Code Red foods to boost your immune system

Ever stop and notice how your body feels after you eat junk food?

I'm not talking about the taste, or how you feel emotionally.

I'm talking about how your BODY feels. 

Now compare that with how your body feels after a delicious, filling, high-fat salad.

My guess is you'll feel pretty freaking different. But even if you don’t notice a difference, the fact remains: Food does affect your immune system – either for better or for worse. 

If you wanna learn which Code Red-approved foods may boost your immune system, scroll down and watch my video. 

Seriously, you and I both know the Standard American Diet isn’t the best. This isn't your first rodeo.

Pop Tarts aren’t a “superfood,” and soda and energy drinks will never be better for you than water. 

And yet, when we’re tired, or stressed, or just not feeling great for any reason (including when you have a cold or the flu), there’s a tendency to reach for sugary junk. 

The thing is, sugary junk's not gonna help your immune system. The opposite!!

So watch my video below to learn about Code Red-approved food options that may help keep your immune system in fighting shape (and learn why the processed, sugar, high-carb foods not only won't help, but may actually WEAKEN your immune system).

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