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Does Cristy take supplements?

People constantly ask me about SUPPLEMENTS!  There are tons and tons and tons of bullcrap supplements people fall for and waste their money on.  You've got “fat-burning,” supplements, supplements that make you “bulk up,” supplements that make you” leaner,” bla, bla, bla…  I get so sick of the public getting ripped off.

So no. I don't take “supplements.”  But I do take SOME vitamins and minerals.

That's different. Even as clean as my diet is, there are just some vitamins/minerals I'm not able to get in my food in the correct amounts. So what are those?

Magnesium and Vitamin D3.

According to many MDs, NPs and PAs I've interviewed (in addition to countless articles I've read, seminars I've attended, etc.) these are 2 vitamins and minerals that are vital to good health.

One is magnesium. The other is vitamin D3.

There are plenty of brands out there that offer magnesium and vitamin D3.

But if you buy cheap brands like the ones at Walmart, Target, Costco, you'll get a 30% absorption rate and end up having expensive urine. Don't waste your time and money and don't cheap out on your health.

Do your research and invest in good quality magnesium and D3.

I finally decided to partner with a company named Xymogen and create my own, so I could be sure I was getting good quality.

Click here to check out Code Red mag and D3.

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