Program Options for
Our Coaches

Take your life back with help from a Code Red Certified Coach!

Program Options for
Our Coaches

Take your life back with help from a Code Red Certified Coach!

What is the difference between accountability and a custom program?What a great question! Here is what you get for each:


  • The Code Red Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Custom written nutrition program to enable you to know exactly how to reach your weight loss goals
  • Custom designed macros (carbs, calories, fat, water, etc) based on your personal assessment results. We take the “guess work” out of weight loss for you!
  • Code red weight tracker
  • Code Red “what to eat” cheat sheet
  • Comprehensive video instructions on how to maximize success with our program
  • Access to the Code Red library of tools and training to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.
  • Sample daily menus
  • ASK ME ANYTHING live once a month with Cristy and Cari. They will be on your coach’s page and you will be able to ask questions.
  • 90 days of HARD-CORE coaching with your chosen coach
  • Custom Program Meal Planner
  • Code Red tote
  • Learn how to read a food label
  • Learn the right way to use coconut oil and why it’s good for you!
  • On the go food ideas to help you stay on track when traveling or in a hurry.
  • Keeping you on track: you turn in your weight to your Coach each Friday and he/she will keep track of your weight loss progress.
  • Coaching video: Once a week, your Coach will be live in the page answering your questions, troubleshooting problems and providing coaching for each one of you. He/she will also comment on your weight loss progress.
  • Access to your Coach. He/she will interact with you on the page each day, answering comments, questions, concerns, etc…
  • Daily content: Your Coach will encourage, uplift and support you.


  • Accountability is a paid membership group
  • Keeping you on track: you will turn in your weight to your Coach each Friday and he/she will keep track of your weight loss progress.
  • Coaching Video: Once a week, your Coach will be live in the page answering your questions, troubleshooting problems and providing coaching for each one of you. He/she will also comment on your weight loss progress.
  • Access to your Coach: He/she will interact with you on the page each day, answering comments, questions, concerns, etc…
  • Live video each day: Your Coach will encourage, uplift and support you.
  • ASK ME ANYTHING live once a month with Cristy and Cari. They will be on your coach’s page and you will be able to ask questions.
  • Tips and tricks: did you know that putting lemon or lime in your water will help you drink more? Need suggestions for sleep aids that will help you sleep? Need help ordering at a restaurant? Your Coach will provide you with many tips and tricks.

Meet Our Coaches


Jessica Croft


Sheli Fulcher-Koontz & Elizabeth LIzberg


Kristin Small & Michele Knight


Jade Gallagher


Tanya Gibson


Cristy & Cari


Heather Centurioni


Heather Centurioni

If you are here reading this, chances are you’re thinking, ‘Will this whole Code Red thing really work?’ Let me tell y’all a little something…it totally works if you are ready to do the work!

I’m Heather, a 42 year old, wife and mother to two darling daughters. I am a community volunteer, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a motivator, a ball buster and a compassionate, kind hearted woman, all wrapped up into one bundle of energy body!

I was born and raised in Vail, Colorado. I am a former junior elite level athlete. In 1991, I was in a horrific downhill ski race accident, which resulted in my leg being amputated when I was 18 years old. I have a double major and double minor from Southern Methodist University. After nine years in Los Angeles, we moved to the Dallas suburbs and have called Texas home for 10 years.

I joined the June 2017 Challenge at rock bottom. I was 202 pounds, depressed, miserable, grouchy and terrified. I was a mess! I traveled for a third of the Challenge and still managed to lose 20 pounds! I was feeling out-freakin’-standing, excited and motivated. I wanted to learn everything I could about Code Red and even more so about the end game and how Cristy planned to help me KEEP my weight off…so, I signed up for Custom Program. By November I had lost nearly 70 pounds and was over the moon! I went from a tight size 18 to a 4/6 and tossed my entire wardrobe! People didn’t recognize me. I have survived birthdays, holidays, weddings, funerals, sickness, travel and more! I no longer eat my stress and emotions.

I have had 30 people use me as a referral for their own Custom Programs and I have had nearly 200 folks join Challenges…even more have purchased Cristy’s book! I am more than prepared to be your coach.  In fact, I believe in Code Red so much, I am going to make coaching my full-time job! I will be dedicating 100% of my days to my page. So, let’s do this! You, me and a fabulous page. A community. A village. A family. I will motivate you, educate you, hold your hand and keep you in line. I will help you get this weight off once and for all! I CANNOT wait to get started!


Jessica Croft

Hey there! So, you’re looking for a certified coach to help you through this lifestyle? Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica. I’m 32 years old, a full-time registered nurse, wife, and mother to 4 young kids between the ages of 4-8. I started my Code Red journey memorial day 2017, lost 45lbs, and have been in maintenance since September 2017.

I have been the fat athlete, spending hours in the gym, doing crossfit, running, and weight training. I have been the yo-yo dieter and quick fix finder. I have been the single mother working two jobs to pay for college.  I have experience with juggling hectic schedules, feeding picky kids, and dealing with unsupportive friends and family. But you know what? I have also been successful. I have been successful at learning the ins and outs of the Code Red Lifestyle™. I have reached goal weight without shakes, pills, diet foods or exercise and have kept it off. I have designed and implemented a code-red menu for a restaurant. I have experience making quick, easy, delicious meals that you and your kids will love. I have transformed my family into a Code Red family, succeeded at changing my kid’s eating habits, and have created more time to spend with them thanks to decreased time in the kitchen.

I can teach you how to make Code Red work for your busy life and hectic schedule. I can show you how to lose all the weight you want to without stepping foot in the gym or missing out on activities with your family. I can help you get better sleep, have more energy, and experience outstanding results. I have the drive and ambition to help others reach their goals and the knowledge and tools to make it happen. I will hold your feet to the fire and keep you accountable. I will expect you to comply with the rules, reach out for help when you need it, and not offer up excuses if you mess up. I will expect you to do your very best, strive for improvement, and never have to go around this mountain again. Together, we will make your goals a reality!

Sheli Fulcher-Koontz & Elizabeth Lizberg


Sheli Fulcher-Koontz

Hey Rebels!  I’m Sheli Fulcher Koontz and I’m a recovering food addict.  Before embracing the Code Red lifestyle™, I had an uncontrollable ability to eat huge quantities of food.  Food was comfort, a reward, and a punishment for me.  Sound familiar?

I am a wife, mother, and full-time business professional.  I practice law and own a law firm.  I can totally relate to high stress, long hours, lack of sleep – and turning to food to solve everything.  Except turning to food solves nothing and doing it over and over ultimately makes you fat.

I hit my rock bottom in 2016, when I was told that it was not a matter of “if”, but “when” I was likely to have a heart attack or stroke, based on my weight and my genetics.  I’m short (5’2”) and even being 35 pounds overweight put me in an obese category.  I loathed myself on a level that I have never felt towards any other human being.  Then I found Cristy and Code Red.  I made the decision to take my life back and lose the weight and self-hatred for good.   With great coaching, I lost those unhealthy pounds, gained a new love for myself, and a new Code Red family.  My investment in Code Red was the best gift I have ever given myself.  Now I am committed to helping you find the same gift!

I want to coach you through your Code Red Program.  I want to encourage you and be your “Balcony Person.”  A Balcony Person lifts and holds you up, cheers you on, and keeps you responsible and accountable in a high-vibe environment.  That means that I will give you my best because you deserve it.  I will be your biggest cheerleader, but I will call you out in a heartbeat if you cheat, try to quit, make excuses, or don’t give me your best.  If I coach you, we will have an “expectation conversation,” so I know what you need and you know what I expect from you.  That’s fair, right?

I will not purposefully hurt you or make you feel unworthy, but I do not play games.  Let me be clear:  I have a complete inability and unwillingness to put up with bull crap excuses, passive aggressiveness, and snark.  I am a problem-solver by trade and will use those skills to help you achieve your goal weight.  If you are coachable, truly committed to losing your unwanted pounds, and ready for this lifestyle, then let’s talk.

If this is not your time, no problem.  I’ll be here when you are ready, because you have to be ALL IN for this to work and be worth both of our time and effort.  You have to WANT this, no matter the cost.  I can’t want it more than you do.  I’ll get you through detox, stalls, haters, holidays, food-laden events, size changes, and all of the other weight loss hurdles.  You deserve the happiness and self-satisfaction I have found living the Code Red lifestyle™.  I’ve got a Code Red Balcony seat with your name on it.  C’mon up and enjoy the view with me!

EL_Before and After 1

Elizabeth LIzberg

How many times have you seen an advertisement promising a new life through weight loss and hoped it would finally be the solution you were searching for? Maybe you signed up and gave it a go for a short time. Or maybe you passed it by because it’s easier to go back to your routine of living on the sidelines.

More times than you can count? Me too. I get it.

I am Code Red Certified Coach Elizabeth and I am here to assure you that what you’re searching for is right here. Are you ready to get off the sidelines of your life?

I was there. I spent the last 40 years living life on the sidelines. I am a single mother and I cannot count the number of times I wanted to swim, run or just have the energy and confidence to play with my daughter. I missed concerts, vacations, hikes, amusement park rides and dates. I would eat while thinking about the next meal even though I was stuffed. I would often cry out of frustration, embarrassment and disappointment, wondering why I couldn’t lose weight like everyone else. I would scope out a room to assure there was a path I could fit through. Handicap bathroom stalls were preferred. Slip on shoes were easiest. Stadium seating was miserable. Taking the stairs was rarely a choice. Black clothes were slimming and comprised the majority of my wardrobe. I sat on the couch⁠—a lot! And I knew for sure no skinny girl could EVER understand how I felt. In fact, I believed nobody could understand.

I was wrong. I get it.

I lived this life while maintaining a successful professional career. For the past 12 years, I have served as the executive director for Camp Rainbow Gold. It requires me to speak in front of 100s, talk to influential community members, ask for large sums of money and be in front of the press and media. I managed to do all this all while filled with anguish and anxiety. I was an emotional eater with Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, feet issues, failing eyes, kidney disease, shortness of breath, sweating, six medications, many doctors and ailments. I had more surgeries under my belt than most, illness and death in my family, and along the way, I had to have the difficult conversation with medical professional about how my life expectancy was getting shorter. A gastric bypass surgeon laughed at me when I mentioned Code Red and that was the final straw. 

Living the Code Red Lifestyle, I lost 100 lbs. and reversed my Type II diabetes. I no longer have dialysis in my future. I only have reading glasses and rarely spend time on the couch. I don’t hide from cameras. I swim, hike and paddle board. I look people in the eye and enter a room with confidence.

You want this too. I get it.

So, here you are and maybe you already have an idea of what Code Red Lifestyle can do. You know it works. What’s keeping you from hitting the button? Have you been fat for so long you are now scared of being skinny? I get it.

If you are ready to choose you, then choose me. As a Code Red certified coach, I understand the challenges and discomforts of living fat, using food as comfort, being fearful of not having your protective shield, dealing with physical pain and believing nobody really understands you. I know, too, all of this amounts to a hill that feels just far too high to ever climb. I will support you in learning the new habits of fueling your body properly leading to the weight loss you desire.

Of all Cristy’s mottos I will remind you of, most often it is “Choose your hard.” I understand the challenges and routes leading to you being overweight and maybe living a victim's life, but I will not let you use any of it as an excuse to avoid doing the hard work. This is hard. It is a choice. And life happens. What some of us never learned is we have a choice of how to respond to it. In my rock bottom moment, someone said to me, “It is as simple as a choice.”

Since then, I have chosen me. You may not be able to control certain things that happen to you, but you most certainly can control your response. It is time to put the food down and start choosing yourself. I can provide you this same accountability all while being supportive and kind.

You will not gain the body you want on the outside if you do not do the work on the inside. I will provide you with support and guidance to assure you are working on your entire body and taking all necessary steps to make this the last time you are trying to lose weight. It is time to get off the sidelines of your life and free yourself of the fat.

Jade Gallagher Branded

Jade Gallagher

Hey Friend! Are you ready to live your best life and ditch the weight for good? Let me help you get your weight off and live better than you can even imagine.

I am Jade Gallagher, born and raised in Louisville, Mississippi. I have roots seeded in sweet tea and comfort food. I know first hand what it means to have your whole world revolve around the supper table.

When my husband joined the military, I went from that sweetened southern environment to one that took my addiction to food into overdrive. I learned quickly to adjust to the trenches of deployments acting as a single mom with four small kids. During deployments I experienced the soul-wrenching heartache of multiple miscarriages, premature babies, and battling through the medical world with special needs children all which left me eating my every emotion.

I reached my breaking point when I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis which rapidly took over my life and left me hopeless. My days were spent in infusion clinics and doctor’s offices. Each appointment came with the looming diagnosis of more autoimmune diseases, liver failure, and a future in a wheelchair.

The image of being fat in a wheelchair and never being able to walk up the stairs to tuck in my kids again was unbearable. A friend shared the Code Red Lifestyle with me, and I decided to try a custom program. I had little hope that I would actually lose weight, as I had tried other diet programs in the past with little to no success.

Much to my surprise within the first month of my custom program, I was free from medication and pain! I was finally able to do the every day tasks like hold a hairbrush and play with my kids. I went on to lose nearly 80 pounds in 5 short months, and I have been maintaining my goal weight ever since.

After seeing such a difference in my health, my husband and I decided to make this lifestyle a part of our family. Making this change, we have noticed the drastic impact sugar has on our kids especially with attention disorders and insomnia. My husband, John, has also lost over 50 pounds and is no longer at a high risk of having a heart attack. Code Red has given my family a life that we all could have never even dreamed would be possible.

If you are looking for a full-time Code Red Certified Coach that will guide you through every step of your weightloss and maintenance journey, I am your coach. My tribe will provide you an atmosphere of southern hospitality, daily knowledge nuggets, and incredible meal ideas that the whole family will love. I lead with empathy and compassion, but I am also a stickler for holding your feet to the fire and not wasting your time. I can’t wait to share my passion, and help you live your best life!


Before & After

Tanya Gibson

Are you here because you have been burning the candle at both ends? Have you put your kids and career before your own health? Did you look at a photo of yourself and say something has got to change?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

I am certified coach Tanya Gibson. I am a wife, mother of four, and a bank manager. It took me four short months to lose 55 pounds.

My kids range from age 9 to 15, all play sports (yes you read that right, I am basically an Uber driver). I have also spent 17 years climbing the corporate ladder. Between being a mom and having a full-time career, I was running from point A to point B and back again. I had zero time to cook, so I found myself in the drive-thru 5 days a week.

My turning point was seeing my wedding photo in 2017. Rather than being excited about my new marriage, all I could think about was how fat I looked and how ashamed I felt. I was also battling depression, eosinophilic esophagitis (EOE), and hypothyroidism. These issues were only compounded by my bad eating habits which ultimately contributed to my weight gain.

Let me be the coach that:

  •  Offers you endless encouragement
  • Supports you on your hard days
  • Takes the time to answer all your questions
  • Helps you master meal prep
  • Celebrates your success
  • Makes you look forward to tomorrow

No matter how hard it has been, you are going to make it. I can’t wait to see the fire in you ignite.  You can achieve the life you have dreamed of. A life where you finally feel powerful in your body, beautiful in photos, and most of all happy to be you.


Kristin Small & Michele Knight

We’ve been where you are. We understand the pain and frustration of weight loss. We also know many of you are suffering, just like we were. There is hope!

I’m Code Red Certified Coach Michele Knight, a 51-year-old wife, mom and Idaho school teacher. As a collegiate athlete at UCLA, I thought exercise was the key to weight loss, yet I lost 60 pounds in 5 months without any exercise.

I no longer suffer from:

  • High blood pressure
  • ​Migraines
  • ​Sleep Apnea
  • ​Trigeminal nerve pain
  • ​Bladder incontinence
  • ​Extreme IBS

I’m Code Red Certified Coach Kristin Small, a wife and mother of four amazing Code Red Kids. When Code Red came into my life, my health was at rock bottom. I was suffering from severe pain and inflammation caused by my autoimmune disorder, psoriatic arthritis. Under treatment, my body was failing one biologic drug after another. My blood pressure was sky high and I had increasing liver damage from the medication load.

After losing 135 pounds in 8.5 months I no longer suffer from:

  • The pain and inflammation of crippling arthritis
  • ​High blood pressure
  • ​Liver Damage
  • ​Insomnia

We offer two unique perspectives and skill sets, as well as a wide range of tools to get you to your goal fast and keep it off forever. We believe in the power of community and offer a connected coaching experience.

  • Our hearts are to love and lead you.
  • ​We believe health is the #1 priority.
  • ​Our focus is on your physical, mental and emotional healing.
  • ​We value honesty and will provide you with valuable feedback and hold you accountable.
  • ​We will teach you that this lifestyle is sustainable even under stressful circumstances, while traveling and while participating in special events.

We are fully committed to you and your success and will match your efforts step-by-step.

If you are ready to start your journey, ready to be in control of your health and happiness, ready to get excited about your future...we would be honored if you chose us as your Code Red Certified Coaches


The Mohawk and The Medical

The creator of CODE RED and her #2 are now coaching a maintenance page! If you have lost all of your weight and would like to learn how to keep that weight off for good, this page is for you!

We are partnering with CODE RED CERTIFIED Coach Andrea Dell to bring you honest, down to earth and always authentic accountability.

We will keep you on track and even discuss where to go and what to do now that you have lost all of your weight. You will turn your weight into Cari and Cristy each Friday morning and join a community of REBELS on the same journey as you. YOU can live an awesome life and easily maintain goal weight. We show you how.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be at goal weight to join this group

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