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Code Red


Struggling? Here’s what I want you to do.

Let's face it: Most people LOOOOVE comfort. It's no coincidence, either. Our brains are wired to seek it out.

Believe me, I'm not immune to this desire for comfort. I enjoy my “creature comforts” as much as the next person.

But there comes a point where we want comfort so much that we'll do anything to avoid DISCOMFORT.

That's when comfort becomes a problem…because it turns us into wimps.

Yeah, I said it. Here's what I mean.

There's a line from a movie called The Greatest Showman, that says “comfort is the enemy of progress.”

That is SO true, and I see it all the time in people considering the Code Red Lifestyle™.

The notion of going through that uncomfortable adjustment period of avoiding their toxic “comfort foods” is so daunting, they won't even give Code Red a shot…

Even though being fat, sick, and miserable is pretty uncomfortable, too. The difference is, they're used to those things.

That's one of the funnier things about “comfort.” What's familiar – even if it's HORRIBLE – is more comfortable than what's unfamiliar (even if it's a thousand times better in every possible way).

So what do you do, when you're faced with the discomfort of making adjustments in order to get what you want?

Or, when you're already in the process of going after what you want, but you're in a rough patch and feel like quitting?



My sister, Cari, is who first shared that phrase with me. She heard it from her husband, who's in the army. It's a military saying.

“Really, Cristy? ‘Embrace the suck?'”

YES. It may not be the sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn farts “Hollywood secret” to motivation you were hoping for.

But it works for the people who hike up their pants and just freaking do it.

Scared to try Code Red because you've failed at weight loss before?

Embrace the suck.

Not in love with drinking your water?

Embrace the suck.

Freaked out at the idea of not eating junk food all day long, whenever you feel like it?

Embrace the suck.

Do it to give yourself the time you need to adjust to the changes you're making, because “embrace the suck” is how you get through the discomfort.

It's how you hang in there, so that you can reach the rewards you're striving for – whatever those are – AND so you can hold onto them on the days where you're tempted to slink back into that dark, dismal cave of your old comfort zone.

Embrace the suck, so you can step into the light, and stay there.

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