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“Weight loss is ALL mental.” Or is it?

Listen, I talk a lot about the role of mindset in weight loss.

I've even told you MOST of weight loss is mindset.

And yeah, I stand by that.

But recently someone proclaimed that weight loss is ALL mental.

Woa, now!

Mindset's key, but it's not the ONLY key.

Don't believe me?

Hear me out first, by watching my video below.

Especially if you struggle with mindset. This video will show you exactly how much power you have, even if your mindset's not the best in the world.

I don't agree with this statement

Monday, October 12, 2020People say, "Losing weight is all mental." Actually I don't agree. Hear me out:

Posted by Cristy CodeRed on Monday, October 12, 2020
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