with all that but I appreciate the fact that they did pioneer that and I took that concept from them and kept it going.

Cari  18:57  

I agree with you and I'll never forget being a heavy nurse and taking my little Weight Watchers booklet in every and then weighing in the afternoon dear god like I weighed the other morning and I literally went into the doctor's and weighed fully clothed my shoes on I was like whatever like I don't even care what it says. And it was like eight pounds difference. So and I don't even care. I just looked at the girl like look at me. Do I love I just I'm fine. Obviously I'm healthy. But it's it's very interesting. Cristy I wonder just to kind of unpack this. Do you think that the children of Israel knew that they were only 11 days in the promised land? I don't think they did. Oh, wow. I mean do they realize it's like the people on your program Cristy that aren't doing what they're supposed to. I mean, I could name 15 off top my head but coaches or coaches could name these people that just keep just keep screwing around and screw and self sabotage and self sabotage and grumble and complain and excuse. Do they know how close they could be to go weight and not even being goal weight but be lets being held He was taking your life back. Do they know how close they could be just another 10 pounds from maybe getting rid of that medication? Just another, maybe 20 pounds from being able to reduce their insulin intake? Do they know how close to the children of Israel know that they were only 11 days away when they complained about water? And Moses had to get water out of the rock when they complained about food? And he got tired of manna. manna

Unknown Speaker  20:27  

can't even eat

Cari  20:28  

bread on Code Red . I'm just saying if I was in the desert.


Cristy  20:32  

Yeah, he's just fine kneading bread.

Cari  20:34  

Thank you, Jesus. That is that yes, I will take it every day. So I wonder if they knew how close the promised land and those of you that are listening right right now? How close is your prpmised lands? Like? Are you right on the edge of a breakthrough? Are you right on the edge of the promised land? Is it time to send out scouts? To the walls of Jericho? Is it time?

Unknown Speaker  20:59  

Is it time?

Cari  21:00  

Are you this close and you don't know. It's like being in a dark room crusty. And doing this like you don't know how close you are the walls. You guys, you could be right there. You could be right there next to a breakthrough.

Cristy  21:12  

And we say on the custom program, we give people a couple of different options on a when they can expect to hit go wait. And it's always it's just it's baffling to me how someone wants to show bad they want to be free from the slavery so bad. We give them that freedom. And they still want to go back to slavery. And they continue to go back and when we free them again, and they go back and we free them again. How many times have people contacted you and contacted me, and we work them out of a problem. We hold their hand and we love them through it and our coaches, and we're like, okay, let's detox again. You're going to be okay, throw away those Oreos, you're going to be alright, let's do this again. And they go back over and over and over into slavery. And we I just I know I said may 23. That's your goal date. If you stick to this, you know, September 19 is your goal date if you stick to it, and they just they can't see it or they don't care, I

Cari  22:04  

guess. Yeah, it's like it's sort of it reminds me Cristy of people that are getting sober from drugs or alcohol. It's the same thing like you know, we've had family members that have struggled with this over the year and we have seen they go to you know, they get into program they go back and then one time Cristy it just sticks and their whole life has changed. I have seen people it was their time they came to code red. And I am telling you what, how much weight did Abby a couplet lose

Cristy  22:32  

100 192 pounds? 192 pounds?

Cari  22:36  

How many times do you think Code Red senior leader leader? Abby? I'm talking to you, Abby, you know, I love you. How many times do you think she went around her mountain? Before

Cristy  22:46  

he finally you're right. 161 sorry, I just remembered. Yeah,

Cari  22:49  

I thought it was like the 160s I saw one of her videos the other day. What a wonderful person. But she how many times if I if she were sitting right here, Cristy, I would say children Israelite How many times did you go around the mountain and she would say Cari I did this? I did that. I thought about weight loss surgery. I thought about binbin I tried throwing up my food. And I'm making that up. I don't know what she did. But I'm guessing because I was fat as well. So I know what we all do. I tried to lemon and cayenne pepper. I tried the cabbage soup diet. And then one day Cristy, she crossed over she saw the light she drew her line in the sand. She said I am getting out of this desert. And she made a decision and it clicked and she just powered through and lost the weight. And I've seen

so many people you're like how do they grind so hard? How

Cari  23:38  

they don't look back? They don't look to the left. They don't look to the right. They don't look behind them. They just lose the weight and I am always like

Cristy  23:48  

these people because they grind for a long time. I mean Beth orrington lost 192 pounds Cari Carter is at 206 206 pounds down. I mean it's it's amazing to me, those guys have not faltered they have not wavered. I mean that is someone who is dedicated and people who who are in it to win it and they but up until that point, up until that point they went around the mountain they were trapped in the desert trapped in the desert trapped in the desert. And they finally said Alright, that's it. I want to see the promised land

Cari  24:24  

and even smaller weight losses. You know, I think about Andrea del, I think about Jade, our coach Jane with her and Kristen smile with their crippling psoriatic arthritis. And they went around the mountain of medication around the mountain. And they made that decision and I'm telling you, you could not convince either of those girls because they were in such debilitating pain to go back to where they were you could not convince either of them. They will never be slaves to psoriatic arthritis again, they will never be slaves to that horrible injectable medication that we all know. It's a you know autoimmune. It's a suppressive To try to get your body to quit killing itself, those girls will never go back. They understood the slavery, they could clearly see what it was. And they were able to step back and say, I don't want to go back to Pharaoh, even though it's known. I don't want to go back to Pharaoh and I, my buttons just burst with pride over these rebels that I have in not just weight guys, other things. But this is just the example. These are the examples we have.

Cristy  25:27  

We know that there are so many people listening right now who are struggling with this who want to go back to Pharaoh, or you don't want to go back to Pharaoh. But you do. Because that's how you know, I know that you are more comfortable with the Oreos, that you're more comfortable with the wine that you're more comfortable with Carmen macchiatos and cakepops that you're more comfortable with with Froot Loops cereal than you are with doing the hard thing. And can I tell you, I mean, if you're listening to this right now, maybe you've already been on Code Red, and maybe you haven't tried it, but can I tell you there really is hope. If you follow the plan, if you follow the plan, you gotta clean out those cupboards guys, because it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when you will be triggered. I tell you, if I had Froot Loops in my cupboard right now I go straight towards them. I mean, I just like I just I tell you recovering drug addicts don't keep Yeah, drugs in their, in their cupboard. And we don't keep sugar in our house, just one of the things, there is hope for you. But stop and think long and hard about how many times what you're struggling with. And you're just on this merry go round that you could you could hop off there's you, you have more power than what you think

Cari  26:32  

you can do harder things than what you think you can write Krissy remember, when Cristy talked to me for years, I gotta use this example. We don't believe that exercise is the is the how you lose weight. Okay, so you all know that. So those of you that are new, that's not what I'm saying. After I had lost my weight, I had lost my weight for many years. And Cristy kept saying you need to start exercising, you need to start exercising, you need to start exercising. And guys, it was not my time I ignored her it was we will go on a hike and I would lean over and go. I mean, I would act like I was gonna die. I made fun of her. It was the butt of Cristy was the butt of many jokes for many years. And what happened Cristy it clicked one day, it just clicked. And it was my time. And I don't think I've missed a handful of days since almost three years. I've been going to the gym faithfully, you know, and it just clicked Cristy I was tired of going around the mountain where I was aching every morning and exhausted and out of breath just walking out to my animals. That's ridiculous. So for me, it was time to get strong so I could deal with my life. And Cristy was right. Cristy was right from the beginning. But I didn't listen until I was tired of going around the mountain.

Cristy  27:42  

You were in your 40s. And so you'd gone around the mountain for a good 20 years of fighting it when it could have you know, then I mean, yeah, totally. And it's just it's amazing. I was pretty much broken poor until my 40th birthday. And until I met Natasha and she helped me restructure Code Red to where Code Red could start making money. And I had such a lack mentality. I always viewed myself as poor, I had very much. I had a poor person's mindset on a lot of things. And I battle that battle that battle that battle that and finally got control of it. And I don't think of myself that way anymore. And so it's funny, Cari hit the nail on the head earlier saying hey, listen, we all got our battles. And just because it might be 100 pounds versus 12 pounds, doesn't mean it's more difficult of a battle. In fact, the people that win our challenges says they're not the 300 pounders, they're not 50 pounders, they're it's the person who wants it the most. And yeah, I'm always amazed. It's a person who went from 160, down to 148, you know, and that 30 days or something. And it's like they just they're they're ones that wanted, they were sick of going around the mountains or sick of being a slave.

Cari  28:49  

Right, and they can clearly see the past for what it is, which is which is being caught in a web of lies. And Intel, you can really see that you start going out there as a good guy as well just go talk to them, maybe let us have our old back. I'm making this up guys, but you know, maybe you know, it's just if I could just sit and have coffee and Oreos, I think I would feel better. And then I'll start my diet on Monday. Those are people that just want to dip their toe in the sand and then pull it back and dip their toe in the sand and pull it back and dip their toe in the sand and pull it back. And it just, you know until until it's your time just like Joyce said when I was so many years ago. I mean this has been like 30 years ago. Well, not quite that many. How old are my children 20 years ago? That's fair. I had to do some quick math there. But it wasn't my time. So it may not be your time. But rebels when it's your time watch out because when somebody is ready, you can't stop that person. You cannot stop them.

Cristy  29:51  

In boxing we always said you never underestimate someone who's got nothing to lose and I have gone up against girls who literally are fighting for Dinner. And you, you don't want to, I've seen the most determined rebels I've ever in there. They're usually their coaches, because that those weak pick that we picked the best of the best for coaches. And man, you don't want to get in the way of somebody who has had it up to here and they are ready to see that Promised Land and they can smell the milk and honey. Yep. And they don't want to do this anymore. And you don't get out of their way because they are cruising, they're cruising. And same thing with a fighting. I remember looking across the ring and a couple of girls, you know a couple of my fights and they were like I had one girl that was literally foaming at the mouth. She wanted at me so bad. She was just absolutely and I was like, Dear God, what have I gotten myself into. Never underestimate someone who's got it in their heart because you don't know what's in someone's heart. And it all boils down to what's in someone's heart. And don't ever underestimate your opponent either. Like you think someone looks sweet, and they're smiling shoot, when they get in the ring, they turn into a different person and that's what someone feels about their weight loss. A lot of people get super focused, and they're like, don't touch mommy's water that's measured out. Don't touch mommy celery and and nut butter that's measured out like they are really militant. And that's someone who can smell the milk and honey. They're ready. They are

Cari  31:11  

ready. I was thinking of Leisha pilight, Chrissy one our she's a Cristy's employee. Plus she's also a friend and she's a code red certified coach. And I'll never forget I mean, Chrissy cuz she was on the pages. I coached way back. Oh, geez, Code Red. And she didn't miss a week. She didn't gain. She didn't mess around. No excuses, no whining. Her skin got really saggy. She didn't complain. Her face shape change. She didn't whine. She just tuck that extra skin in and kept going, man. I'm telling you like, no complaints. No excuses. Just get it done. And I was I we were talking about that the other day. And I was like, wow, I have forgotten how well she did just every week in the top just losing, losing, losing losing. She was ready. She was tired of going around the mountain. And I respect that.

Cristy  32:04  

121 pounds Felicia. And you look at Kristen, small coach Kristen small 135 pounds in eight months. Boy, that's someone who didn't mind eating the manna. No,

Cari  32:14  

she told me the other day. She's like, I just don't really care if I eat. I was like,

What is wrong with you.

Cari  32:20  

But you got to realize when you're as sick as Kristen small. Kristen had, like we talked about debilitating psoriatic arthritis, when you're that sick, and you can't move on, you can't and there are no other medication options for you. And you get so much better. It's so life changing. It's not about the weight. It's about being able to live your life and function. And so for those people that were so sick, I mean, you know, when I lost the weight, I didn't have comorbidities because I was so young. You know, if I had let myself get to be 5060 and still 100 pounds overweight, I'm gonna have comorbidities and I still have some of the residual issues. But I got psoriatic arthritis. I mean, that was horrible for those people when you walk and you see that kind of death that kind of horrible destruction you don't you don't just be like do you don't because you came so far. They have a different I'll tell you the people that were really sick Cristy, you have a different way of looking at weight and keeping it off.

Cristy  33:21  

Andrea is the same way Andrea avoids gluten like the plague and one time Jade Jade is my personal assistant. Also the event planner we hadn't we had miles had some friends over here and miles is not all Code Red, and miles ordered some pizza and there was some pizza here and I said j you can have a piece of pizza if you want. She's like no way I to that will make me so sick. And I would have a stomach and she wouldn't touch it. She was just like, you know, like the rest of us like move out of the way like move out of the way half of that pizza is mine. And and so when you've been that severely sick, you are you got your eye on the promised land, you're not going back to Pharaoh, like me that they remember that horrific going through chemotherapy injections and just terrible, terrible humera drugs that were $1200 an injection it was just terrible. Yeah,

Cari  34:11  

they do. I agree with you. 100% It's definitely a different perspective. But for those of you that are struggling today that are still wanting to kind of go back to Pharaoh, you know, ask yourself, Is it my time? Is it my time? It's not really about motivation, guys, it's not really people are like helped motivate me. If I have to help motivate you. You're not ready. You're not sick a pharaoh. Because I can guarantee you that when when Andrea stopped having intestinal problems when she started in code red, she didn't need to be motivated. When Kristin stopped having pain 24 seven, she didn't need to be motivated. So if you have to look at your Pharaoh, and you have to look at your mountain, and you have to decide you have to draw your line in the sand and say I'm never going to cross it again. It Just has to be that moment for you and it may not be your time. But if it is your time, we are here to help you let me tell you,

Cristy  35:07  

being fast got to hurt bad enough. And until it does, you're just going to continue to go back to Pharaoh. We hope that you enjoyed this episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle. We'd love you guys. We would love to have you come on to our 10 pound takedown challenge. We have him every month. So if you missed last month, just join the next one that's coming up. And a great way to lose 10 pounds in 30 days without shakes pills, diet foods or exercise a great way to get started and dip your toe into the lifestyle is the proper human diet. So it's always funny when people say Cobra is a fad diet I'm like what's fat about like animal protein and like what's what's fat about that water and sleep. It's kind of the way we were made to eat as humans, but that's okay. We love you guys. Thanks for joining us and Cari As always, thank you so much for being with me. Thanks. Bye guys. Thanks so much for listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle. If you're a code red rebel and you haven't already downloaded your Free Code Red lifestyle on the go guide, then Now is your time to get a copy. This guide will teach you how to stay Code Red  approved, even with your crazy life schedule. To get a copy right now. All you need to do is open your podcast app, go to this episode show notes and click the link to get your Code Red  approved on the go guide. So I will see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle.



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