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59: IG Q & A with Cari And Cristy

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What Is This Episode About…

In this episode, Cari and I will do an Instagram Q&A where our audience will have a chance to run the show by asking us all of their burning questions. The questions came from our Instagram followers and half of them were sent to Cari while the rest were sent to me. The first question will be based on the best and healthiest eating lifestyle during pregnancy, and we will share the real-life example of someone who did low carb, no sugar, and no processed food diet during and after her pregnancy with proven results. While we encourage people to follow their doctor’s orders because we don’t give medical advice, we must highlight that it’s important for one to work with a doctor who believes in real food, water, and sleep so they can have a healthy pregnancy.

The next question was about the 10-Pound Take Down Challenge and why anyone should take it. The challenge is a great way for someone to dip their toe into the Code Red lifestyle, and see if it will be a fit for them. It only costs $47 and goes for 30 days, and one can lose at least 10 pounds during that period by simply eating real food, drinking water, and getting lots of good sleeping. One gets a little tracker to track the water, weight, and sleep each day, a food list, a list of very simple rules to follow, an opportunity to join the Code Red community, 8 am videos from Cari and me where we teach someone something new every day, a thank you incentive gift just for joining, a chance at the challenge swag, and so much more.

To answer the next question, we will share our favorite Code Red meals. When Cari was in weight loss mode, she would take a big pork roast, put it in the Crock-Pot for hours, take it out, and then section it up into what she was going to have for the day. And because she was doing a custom program, she would weigh and measure the pork roast and take only the pre-portioned amount with steamed green beans, some Redmond real salt, and good quality butter. Mine is Ribeye steak and asparagus simply because they’re yummy, of course, but also because Ribeye steak is a perfect mixture of fat and protein while asparagus is a superfood with a lot of nutrients. Join us as we answer more questions that I believe will cover some of your curiosities about different parts of the Code Red lifestyle, and hopefully, it will help you with your personal weight loss journey.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Cari coming in at 100 and sexy pounds (01:16)
  • Living the Code Red lifestyle during pregnancy (03:24)
  • Why and how anyone should take the 10-Pound Take Down Challenge (07:20)
  • How one having their periods affects their weight loss (09:40)
  • Properly cooking asparagus and eating for our health and healing (12:23)
  • Eating vegan versus carnivore (18:51)
  • Dealing with a situation where one’s spouse is not supportive of their weight loss journey due to previous failures (23:24)
  • The tips and tricks for a successful sugar detox (28:41)

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When Was It Released…

This episode was released May 6, 2020

Episode Transcript…


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Cristy  0:00  

We know that sugar detox is extremely powerful. It's eight times more addictive than heroin. Coming off sugar is absolutely horrible. We've all done it. We are all recovering sugar addicts. You need to remember this about yourself. And it's going to be about four to seven days that you will be detoxing, just so you know. But on that eighth day, the average person wakes up the average person might be longer for you. And the fog is lifted and they feel phenomenal. 


Intro  0:27  

I'm Christy Code Red and you're listening to rebel weight loss and lifestyle where we believe food pulls the power to heal or poison, and we believe our society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and weight loss. You're in the right place if you're looking for some straights up truth, because I'm here to shed light on the lies and brainwashing that has taken place over the past five decades. Thanks so much for listening.


Cristy  0:54  

Welcome back to rubber weight loss and lifestyle. I am Christy Code Red Nicole, your host author, entrepreneur. Because I'm standing up I'm gonna go Ba ba baba ba ba ba ba ba. Returned professional boxer. Hello. I still got it even at 44 years old. I am joined by Carrie Thompson from Ronnie Ville Kentucky coming in at 100 earlier lb


Cari  1:16  

100 and sexy


Cristy  1:19  

I love that.


Cari  1:22  

You 100 and sexy. Hey Christy. I'm telling you I even though I officially did win all fights when we were kids, I would not want to fight you. You gotta end like Chrissy says, You got to worry about the little ones. Those are the scrappers like our sister.


Cristy  1:36  

Well, I like our sister. Yeah, you wouldn't want to find our sister so kill you. So fly kill you and then she'll then she'll walk over there. Like, like a nothing like she didn't like a Viking


Cari  1:44  

And stand on your body.


Cristy  1:46  

Yeah, it should fall asleep like an A nothing. She'll kill you. She's a scrapper. Carrie, thank you for joining me, you guys. This comes from you. The podcast comes from you today. This is our Q and A from Instagram submitted questions but first, Carrie and I want to show you our really awesome girl on style shirts that we're wearing today. Yes, we have matching shirts on today. I'm sorry, you can't really see me those of you guys watching ere we go. Yes Grun style. Thank you to grunt style for these shirts. And we have you grunt style. We love you guys. We would love to partner with you, Christy. Are we allowed to like tag them in a podcast? I'm going to Yeah, maybe if we? Maybe I will. Yeah, totally. You never know. But we do we support a grunt style supports our military and we support the military obviously, and we love being twinsies. So we're twinsies today for you. Alright, Is everybody ready for the Q and A? Some were submitted to Carrie and some were submitted to me. And so I've got them right here in front of me.


Cari  2:53  

And I haven't heard Christie's and she hasn't heard mine which I think adds to the authenticity of this podcast. I'm just saying, well, that's


Cristy  3:00  

what people love the most about us is we are authentic. We're real. We're raw. We're honest. And we're never going to stop being that way. Because that is there's not enough of that in this world. First question. Well, I don't know your name. I just know your CYP 616. Sorry, I don't know your name. You're supposed to leave your name here. But yeah, first question is What about pregnancy and code read?


Cari  3:24  

You know, I think this is a very valid question. Christy and I met at one of our conferences, we met Dr. Ken Berry, and he is just an awesome dude. Just a really awesome dude. And he wrote the book, The five lies that your doctor told you, or tells you I'm not sure


Cristy  3:41  

just lies. My doctor told me


Cari  3:42  

lies. I thought it was five lies, anyway. And his wife Nisha, when we met them was pregnant with their son. She since had the sun and it's been a little while. She was great. She ate low carb throughout her pregnancy and also is breastfeeding and doing all this continuing to eat A no sugar, no processed food kind of life. Now I'm not exactly sure what she followed. I don't think it was exactly code read. But it's something similar to what we believe again, we don't knock anybody else's plans. Because Hey, if it's saving lives and keeping people healthy, who cares? Anyway me she's a nurse. She writes about it on her blog. And every time somebody asked me this question, Christy, I send them to Nisha, I'm like, she's a great person. We got to talk with her. She's just really cool. Dr. Barry's cool. And so I just send them right over to Nisha because Nisha Salus, si le s Berry, she just has a lot of interesting information about how she did it now. Chrissy does a YouTube little video about pregnancy and Code Red and I thought it was really good.


Cristy  4:47  

Yeah, thank you. Also on the same and we just want to we want to reiterate that Nisha husband is an MD and so they knew exactly what they were doing. And he's one and Ken berry is one of the leading doctors in this whole movement that all All of us are a part of eliminating the sugar from our diet and getting good healthy fat and protein. Another person is Thomas de Lauer's wife, Amber de Lauer. She's done both of her pregnancies, doing keto doing low carb eating whole foods. So our basic stance on it is that we believe that real food, water and sleep is healthy for everybody, no matter who you are, no matter what real food, water and sleep is healthy for everybody. But you do want to follow your doctor's orders. Ultimately, we want you to make sure that you do that. I guess I want to throw this in here one more time and say that a lot of traditional medical doctors don't really believe they don't put as much stock into food as we do. And that's kind of sad. So I would find a doctor that believes what we believe in real believes in real food, water, and sleep and partner with them throughout your healthy pregnancy.


Cari  5:50  

I love that advice. I think that's perfect. Again, we don't give medical advice, we can just send you in the right direction. So the other thing I think that's really important again, is that Find someone who will partner with you. The big thing is guys, you don't want to be losing weight when you're pregnant at any point, at any point, so we will not do a custom program for you if you're pregnant, and not even if you're breastfeeding. And it's not because we don't believe in it. It's just a liability issue. So I want to make that clear in case anyone writes to us and says, Yeah, I mean, if I ended up pregnant, I don't know-how in the angels in heaven, that would happen. But I would definitely keep eating code read through my pregnancy, but that's me and I would also find a doctor who believes like that, I just can't believe Christie and a doctor will be like, no, don't eat steak and green beans you need to go back to hohos and Krispy kremes


Cristy  6:40  

No kidding if I got pregnant First of all, obviously, that's not possible. But if I did, I would never I mean I would give that baby the absolute best started could possibly have I mean, I would be because it's not about me anymore. So right it's gonna how we feel Would you like to go with the next question says


Cari  6:57  

okay, I didn't get names either, but the His next question was from one of my followers on Instagram and they said, Why should I join? 10 pounds take down a challenge? And I was like, Oh my gosh, what a good question because I talk about it all the time on Instagram. I talk about all the time on Facebook, I talk about code read. But why Why? Why should I join? And I love this question.


Cristy  7:20  

Yeah, a great question. It's one we get all the time. Not a hard one for us to answer. It's a very simple answer. A 10-pound takedown is a great way for you to dip your toe into the lifestyle and see if it's for you. It's only $47. So for 30 days, you can lose at least 10 pounds. By eating real food, drinking water, and sleeping we track water weight and sleep each day and you get you get a little tracker. That's part of what you get for the $47. You also get a food list. You're going to eat off this site, you're not going to eat off that side. And you're going to follow very simple rules. You're also going to join in our community. You're going to get 8 am videos from Carrie and I where we teach you something new every day. You're gonna have a thank you incentive gift just for joining And you're going to get a chance at the challenge swag, not to mention the $2,000 of prizes that you are eligible for. The great question says yeah,


Cari  8:08  

and what I would add to that, although that was perfect is if you were like me, and you've tried everything, and it hasn't worked, you've done the fencing. Maybe you had gastric surgery for weight loss like I did, and then it didn't work. Maybe you have tried all of the Nutrisystem and the weight watchers and you counted points and you've done it all and it didn't work. I'm asking you, this person. I'm speaking right now to this person who asked me this question. I'm asking you to give us 30 days, 100%, wholeheartedly, 30 days, and just see how you feel. You can do anything for 30 days. That's why I say when I'm in a workout class, I can do anything for half an hour. I can do anything for half an hour. You can do it Gary, same thing. You can do anything for 30 days. So that's the other part I would like to say to


Cristy  8:57  

give us your best. We're giving you our best. Give us a try. It's really $47 if you hate it, you're not any worse here.


Cari  9:04  

Yeah. What are you out? Like one half of a meal at a drive-thru? I mean, you know, for real


Cristy  9:10  

Yeah, the next question comes from gosh, you guys in your Instagram names I can't pronounce in ya a K. Okay, New York a Kim gas ag I'm sorry, ny AKIMGA th ag. That's a lot of letters. When I said it. I said it was okay. If I say your name. So the only ones that job. That was all I just read it off. Then doing code read lifestyle for two and a half months, I'm saving up for my custom program. Yay. does having your period affect weight loss? And to that I say it. I know for me, when I get ready to start my period, the day before and the day of I am up one to two pounds and then it comes right back off that next day.


Cari  9:51  

Mine too. I always say I get really aggravated, everybody. I'm like, everybody's making me mad. And then I get on the scale and I'm like, Am I My weight is up. And then the next day I'm like, yep, start my period. Yeah, that's how I know. Absolutely, guys, you're gonna have weight fluctuations with hormone fluctuations is totally normal. What you don't want to do is allow that to be a reason to eat whatever you want. And not take care of yourself and make good choices. If you'll just mark it. Like we used to when we were kids, just a red.on your calendar that's all, I'm saying. A red.on your calendar You know, when it's coming, you don't get upset. You expect it and you move on. It's just allowing yourself like Christy and I say, allow yourself extra water, allow yourself extra sleep, and just take good care of yourself throughout your period.


Cristy  10:42  

Yeah, great question. Okay, Sis, go ahead.


Cari  10:44  

Okay, this is um, I don't know who it's from again, I didn't write that down like you did Christie. I, I didn't want her to slaughter the women. But I didn't want to slow I'm slaughtering them. But yeah, some of them are crazy. So what is your favorite code? Right? meal to both of us. Oh


Unknown Speaker  11:02  

my gosh. Oh, I can tell you mine


Cari  11:04  

when I was in weight-loss mode here was my favorite Code Red meal. I would take a pork roast a big one and I would put in the crockpot for a million hours. And then I would take it out and section it up into what I was going to have for the day. And then you know, when you're doing a custom program you do weigh and measure everything because that's part of a custom program, not for the challenge. And so I would get my pre-portioned pot roast which was delicious and juicy and yummy. weigh it stick it on the plate, get steamers of you to know the steamers that you throw in the microwave of green beans, but that portion on there you can have a goodly amount of green beans I'm just saying Ain't nobody like you know, I'm just so full laughter this much green me I'm you can eat green beans are yummy. Put some Redmond's real salt on it. And then a good quality butter on those green beans and I am a happy girl. That is all I needed. Christie.


Cristy  11:55  

Well mine is a ribeye steak and asparagus. Really asparagus, your favorite Yeah, I mean there's so so many good things about asparagus. It is like a superfood for food. Yeah. a superfood, you get a lot of a big amount for not very many numbers. You get a lot of nutrients and your good gut bacteria gets fed. And man, a ribeye steak for me. There's nothing better to me a ribeye steak is a perfect mixture of fat and protein. How do you cook your asparagus? Does Milo steam it? Oh, okay. Yeah. And so grills it but no grill


Cari  12:29  

it would be good if you don't cook it the right way. It's awfully


Cristy  12:32  

Yeah. Yeah. Get it out of your teeth. Then you got to bring on the stinky pee.


Cari  12:37  

Yeah, think EP.


You know what I do for Brandon in the mornings I'll take asparagus and chunk it up real small guys like a little tiny chunk and saute that in a pan with a little bit of ghee and then add his other veggies in when that's nice and soft. And then make an omelet out of that he has a great way to eat asparagus because you don't have to worry about trying to get through big chunks of it trying to cook through big chunks of it. This is not a cooking show,


Cristy  13:01  

Do you know? That's a good idea. Yeah. Next question. There are some people that just submitted Hi, Christy, how are you doing? They didn't actually miss on going through. Here's an interesting so Leanne says, What is your go to meal? That is will yield a big drop on the scale the next morning?


Cari  13:21  

I don't like this question at all. Chrissy was that mean?


Like, she's allowed to ask the question, but why?


Cristy  13:35  

Why would we worry about just eating for a big drop the next morning we need to be eating for our health we need to be eating for healing. We're getting big drops every day on code read I mean, who names a program that you lose 1% of your body weight a week, you know i program are ready exceeds every program in North America for getting the weight off of people. I mean, the only people that are getting laid off people faster than Code Red is like the biggest loser but that's incredibly unhealthy. We're getting 15 On week off people, I don't know why the heck she's asking this, like, what is your go-to meal that will yield a big drop on the scale the next morning? I don't like that. I don't know how to answer it.


Cari  14:12  

I'm letting you know, here's the deal. Just eat real food. We don't have a meal because here's the deal. I'm not sure if you meant it this way. Maybe you didn't. But there is no magic pill. There is no magic meal. There is no magic ingredient. I tell you, chia and flax, it's not magic, you still have to balance and eat it in proportion. You just can't eat a whole bag of flax and things that's going to show I mean, that's where the limited cayenne pepper diet came down. That's when the cabbage shoot diet came from. It's that kind of thinking. I think that's what makes Christy a little bit about this question is, what is the thinking behind a question like that the thinking is, oh, I want to get this late. I want to see a big drop. No, we should really switch our focus and maybe you're new and so you haven't had a long time to do this. But really, it's time to switch our focus. From what can get us to our goal fastest to what can I do to nourish my body after eating? Burger King and Dairy Queen for the last 40 years? Do you see what I mean? That's the focus we want you to have. So your question isn't bad. It's just we question what's behind it.


Cristy  15:14  

That's what it is what's behind it? Are you trying to like, come in a little bit late for a photoshoot? Are you trying to look at like, I don't know, what you're what why you want to yield a big drop on the skill? What, one morning or every morning? I mean, it's, it's there's so much behind the question. I


Cari  15:29  

mean, when I was coaching Christie, I had someone asked me about that kind of the same question. And she was like, and I got on the bike for a half-hour this morning. And I was like, whoa,


Unknown Speaker  15:36  



Cari  15:38  

like it was such a form of purging mentality of trying to work, trying to earn your food or earn your weight loss through exercise, right, or, you know, then what the problem island. And again, maybe not you but they're on that slippery slope of well, then I just gotta have an apple a day. There you go. There You know, why we worry about people that have that kind of mentality and it's it's a big shift to start thinking like code read. It's a big shift. I used to think just like you. You're not wrong. It's just a paradigm shift.


Cristy  16:13  

Yeah, that what's behind the question is what bothers me the most. It's cringe. I cringe factor for me.


Cari  16:19  

Yeah, we have those hi cringe questions, don't we?


Cristy  16:22  

Yes. Well, you're next. Do you have a high cringe question? Okay. This is a high cringe question. Oh, no. Okay, here we go. Watch my facial expression. Yeah, yeah,


Cari  16:32  

Everyone, hold on. Here we go. Chrissy, here we go. Take a big breath. It's like,


Okay, a little poke. Take a big breath, and we're gonna do it.


If vodka doesn't have any sugar, and no carbs, why can't I drink it while I'm on Code Red. Okay. All right. Is that sure about vodka?


Cristy  16:48  

Yeah, it's actually your junior vodka, your gin and vodka your clear liquors? All right. I have been in this industry over 25 years. I've written thousands of programs. I've had 10s of thousands of people come Do my challenges, carry them with me for three years at the time of this recording, she has had her fair share. She's done her own coaching. What we've noticed across the board is I've never never never seen anybody be able to lose weight, all the way down to go wait a goodly amount of time while drinking any kind of alcohol. Two things that are happening when you drink alcohol, not only does it turn into sugar in your liver, and it causes a whole host of problems, but it makes you free of your inhibitions. And people are like they have one vodka tonic, and then they end up having to and then they get a real buzz and they have the whole sleeve of Ritz crackers, and that they don't give a flying F and I can't get that back from the person. We just noticed that I've just and it physiologically I just can't get weight off them as quickly. So when you hit maintenance and you want to add a little bit of alcohol back in your junior vodka are going to be your best bet. As long as you don't mix them with anything sugary. You want to mix them with something like a diet tonic or diet sprite, but if you try to do it During weight loss mode you're just gonna waste your time.


Cari  18:02  

Chrissie I had something similar when I was coaching to someone who partook of the marriage train they might have smoked a little pot before they went to bed. Then they would get the munchies oh geez and then they would eat and get off track and I'm like so either you smoke pot when you're just getting ready to go to bed like I don't know I'm not gonna comment on drug use any of that kind of stuff like, but if you're gonna do it like I'm trying to help you out be practical.


Cristy  18:29  

When we go right to sleep,


Cari  18:30  

don't smoke it and go wander around the kitchen, right? No, stay away from the kitchen. I remember when that question came through. I was like, Oh, I think I've heard it all now.


Cristy  18:41  

Yeah, now. Oh, so I hope that answered your question. And um, you know what it's good to ask the hard stuff is for me to control.


Cari  18:48  

I either have them ask.


Cristy  18:51  

Christy I love your content. Have an amazing day. Thank you. Hi, Christy from the UK. Thank you. Okay, here's a good one says Liliana says how Were your experiences and your thoughts eating vegan versus carnivore. Ooh, yeah, so about opposite sides of things. Oh, you can't get more opposite. So I was vegan from September 2007. through September 2008. One solid year I was vegan. I fought at Madison Square Garden. During that. I came in at 149 pounds and I lost that fight. I was so tired and dehydrated and malnourished that I could not I could barely keep my eyes open during the fight. In fact, right before they had called me out of the fight, I was actually falling asleep on my dressing room floor. It was a hot mess. That entire year that I was a vegan, I was a hot mess. I thought I was doing the right thing and I wasn't. And the problem with being vegan is you're cutting out so many food groups, any animal products whatsoever, you're having to supplement with a lot of grains, and that's never a good thing. So when I have tried carnivore diet, we don't do that on code read but I've tried many diets for many is training into paleo to carnivore to all kinds of different diets because I want to be a mice put myself as a guinea pig I felt much more nourished I felt much better than I did on vegan it was complete opposite I felt full and happy and energy and my digestive system was cleared up. So the poor The moral of story is, I don't believe Carrie is much nicer about this than I am I just don't believe in vegan or vegetarian because we were never created to not eat meat. We were always created to eat meat. That was what we've been doing for millennia. And so for you to just be like, ah, and just cut out animal products. I don't think that's the right thing to do. health wise, what


Cari  20:39  

did you eat when you were vegan Christie,


Cristy  20:41  

a ton of grains just like oatmeal and rice and beans. And those are things I can't metabolize.


Cari  20:47  

So I mean, Christine, I think a little differently. I don't have a problem with here that are vegetarian that are smart about it. You know, my daughter is vegetarian, that's fine, but she's also anemic. So she takes her eyes. I always say, Well, then, you know, I think that she's She is a graduate student. So I think she's existing on rice and popcorn most the time, whatever, you know, be 22 and do that. But, you know, I can't stop that. I do notice that energy is an issue for her. And so I wonder about that I really, the problem for me really lies being vegan and vegetarianism. Vegan Cuts out the eight eggs and I think eggs are such an amazing um, you all know my chickens. They're such an amazing source such a perfect food I hate for you to see those go, you know, and your sour creams and I don't know butter, such good things that are really nourishing for our bodies. So I don't have as much of a problem with vegetarians. I, that's fine. If that's an ethical issue for you, then, you know, that's fine. I do have a tough time with vegans because I do believe they're super undernourished, but that's my own personal. Again, these are our personal opinions that we don't even really talk about much on code read, you know what I mean? But that was Chris's personal experience. Yeah, a lot of water and a lot of weight. I never been vegan unless I was NPO meaning I wasn't supposed to eat anything.


Cristy  22:07  

Yeah, right. What we've just noticed is people just don't do let me just say that when you are beginner vegetarian and you got to cut out animal products, you have got to rely heavily on the plant based fats like avocado, coconut oil, walnuts to seeds, that kind of stuff. And you're just not going to have as much of a righty so you can eat Code Red and do vegan or vegetarian. It's just gonna have a limited pretty tough, it's tough. It's tough. You're right, vegetarian.


Cari  22:33  

Yeah. terian you can do that mean, chia, flax. There are some amazing proteins out there she is seeds have a ton of protein. Again, eggs have a ton of protein, avocados. Like I said, these are great foods you can do it isn't going to take more work. Yeah, it's gonna take a little more work but you knew that when you became a vegetarian, so you know, it's either I've seen


Cristy  22:55  

either really fat vegetarians and vegans, or I've seen mountain a vegetarian but even fat you can be malnourished so it's not I don't think it's the healthiest lifestyle and I'm not I will support you if you come to code red, and you want to go in that direction. I just don't believe it's the right direction. That's fair. Yeah. All right, Carrie, go ahead. You ready? Okay, the last one.


Cari  23:17  

My spouse isn't supportive of my journey and Code Red. You just don't know what to do.


Cristy  23:24  

Carrie, my husband miles chef miles Carey he baked homemade bread yesterday. I


Cari  23:31  

saw that on your Instagram stories. I was like, What because you know, nothing tastes better than homemade. Nothing smells better than homemade bread.


Cristy  23:40  

Yeah, so listen, I get it. My spouse is healthy. He just isn't all Code Red and so so you have a spouse that doesn't want to follow the rules. Now there is a difference. We miles organic homemade bread so I did not eat it. And your husband bringing in hohos and spaghettios and donuts and ops and Red Bulls. There have been And degrees here and giving you attitude and rolling his eyes behind your back and huffing and puffing like I am sabotaging, right. So I had a girl Carrie Tell me on instagram messenger that she said her husband tried to shove the food in her mouth and she was sitting on the couch one time. Like it was like a cookie like an Oreo cookie actually put it in her mouth. And she went like this. I mean, wow, what a What a jerk. So what do you do? Like I my personal opinion, is that if you guys are married, and you are 5050 owners of the house, I know I know who it is, if it's 5050 state, you have 5050 say so on what's going on in that kitchen. So you need to, you need to stand your ground. And you need to say no, I can't have this in here because you put it in your man cave or the garage or your office or something like that. Carrie says to have a conversation with them. And don't forget, I know she's gonna say Don't forget they've watched you do a ton of diets and fail and spent a lot of money and fail.


Cari  24:53  

One of our certified coaches in our compliance officer Cassie tells a story about when she lost Was it 75 Five pounds in four months when she Cassie lost 75 pounds in four months. Get this you guys She didn't even tell her husband because she had failed at so many previous eating plans. She didn't tell Tim and Tim's a cool dude didn't even tell him bought it didn't tell him start losing the weight didn't tell him and Sally started to notice and he didn't notice the weight. You know what he noticed first, for attitude change for that? Yep. Never heard telling that story. So it is tough. If they've seen you do FinFET and they paid for you do Weight Watchers and they've I mean, you guys have put out family savings. So you could do this or even worse financially, you paid to have a gastric surgery. I understand that. I understand that. 15 to $30,000. So they pay for all that. It's sort of like back in the day. Let me give you guys an example. Back in the day, I told my husband I wanted to treadmill, we bought a treadmill I used it twice. So now I've been committed to going to the gym for two years. I would like to have a treadmill because I can't get to the gym. afraid to ask for a treadmill because


Cristy  26:01  

of what happened last time. Oh,


Cari  26:06  

not because I don't think I would because I know I would. I'm a totally different person now I work out all the time. But more because of my failed last time we sold it we rolled it back out and sold it and it's a heavy it's hard to get in the basement now I know now if I had one I would definitely do I want to do sprints and I don't want to run outside because I'm not Christy Code Red. No champion. Okay, folks. So I think it's completely reasonable. And I do have a say over what I buy. It's the same idea with the eating plans. Your husband or wife has seen you do so many. They just, they aren't sure they're skeptical. They're waiting for the other shoe to drop. They're waiting for you to come home with the Haagen dazs and be like, forget it. I didn't like that plan. Anyway, y'all, I've been there. I have been there. So keep in mind that keep in mind, just you know. The other thing is let your actions speak louder than your words. Just shut your mouth. Don't nag. Don't be don't complain around. Just do it. Just show them. Keep your mouth shut and show them. When I first started exercising it had been, what was it? Jim gaffigan says I missed the gym today. That's been 30 years now. When I started going to the gym, it had been quite a while since I had gone to the gym. And you know what, I didn't talk about it with my husband. I just went, because I didn't want him to think I was going to try it again. And I didn't talk about it as a complaint. I didn't complain if my knees hurt. I didn't complain. If I was sore. I just went to the gym. I complained to Christie, but I didn't complain because I was like, You know what, you made this bed you lay in it. So I would say let your example be it. Then on the other hand, I want to say this. Sometimes you have to put your foot down and say, No, you know what, no, you're not buying Raisin Bran. If you struggle with proximity eating, which I do, I asked my husband if you want it, just eat it somewhere else and then bring don't bring it home. Just don't please it just and I tell them it's really hard for me. And then he's like, You look beautiful. I'm like well thank you I also want to control my weight. Do you know what I mean? So it's a tough it's a tough question. Those are all the questions. I have Christy. Yeah,


Cristy  28:07  

yeah. And I want to say that it comes down to it and he or she, your spouse will refuses to get the junk food out the house. You're just gonna have to be tough and dig your heels in and just not eat it. I know. It is hard, but what do you want more? What is your why your why it's got to be strong enough. Oh, it should make you mad enough that you want to succeed? Yeah, you're right. I mean, right. Well, I'm going to show you Bob. Okay, I've got I've got one more question. This is from Marla Jean. Marla said what are some tips and tricks for sugar detox and we know that sugar detox is extremely powerful. It's eight times more addictive than than heroin. Coming off. Sugar is absolutely horrible. We've all done it. We are all recovering sugar addicts. You need to remember this about yourself. And it's going to be about four to seven days that you will be detoxing, just so you know. But on that eighth day, the average person Wake up, the average person might be longer for you. And the fog is lifted and they feel phenomenal.


Cari  29:05  

I will say it depends on what you were doing before. People always say why Good, well, what are you eating because I read every questionnaire that comes through with a custom program, you know, eating Subway sandwiches and bags of chips, that's not eating good. However, there is going to be a big difference between the person eating, drinking a 12 pack of coke every day, as opposed to the person that has some iced tea and mostly water. They're going to detox differently. So keep in mind that you're going to want to allow yourself lots of sleep, it's going to suck. And then it's not. It's like labor. It's gonna suck for a while, and then it's going to be over. I tell myself all that all the time. That is my go to saying, when things are hard in my life, it's gonna suck for a little bit, and then it's not. It's just like this tattoo. It's gonna hurt and then you're gonna have a beautiful tattoo. So you have to kind of think of it that way. It's 10 days of me paying the Piper for years. of eating crap, and then it's going to be okay. I'm gonna give you fine. The other thing you want to do is you want to get Redmond Real Salt and you want to put a little bit in each of your water bottles and you want to keep your salt up that is going to your salt and your hydration are the two things that are really going to help you get through detox gentler. If you don't eat you don't drink you lay around and whine and complain and lay in the bed with a headache. It's just gonna be rough. But if you stay hydrated, and you keep your salt intake up, that will help with a lot of the crappy feelings you get with detox.


Cristy  30:33  

Carry I will tell you that when the COVID-19 thing really hit the fan in my one of my events in was canceled one of my big event in Dallas was canceled. It spiraled me down into a depression. And I spent three days in in a depression I don't even battle depression. I'm not a depressed person. I don't even have a problem with this. But the whole thing just like went crashing down a little bit of sugar. And I had to detox from that. It was three days. For me now because my sugar when I say it a little bit I only mean a little bit I didn't do what you guys I don't I'm not talking about 12 years of eating it I'm talking about I just ate a little bit but it still took me three days of absolute hell, I was sick. I had massive headaches, I was just like it only just lay there all day long. So it affects everybody differently.


Cari  31:19  

Yeah, does it really does, again depends on if you're going through the drive thru three times a day. Or if you guys are cooking things like chicken strips at home and fries. That's a different kind of detox. It really is. But staying hydrated and staying up on your salt intake are the biggest things. Also, be prepared. Have your sugar free gum on hand. Have your teas, your flavored teas, so you can have a little bit of flavor tea to help you get through it. Give yourself plenty of sleep. If you get a headache, take something for it. Use your essential oils. Just be prepared and get through it. Just put your head down suck it up and do it. We don't do enough sucking up in our society anymore. I've never met anyone That sucks it up quite like you. Of course, the male equivalent of Christie would be my husband. And he just like, if it's 95 degrees outside and we have to dig a ditch, nobody wants to do it. He's just like, let's get it done. You just get in and you do it. You just do the work, guys, you just do the work, you just, you take your shirt off, and you're in your tank top and it's sweaty, and you just get your shovel, you jump in the ditch, and you just dig and get it done. That's how you need to look at detox. And if you can kind of look at it as it's gonna suck for a little bit and then it's not you're gonna be fine. That's how I think of it is like, and I always tell myself, Well, you paying the Piper Carey? Yeah.


Cristy  32:38  

And you need to remember that it's only for a short amount of time, it is going to be over with, it's not like you have to wonder no, you don't have to wonder anything. The worst thing you can do is go back and have a little bit of sugar. It's just having one Hershey's Kiss off your co workers desk. Don't do that because that's going to restart the process over it has to get out of your system. So just suck it out. pay the piper, do the work. get through that first seven days for the average person on that eight day for the average person you're going to wake up feeling fantastic. Great question. Yeah. Great question.


Cari  33:08  

Oh, with Q and A's from Instagram, oh my gosh. It's shouting time in heaven. Oh, what a glorious day.


Cristy  33:18  

I don't remember that song.


Cari  33:19  

Well, it's an old one my mother law when I would give her my mother in law was quite ill. I have two mother in laws but this one was quite ill and I would give her a bath and I would put when I would give her a bath because you know, it's not a fun experience for her. I'm sure she's much better now. When I would give her a bath. The shouting time and heaven would come on. And she was so weak Christy she would go like this.


Cristy  33:38  

It's schouten time. Oh, my little arms.


I don't know why. She's probably think Oh Lord, take me home so my daughter could give me a bath anymore.


Cari  33:51  

I don't know why that that song just came to my mind. But she's funny that the old songs that bring you back to your childhood, so


Cristy  34:00  

know us especially you guys, we hope you enjoy the rebel weight loss and lifestyle. As always we appreciate each and every one of you thank you for being with us. Thank you for the liking for rating and review for subscribing for sharing all that stuff you guys do. None of it goes unnoticed we actually notice all of it and I just appreciate it so very much, and we love you guys. 10 pound takedown calm that's the place to go if you want to try us out and see if this is the lifestyle for you become a rebel. We would love to have you carry. Thank you again,


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to grant style. Thank you and thank you


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for the shirts available if you want


Cari  34:35  

to sponsor either of us.


Cristy  34:38  

Alright guys, have a good one. We'll talk to you


Cari  34:40  

Soon. Bye, everybody.


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