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What my knockoff boots taught me about being WORTHY

Fifteen years ago, while I worked as a celebrity trainer, one of the celebrity clients at the gym I worked out of came in one day wearing these high-end “fashion” motorcycle boots.

I LOVED them. For years I've wanted to own a pair, even though I'm not a shoe connoisseur.

Of course, back then, I “couldn't afford” those boots.

So I went out and found a generic version, and I wore those knockoffs for years.

Then, more recently, I bought a pair of the real things. Full disclosure: I bought them used, at a fraction of the price of brand new. But they're in great shape and they're the “real” boots.

It's a big deal I did that, but not for the reason you think.

See, I grew up with a very lack mentality. I wasn't taught to expect more out of life. Instead, I was taught to be happy with what I got.

In other words, to settle for whatever other people thought I deserved, instead of what I actually wanted.

I'm not trying to throw my folks under the bus here – it's what they knew from their childhoods. You live what you know, right?

And now I know you can be grateful for what you have AND expect more. They're not mutually exclusive.

But I didn't figure that out until I was 40 years old. 

Code Red was really taking off, and though I was excited, I was also struggling. I still had hangups like the lack mentality, and thinking I didn't deserve to be successful. 

You may not see that as a big deal, but it is, because had I not gotten past those hangups, Code Red wouldn't be all it is today. You wouldn't be taking your life back. Neither would the people you love who've chosen to follow this lifestyle.

There's this bullcrap idea that it's noble and virtuous to “settle” and scrimp and “get by”; and that if you “dare” to expect better, you're greedy and evil.


If I'd continued believing I didn't deserve to be successful – if I continued believing I deserved only a “knockoff” kind of life – tens of thousands of people who've found hope and healing on Code Red would still be suffering.

I've had Rebels tell me Code Red LITERALLY saved their life, either because their health was that bad, or because were thinking of KILLING themselves.

There's nothing “virtuous” about me not showing up for those people because I'm trying to be “noble” by settling and scrimping.

Are you getting what I'm saying here?

And are you starting to think of ways where you're settling for the “knockoff” in your life?

If so, click below to watch the video I did about this:

It's time to stop accepting second-rate, “knockoff” versions of your health.

YOU deserve to be happy and healthy.

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