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What Do I Eat? September 5, 2020

You know two things that really stink about most programs that promise to help you lose weight?

1 – You spend a lot of time hungry.

2 – You “have” to eat the exact menus they prescribe, which often means gagging down foods you hate.

Neither of those are how we do it on Code Red.

Rebels eat rich, delicious, filling foods, plus drink water and sleep (both of which help you control your appetite). That means you aren't running around ravenous 24/7, which is pure misery.

And when it comes to the foods you eat, we provide a simple foods to eat list, and YOU pick the ones you enjoy. Meaning, if there's a food you have to gag down, don't eat it!

Code Red is also about keeping things simple. Despite what you've been led to believe, meticulous, long-winded recipes packed with weird ingredients you have to special order is NOT necessary for fast, safe weight loss.

Case in point: My meals, which are as simple as it gets. Yours may or may not be THIS simple, but check out this week's “What Do I Eat?” for an example of exactly how simple eating for weight loss can be.

What do I eat?

Posted by Cristy CodeRed on Friday, August 21, 2020

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