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107: Age Is JUST A NUMBER But Old Is A MINDSET (Cristy’s 45th Birthday Edition) | How To Age Gracefully

What Is This Episode About…

As I turn 45, there is no better subject to explore than AGE vs. OLD. One is just a “number” but one is a “mindset.” I feel better at 45 than I did at 25. But why? It's not just because I eat right and drink my water.

It's because I don't let my age hold me back. I never, even jokingly, say ‘I'm old' as it's common to hear with many people nowadays. You are what you say to yourself; what you hold in your mind becomes reality. If you keep saying and thinking you are old, then guess what, you'll feel old, and you'll never get to do anything.

I would encourage everyone to take care of their body as they age and remember what's important in their life. Don't let your age hold you back from designing your best life and fulfilling your destiny.

It's time to say no to stuff that doesn't bring you peace and joy and say yes to things that you want to do. This way, you keep your mindset young and fresh as you age.

Tune in to this special birthday edition and get to hear what Cristy does to keep her mindset young and fresh as she spreads the message of hope and healing.

Key Takeaways

  • Age is a number old is a mindset (04:32)
  • You are what you say to yourself (05:20)
  • How to take care of your body as you age (10:53)
  • Pulling yourself up no matter the hand life deals you (16:00)
  • Remember what's really important as you age (19:06)
  • Design your best life; don't let your age hold you back (21:56)
  • Say no to crap that's doesn't bring your joy (22:58)
  • How to keep your mindset young and fresh as you age (27:48)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released on April 07, 2021

Episode Transcript…

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Cristy  0:00  

I feel better at 45 than I ever did at 25 and 25 I was entering into my boxing career and getting ready to start a seven eight year long boxing career 15 Pro fights and three world titles all over the world five knockouts I caused the knockouts I've never been knocked out. And I feel really good. And I think that's why Cari and I wanted to come to you and talk about age is a number old is a mindset.


Intro  0:29  

I'm Cristy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food pulls the power to heal or poisoned and we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straight up truth because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening


Cristy  0:56  

Welcome back to another episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle a special episode if I might say so myself because yes, this is the Cristy Code Red 45th birthday Special Edition because I just turned 45 years old yesterday. And and I guess for those of you guys listening in the in the future, it is April of 2021 and I turned 45 so we're calling this episode ages a number old as a mindset.


Cari  1:26  

Cristy, may I sing to you the song that we had for Happy Birthday growing up? Just so everyone knows if you see random pitbulls in the background, those of you that are watching the video, just enjoy it.


Enjoy it. That's my life. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Every day of the year. May you find Jesus near a happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you. And the best one you've ever had. And I do wish you the happiest of birthdays. Let me tell you,


Cristy  2:08  

thank you and Yes, that was more church days. Our children's church children's church. Yeah, and that's the way you know we could never do it Cari and I were raised pretty strict Pentecostal and we could never do anything that was not church version and so everything had a church version and so that you know and come on my people come on our Come on the preachers kids I know you know what I'm talking about and so that was the church version of Happy Birthday Thank you so much. You know we're talking about age is a number old is a mindset and first of all by the way, I just noticed that carry by before we hit the record button says I noticed you were drinking your code red water. Good job. Yes, yes.


Cari  2:46  

This is my favorite way to drink my water Christie. This, this bottle is amazing. We have every color and it's amazing.


Cristy  2:54  

And it has that flip up spout so it holds 40 ounces it has which is more than a liter. Yeah. And it has the flip up spout which is good for those of us who wear makeup and lipstick and you can have it personally engraved graved in anything you want for $10 more and they come in six different colors. I've got the new gunmetal Kerry's got the gray, which is our most popular color until galaxy and gunmetal came along. So we'll link that up below and make sure that you and by the way, I can't heal. I can't even hear the pitbulls in the back.


Cari  3:25  

I just I know they're moving in and out. I would shut them out of the room. But you know, it's like children. Look what I did. Look at this. I told the dogs mommy's getting ready to work. Look at this for those of you watching on YouTube. This is the flyswatter


Unknown Speaker  3:40  

for free all I have to do is


Cari  3:45  

I wish I had my flyswatter here because I have flyswatter mine has been Pitbull aside so the end of it is all like eaten off. I don't know if they like aggressively made it known they didn't like the flyswatter By the way, nobody's getting beat in my house. I want you to know I only threatened with a flyswatter actually never do it works. 


Cristy  4:04  

It works. I swatted earlier, but it was just a little flick of the end and it just enough to get their attention. Hey, look, look Come on. Come on. beat your kids. No, okay, I'm just kidding. But yeah, I threatened him. I was like mommy's getting ready to record everybody be quiet. Cuz they play like yours do. Christie. I think it's the frog smiling on there. That's the best part of that because it's like,


Unknown Speaker  4:27  

Hello, I'm


Unknown Speaker  4:27  

the beanie flyswatter


Unknown Speaker  4:31  



Cari  4:32  

how do you feel being 45


Cristy  4:34  

I feel fantastic. I mean, I absolutely. I feel better at 45 than I ever did at 25 and 25. I was entering into my boxing career and getting ready to start a seven eight year long boxing career 15 Pro fights and three world titles all over the world, five knockouts. I cause the knockouts I've never been knocked out. And I feel really good. And you know we I'm married to a man who is 17 years old. To me, he is 62 years old and the guy feels fantastic. And I think that's why Cari, I wanted to come to you and talk about age is a number old is a mindset.


Unknown Speaker  5:11  

Right? And I think that I have to tell you, I see a lot of buzz about this today. I see a lot of,


Unknown Speaker  5:18  

you know, I'm older, I'm


Unknown Speaker  5:19  

getting older. You know, I


Cari  5:20  

think it's become commonplace Cristy to have that repertoire as part of what we talk about, like, oh, getting up off the ground well at all, you know, and then the gym, it's like, I noticed a lot of people well, and I'm not doing that I'm old, I heard a lady the other day, she wouldn't do this one move wouldn't even try it. She said because of her age. And I have tried to Yeah, I have tried to consciously remove those terms and that kind of, but it's just a, it's an extra thing to say it's just something people say even if they don't think it, because you are what you say to yourself. That is a truth. And you can't get away from that. Just like the plants in the room where we say the nice things to the plants and the naughty things, the plants and the naughty plants grow. They don't they die and the nice plants live. These are scientific studies. So you are what you're saying to yourself. So if you're always saying I'm old, well, that's what happens when you get old. It's such an easy trap to fall into. And that's something that I noticed you never do. 


Cristy  6:21  

I have never I'm just thinking why you're talking. I never said the phrase even joking. Well, I'm old, you know, or anything like that. I've never even said like when the kids you know with little and be like aunt Christie you blah, blah, blah. And I'd say well, I'm old, you know, I've never even joked about it, it because thoughts become things. And what you hold in your mind becomes reality. Now I have chronic and I have for years back problems I have I have a herniated disc or bulging discs that have caused me problems. And then they then they heal. And then I do something crazy and CrossFit class, like I'm trying to deadlift 305, and I herniated disk again. And so there are certain things that I choose to not participate in, because of my back. And like I daydream about going to like navy seal. There's this navy seal, there's this Navy SEAL simulation training course. And I always dreamt like, Oh, I could just I could just pretend like I thought my back would never hold up, my back would never hold up, you know. So there are certain things that I can't participate or choose not to participate in any more simply because I have a I have this tendency for two herniated discs that I'm just not going to, I'm not going to do that anymore, and put myself through that. But I've never said the words. I'm old. I've never even thought that because I feel so good.


Unknown Speaker  7:40  

When you were talking about making a career change, and it wasn't that long ago, you were like, maybe I'll be a cop. And I was like so I'm not being ageist Okay, cuz that's a big thing. But Christie really like in your like in your mid 40s you're gonna be like, Hey, I'm coming on new to the force.


Cari  7:56  

So there are things that we that those opportunities aren't as available to us because of age. But you don't let that hold you back. For instance, I remember me saying to Brandon, my very first got together, hey, you think I could join the military? He's like, yeah, you have like a few more years, and or one more year. And I was like, ooh, because of my degrees. And I was like, they'll take me as a nurse. And now it's like, he goes, Cari, you're too old. I could take you or Chrissy. Here's a great example. Remember how we would make the April Fool's jokes, which now I realize is super insensitive to people that are having fertility issues. It's I never even thought about that. So to those of you that are having infertility issues, please accept my deepest apologies. It's a horrible thing to go through. But I used to be like surprise, April Fool's I'm pregnant, which is only funny in your 30s when you get to be 4243 4440. Not quite so


high cringe factor it is and it's cringy. Now that I realized that it's so hurtful to people with fertility issues, but it was really funny. Not really. But it was a joke when I was 25. But 45 it's like, yeah, carry No, like you have one ovary left. That's not gonna happen. So there are certain things and that one's got the tubes tied on it. So I don't know, I don't know how it would happen. But um, there are certain things that are related to age that simply, you just can't do because of age. I mean, you're probably not going to be an astronaut, Chrissie. I mean, even though you could, you're probably not going to qualify for that program at this point. 


Cristy  9:32  

Well, and when I got out of boxing, so I got when I retired from boxing, I received an offer for 150,000 to go into MMA to go in and fight for the UFC just simply because I'm a draw. And not because I am that great of a fighter. I'm a pretty good fighter, but it's all about the draw. It's all about how many butts you can get in the seats and I thought really at 30 whatever years old 35 years old, I'm going to go wrestle and grapple Against girls who have been doing that. Just say we're seven. Like there's just certain things, I'm not going to be able to catch up with them. I don't have that ability to be able to catch up with people who have been doing it all their lives. And you know, Joyce Meyer, I don't I think she's right around. Almost 80 years old. I could Google I should have Google but Joyce, my army huge. Not only just a fan, but I've been a supporter and a partner with Joyce Meyer ministry for years. And I'm proud to do that. I absolutely love Joyce Meyer. And she's God told her when she was I think 15 years ago. God said, if you want to continue to do what I am having you do, you have to get healthy. So she got off sugar, she started drinking more water. She started walking five miles a day. And she still to this day works out with a personal trainer three to four days a week. And she says I know you can't tell, but I know these clothes, I am ripped or something like that. And she talks about taking care of our bodies as we age. 


Cari  10:57  

One thing that I have noticed Cristy is that and just to reiterate to those of you that are new to the podcast, Christine, I do not believe that exercise is a solution to help you lose weight. We do not believe that. However, now the both of us are at goal weight, I've lost over 100 pounds and kept it off. For years, Christie was a little Chunky Monkey, and she's now slim and sexy. It's all of a sudden, anyway, but um, we both exercise daily. Sometimes Christie twice a day. I'm not crazy, like Chrissy. But I will say that I'm Christine, I have different fitness goals. And that's okay. But what I have told Christie is I want to be strong enough. Because I'm older than Christie, you know, at the time of this recording, I'm 46 my birthday will be right after Christie's, I'll be 47. So I want to be strong to deal with my life. I don't want to be in a competition, I don't want to, you know, be any kind of, you know, I'm not looking to do that. Although I think that's fine. Like, Christie wants to be ripped. And she is she's getting there. She's awesome. But I want to be strong to handle my life. Like if I have to carry a couch, upstairs, I want to be able to carry my end. If I have to load up sacks of grain. I don't load up 1050 pounds sacks of grain one at a time and then pay for it for two weeks. I want to be strong to handle my life. And so this is what I tell myself, Christie, and you've heard me say this. Listen, you as you age, you're gonna wake up and be a little creepy and cranky. So you can either be creaking and cracking because you get an old and you've been sitting your booty on the couch all the time. Or you can be creaky and cracking because you went to the gym and you work your muscles. It's your choice, you're going to be a little bit no matter what when you wake up as we age. That's a normal part of aging. Now do you have to get more and more sedentary? No, that part's up to you. 


Cristy  12:49  

Right moving our bodies, we always believe in moving our bodies and it's funny carry on the people that are we have the strongest maintenance program I've ever seen. If any program out there, I would put our maintenance program up against anybody's It is so great. But we have mostly women in their 50s and 60s and even some in their 70s. In our maintenance program. They've lost a lot of weight. And they're it's just funny to see, we have a couple of girls that are younger in their 30s. But mostly we have you know, the older adults, and it's funny to see what means a lot to somebody at that age. You know, they're not they don't care about I just did a video called it ain't about swimsuit season. Like Believe me. I don't know if I'll ever get in a swimsuit. Again, we don't live near water. I'm not someone that wants to be in the sun. I don't want to expose my skin to sun. I don't want to go I don't have any kids. I'm not gonna take them to the waterpark. Like I don't I don't know when I'm going to get into a seat a swimsuit. So for me and for all those ladies in our maintenance group. It's about being strong and healthy and metabolically stable and healthy and well and less about how our cellulite looks in a swimsuit.


Cari  13:55  

Yeah, and I think that that is what is so sad is we don't we don't wear the shorts. We don't wear the dresses because we're like, I'm not perfect, but who cares, you know? And I think that that's one thing that I love about you Cristy is that you have self confidence and your styles always match your body shape. But you have self confidence to maybe wear the crop top You've worked hard for the ABS you have why not wear the crop top? I have a question for you though. Okay, I want to shift it tell me being 45 now looking back over your life the parts that you can remember cuz you got hit in the head out teasing teasing again. She's right. Um, tell me about your regrets. I mean, do you have regards that's a joke about the Snickers no regrets. And he has the it's supposed to be regrets. And the guys tattooing it and he goes no regrets and they spelled it wrong on my tattoo instead of no regrets. Yeah, you don't watch TV, but I've seen that commercial anyway. Do you have any regrets? any regrets Christie?


Cristy  14:53  

any regrets? Um, boy is an entrepreneur. I don't believe there are regrets as an entrepreneur so as somebody who's built code red from being on food stamps to absolutely nothing from needing state assistance to in order to just eat to a multimillion dollar thriving company one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in the state of idaho and the pacific northwest i don't really believe in regrets as far as entrepreneur regrets yeah i agree got a couple of guys i married i made some stupid mistakes about like idiot like complete all i can think of one says he's such an idiot and i don't know what i was thinking i was so desperate i hadn't had a boyfriend for seven years yeah i know i know you understand and i was so sad and i'm so lonely and he looked good on paper and i and i wanted what i thought was a perfect marriage like mom and dad and that there is no such thing and i didn't really know that and like stupid and so probably i do regret that getting into relationships i had no business being in and the damage that that caused i had to claw my way out of that


Cari  16:00  

for sure one of the things that i love about you so since it's christie birthday let's just shower her with love one of the things that i love about christie and i didn't think she was gonna answer this question like this but i can see what you're saying is that she lives each day like it's just moving forward she doesn't spend a lot of time you know ruminating over all oh


woe is me and you know she doesn't do that


that's why i love about christie i'll never forget the time that i was going through a messy divorce and it was terrible and christie said to me you're starting to sound like a victim and it just shocked me but no it will i was that's the kind of thing sisters can say to sisters and it was the best thing she ever said to me and let me tell you something 45 years christine has been kicked in the gut more than anybody i know and i am not saying that because she's my boss and my sister i am being honest with you that this woman has been through it and yet she gets back up she pulls herself up off the thing and she keeps moving into her 45 really is just a number the other day she said i didn't start making a difference in the world till 40 now i don't think so i think because he's made a difference in the world before being 40 i mean back when you were a young adult the people you touch you know the people that whose lives you made a difference and so i believe that you really have but i see what you're saying but she doesn't let anybody that tried to mess with her and hold her back and stop her let her continue from spreading this message this message is so important and i've always said to christie i don't have an entrepreneurial spirit but my goal in my life is to get your message out is to help you with your dream and you with your message and that's what i love about christie she doesn't spend time sitting around thinking about her reverts she just moves forward 


Cristy  17:49  

now i get it now i get the recurrence and and like dad said probably the best decision i ever made was hiring you because it's been able to free me up and support me to where i could do this and it is it i don't your right i have a things that come up and i fight the mindset i fight the thoughts of anger of the crap that was you know was this dealt my way and and you know the hand that i was dealt and i was just like really like i you know come on i didn't do anything to deserve that you know but i and i fight those the anger sometimes i just go and i get to do no good to think about this and sometimes i just say stop stop thinking about this because statistically the average person lives 79 years and so statistically i'm more than half over with my life and that's a real sobering thought and you know i know that people will think that i've got this cool mohawk and i'm able to wear you know cool short shorts and short dresses and i'm getting away with it and but someday the mohawk is going to go gray or i'm not going to have one anymore there's nothing wrong with that and i am going to get wrinkled i am botox in the living crap out of my face and filling every kind of nook and cranny and i do laser treatments like i'm fighting it as hard as i can you guys but someday it's all going to go south and that's okay so i feel this urgency to change lives into really spread that message of hope and healing because my mohawk is a hook the boxing career is a hook all those things are just to get people to stop and listen to me for me to say hey real food water and sleep is the answer it's not shakes pills diet foods or exercise so i feel each day i mean look at this is my to do list for tomorrow and it's going to be a day of videos i mean i've got 1234567 videos to record hard videos to record ones that are 45 minutes each and so i but i feel the sense of urgency to really produce content and to produce programs that are going to bring the message of hope and healing because i am 45 and i don't know how much longer we're gonna grind like this


Cari  19:50  

and what i love about you christie is that you'll do seven videos tomorrow but you'll also come and go to my you know my tiny little gym in the middle have nowhere Kentucky and work out with me and you'll come feed chickens. So I think it's important as we age to remember what's really important. Someday my kids are gonna be like, Mom, mom, sit down right here, mom.


That's really what's gonna happen. They'll be like, Christie. Did you want coffee? It's gonna happen, guys. I hope they treat us that nice. Yeah, I hope they lie on your kids because I didn't have my own. They better they better and it's okay. You and I will go live in the tropics together when we stay on this farm together. But I want you, those of you out there that are, you know, looking at the second half of your life. Because I thought about the other day to Christie, I thought I wonder if I live another 47 years. I mean, statistically, no, I hope I will. But 47 more years. I mean, that's pretty gonna be pretty unusual. And I thought boy, my life is it's half over. That's a weird thought. But those of you that are facing the second half of your life, I would encourage you to make it better than the first half this second half of my life, I'm going to be honest with you and tell you that it is better than my first half. I'm happier. I'm healthier, I'm stronger, my heart is in better shape, my bones and my muscles are in better shape. My stomach, my organs mean my mind mentally. And I believe it is fair to say the same thing of you, Christie, that the second half of your life you are maybe you're not in, you know, go 10 rounds, you're in great shape. But maybe you don't want to be in the ring with somebody like you were. But you're still you're healthier, you're happier, you're more fulfilled. You're living your destiny. And I'm I want to encourage you folks that are watching. Step forward into this next phase of your life. Don't let your age hold you back, move forward into what what is going on with your life and channel, your inner Cristy if you can,


Cristy  21:56  

you know I just was doing a podcast with Natasha and rich Hayslett, Natasha and rich and I have been working together for five years over five years. And their podcast is called design your best life. And I am the perfect example of someone I believe who has truly designed my best life I have carved out and I architectured it to be what it is. And anymore. I just don't have the tolerance for things that don't bring me joy and bring me in something that and you and I are so on the same page when it comes to things that bring us peace versus things that don't. And Jade, my assistant j and same thing we were we were talking about an event or something I said Man, I just don't have peace with this. And she said I don't either. I am done with those days. I'm done with doing things that don't bring me peace and joy. And I know that like you go out and you visit now you have turkeys, peacocks, chickens, pigs, and now you're going to be getting a goat. And probably when this comes out, no, it'll be a little longer a little bit longer. But it's a lot of you are designing your life to bring you joy because I just don't think you have a tolerance for any other bullcrap.


Cari  22:58  

It's time to stop saying yes to things you don't want to do. It's time to start feeling obligated to be somebody that you aren't. It's time to live your best life. If you don't want to volunteer and do this, if it doesn't bring you joy and it's not adding value to your life. Stop, stop going to family things that you hate. stop spending your hard earned money to go on vacation to people that don't come see you. Stop. Stop living the expectations that other people have for your life. And you live the expectations that you have for your life. Be like Chrissy lived the expectation set them high and live that life. I love about my Of course I've always said that my husband and Christie are the same person, just different sexes. And it is true. He's the same way as Christie. He if I say can we do this? He's like, no, I really just don't want to do that. He doesn't say no. But oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I can't bake two dozen cookies. And Sally's got this. And oh, I feel so bad. Just say no. And let it sit. It's perfectly fine to say no. And you don't have to fulfill other people's expectations for your life. You live your life. Of course, we all have to take into consideration that people we're married to and our children, but sometimes your kids run your life folks, your adult kids are running your life. Sorry. This is the life that mom wants to live, right?


Cristy  24:31  

I know that I am anointed for certain things and I'm not anointed for other things. And I just and I know exactly what I'm anointed for. And I those of you guys listening you might not know what I'm talking about Cari and I we we love Jesus and we follow Jesus and we believe that the Holy Spirit anoints us that means kind of like a blesses us and gives us this special kind of like a god given ability to be able to do something with grace and ease. And I there are just certain things that we that we do and i'll just speak for myself there's certain things that i do with grace and ease that that don't cause me stress and i just do those things but if you put me in the nursery at church i'm not going to be able to i might might not maybe i don't know i like kids but if you put me on the doing the passing out the track ministry you know on the side of the road i'm mike i'm not anointed for that and you got it and there are plenty other things that you can do either for God or of course we believe that everything you do is is for God so there's no difference i mean going you know it's God is always with you no matter what you're doing so there are just certain things that i'm anointed for i know what they are and i just do those things i'm not going to go out against what i was created to do that life is just too short and miles told me you know i did a podcast called one of these days turns into none of these days and miles said let me tell you think your life is going by fast now at 45 he said wait you get into your 60s it zooms by and guys and it's that that man is a perfect example of somebody who is just a number but not a mindset he is so amazing and so sharp and so vibrant and full of so much energy and i love that i've seen plenty of women out there who exude such vibrance in their adult like no older adult life


Cari  26:16  

i think it's one other way of saying it christie is what was your destiny that might be an easy way for people that don't believe like us to understand it christie fulfills her destiny she understands what part of her destiny is and she lives that out daily and i think it's important to understand you don't need to be like yolo when you're 50 wearing miniskirts with your butt hanging out and sparkles on your eyes like we get some things are age appropriate we're not saying that what we're saying enjoy the next phase you're going into and what is your destiny what is your calling what brings you peace what do you want to do how what is the life you want to build and live and it christie has been the best example of this for me


Cristy  27:04  

thank you well you know when we were growing up mom and dad didn't seem old to us to me i mean that you know they didn't seem old and they were they didn't i just remember them and i talked about this on my other podcast i just remembered them prove like i it aging didn't it just didn't seem like anything was holding me back and i know that old is always 10 years older than what you are but i just as mom and dad were 20 they're 21 older years older than you sis and then 23 years older than me i just never thought about people getting old because mom and dad never acted that way


Cari  27:38  

and now it's weird isn't it


Unknown Speaker  27:40  

and now they are it's great


Unknown Speaker  27:43  

sorry mom sorry mom


Cristy  27:48  

show when we touched on ages and number old as a mindset what things can we do to keep our mindset young and fresh i mean i'm not talking about doing tick tock videos you know like i don't i'm not even on tick tock i have a tick tock account but i don't do tick tock videos i'm not saying that i mean i guess i'm saying i don't know what i'm saying what do you think 


Cari  28:08  

this is a great question i think there are a few things to me as i've aged that have been really important number one never stopped learning i know that sounds cliche like neighbors just blurting dead calm i don't mean it like that but what do you love what do you love learn more i have expanded my knowledge about farm animals okay go ahead yuk it up y'all but i have learned i'm learning about this and i just wrote down in this drawer there's the name of i just found out what my turkey my peacocks there india blue black shoulder peacocks i have two of them i didn't know that i'm learning about this i'm learning about the lifecycle of a goose egg i'm learning what do you do with baby chicks and i just think keeping your mind active not sitting your hiney in front of the boob tube and watching jeopardy now there's nothing wrong with jeopardy i love jeopardy but it's getting into that routine it's sort of like people that go and only run two miles every day for the last 20 years their body expects that so what can you do for your mind that will switch it up that's something different Cristy is great at this she in miles go hike different places she forces her brain to do things that are hard she does mental math and she does a lot of things that are challenging and i think the other thing if we're talking about mind you've got to keep your body young guys you have got to take care of your body this is it you get one you're going to slide you've heard that analogy you're going to slide into home plate all beat up replace knees and and you come to the pearly gates and and you just had a great time and you jumped us did skydiving and you went hiking and and you eat right and you live a long time or you're going to hobble up to the pearly gates it's up to you you're going to go to the pearly gates either way but i think that eating right and i know that Sounds so cliche like a 1950s advertisement for health. But eating right and staying active do I think you have to all run? No, please move your bodies everyday, please move your bodies everyday. I don't care if it's just you guys, because she'll never watch it I'm going to mention my mother in law she has because of some health issues. She's absolutely mold in her body to the shape of a chair, Cristy, and Cristy knows this, like, she's gotten so orthopedically out of place. In some of it's her fault. Some of its not. But that is not moving. That is being in pain, not dealing with it not getting help and becoming that I don't want to be chair shaped, as I'm in my 60s. So guys, you is you have to fight it, you have to fight it, our sister, Laura, I was noticing she had a little hump back here on her back. And I said, Sis, that's from leaning over. You laughing. But that's from leaning over, like dental tools and cutting hair. I said you got that you're those of you that are listening, I'm putting my shoulders back, it's a fight. It's, it's, you're going to find it either way. So it's your choice. Same thing with your weight. Same thing with healthy eating, you're gonna choose a path and either you can go into, you know, later life, like our grandma who's getting heavier and miserable. And you know, her blood sugars are out of control. Or you can go into later life, being able to face and being able to play with your great grandkids and your grandkids. And that was a lot of talking. But that's just on my heart. 


Cristy  31:37  

Well, I was just thinking about Grandma, because she is she is she's putting on more and more weight and her health is deteriorating and she just doesn't move. And she it didn't have to be like this, I it doesn't have to be like this for you. You don't have to, you don't have to go down this way. You know, you can you can choose, you can choose a different and keeping your weight off is job one, I am proud of our mom, who ended up losing 50 pounds in her 60s and has kept offer if you actually have now for call going on for years at the time of this recording, because she was in the first Code Red revolution book, and in 2017. And so she has kept her weight off. And that's really good. She's not dealing with a lot of metabolic issues because of having excess weight. And so yeah, getting your way down guys is really job one you don't want to and just you know diabetes, I mean, we could go the blood pressure, a one C, A triglyceride, they're the same crap you've heard, it doesn't have to be your fate.


Cari  32:35  

It doesn't. And this is your choice. Now do I think you have to eat beansprouts and drink organic water for the rest of your life. There's no such thing as organic water. But you know what I'm saying? No, I don't, you can still have bite a birthday cake you can still have. But if you're smoking and drinking, I'm just telling you, it catches up and living a good life, it will pay off for you. You don't have to be a fanatic, but just make good smart choices. For instance, join one of our 10 Lb takedowns we would love to have you just do simple things. When my dad was visiting me recently. I was like dad, just drink your water. Just eat off of Cristy's food list. That's it. You don't have to go crazy. You don't have to buy supplements. You don't have to, you know, lay the red light and rebound 30 minutes a day and do DNA therapy. For God's sakes. I just want you to drink water and sleep data,


Unknown Speaker  33:26  

you know.


Cristy  33:28  

Yeah, it's not that hard. You guys, people complicate it, but it is detrimental. If you if you go down the wrong path, you are going to have a miserable, shortened life. But I fully anticipate living to 120 I'm gonna say it right there. Like Cari you said I was like sitting and going 47 and 47. seven plus seven is four. carry the one and then four and four. That's 98 Yeah, that's 94 years old. That's


Unknown Speaker  33:52  

not that old.


Cristy  33:53  

I told miles he's gonna live to be 94 show. I think that i think so. I think he's gonna keep on living but the guy better drink. I mean, he's a little stinker. I just know I saw him sneak in some graham crackers. He's sneaking some graham crackers. And he's drinking beer and it drives me crazy. But you guys I think you get the point. Age is a number old as a mindset. We want you to live your life as healthy as possible, as vibrant as possible. as happy as possible channel your inner Cristy say no to some crap that doesn't bring you joy. Do what you're anointed for and get the crap out of your life that you're not. And come on. You know, it's


not that hard, don't overcomplicate it and definitely join one of our 10 found takedown challenges. We can help you get in the right direction. We have plenty of people just like you. We've had at the time of this recording. 46,363 people come through the challenge, and so we know what we're doing.


Cari  34:47  

And Cristy in closing, I just want to say happy birthday to you and at least 100 and more. I can't do mental math


Unknown Speaker  34:59  

120 I


Unknown Speaker  35:00  

know Oh yeah. 100 Yeah, right.


Cristy  35:01  

How much more is it? 4045 minus Oh, no, no, no, no, no, you guys I will link up the challenge below. We would love to have you in our next rolling challenge and we'll see you on the next episode of rebel weight loss and lifestyle. You guys have a good one. Thank


Unknown Speaker  35:14  

you. Thank you.


Intro  35:17  

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