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Is your mind made up?

Stop and think about a time you got a result you wanted, even though getting it took some doing, the journey was rocky, and maybe there were times you wanted to quit, but you also knew not getting this result wasn't an option.

Got something?

Now think about a time you DIDN'T get a result you want. What was your mindset like compared with the time you did?

Was it wishy washy, even if it started out strong? When the going got tough, did you start slipping away?

I'm betting that in the example where you got a result you wanted, your mind was made up that you were getting it, no matter what it took, and lo and behold, you did!

Making your mind up is SUCH a powerful success tool, and it's available to all of us, any time we want.

You can, any second of any day, make your mind up to do what it takes to hang in there and get to your outcome, be that follow the Code Red Lifestyle™ to get and keep your weight off, or get that degree you've always wanted, or fit in that spa day, or whatever it is.

When your mind's NOT made up that something IS freaking happening, it's a lot easier to justify backing out and disappointing yourself again.

You don't have to do that, of course. You can decide to stick with it, even when it feels hard and part of you doesn't wanna keep going. You just do what you know you need to do.

What I'm saying is, when your mind is not made up, outside influences…and maybe even some of your own limitations, are more likely to sway it.

When it IS made up, on the other hand, you may still face obstacles. But because your mind's made up, you find ways to overcome them (including asking for help).

Making your mind up also removes a lot of indecision along with way, which is a good thing, since the human mind absolutely hates indecision.

If the results you want aren't coming, most of it likely comes down to the fact your mind's just not made up…yet.

So remember, you can, at any moment, make up your mind that “this” is happening, no matter what.

Please understand your “this” needs to be about you, not about controlling someone else to do what you want them to do.

(Getting and keeping your weight off, for example, is about you. Trying to force your partner to join you is not.)

If you're not happy with your results, make your mind up. HOW you do that depends on what lights that fire in you. I can't tell you what that is. But feel into what's worked for you in the past, and use it to guide you for the NOW.

I know you can do this, because you've done things before that someone, somewhere, would have said couldn't be done.

Permanent, safe weight loss is one of those things a lot of people falsely believe can't be done. But they're wrong.

Truly make your mind up to do this, and you will.

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